Train Your Dog without Treats
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Train Your Dog without Treats

Every training should start with rewards such as toys and/or treats. But at some point, we must expect our dogs to listen to us without using a treat or toy as bribery or luring. We call this fading the lure.

In this video, I address how to get your dog to listen when we remove the treats. We do this in small stages to be fair to the dog. We still want reward-based training, but we don’t want to be locked into the treats for the entire life of the dog.

This lesson is part of my Puppy Series with Max. Be sure to watch all of the other videos in theories here:

Today’s lesson deals with Max out Akita puppy learning how to pay attention, focus, and listen to us as we remove the treats. It’s not difficult to teach this as long as we’ve set a good basis for training. In fact, it’s quite simple. just a couple of short stops to get the dog to see the picture clearly that he will listen without the use of treats to lure him along.

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32 Thoughts to “Train Your Dog without Treats”

  1. Laura's Life Dog Training & Dog Vlogs

    Not a biddable dog is he : ) Thank you .

  2. Lorry Hipwell

    Thank you Robert for this stubborn dog cause it’s good to know how to work on a not so trained dog!!!

  3. Jon 709

    This dog doesn’t know what down means.

  4. Mscape 1

    I’m Max’s owner. He is my fourth Akita. All of them were and are amazing animals. Max is a challenge. With Robert’s guidance for one solid year. He has become a very good citizen. As with any dog, training never stops. It is the responsibility of ownership.

  5. Cocinando con Gio

    Saw an Akita and i click right away to watch the video 🤣 an amazing breed

  6. sami sinno

    Duane 🤣

  7. steve lo

    Show more energy, dogs follow yours.

  8. Pat Munro

    If you feed the leash under your instep, on the ground, you can correct quicker, and with leash pressure towards the ground, not leaning forward and trying to get your hand/arm below the dogs head.

  9. deine mutter

    Max dont really looks motivated for Training 🤣🤣

  10. Island Gypsy

    In one of Robert’s videos he said something like, you must be more interesting to your dog, then what ever he is focused on. I am the biggest dork when praising, and recalling my dog; but I’ve got a pup who is happy and willing to please. Great advice Robert! Thanks 😊

  11. sonny & smokin joe


  12. Esten Ray

    Man Akita’s can be a tough one for basic obedience! Many props to you Robert you make it look easy! Huskies and Akita’s not known for their recall or obedience in general! If you can get them to do it you’ve got my respect!


    American Akita

  14. Call to arms

    Why do you need a physical correction for not going down? It doesn’t even seem like the dog even knows the verbal command for down, that’s the first issue. It would probably be easier for the dog to learn without being in a distracting environment, that’s the second issue. I trained my dog to down verbally without physical corrections, in my house, without a lure. Now she can down from across a park football field. You can 100% fade a lure without being physical.

  15. Rico4you

    The Energy, Movement and Voice from Robert make such a difference on Max!

  16. Don Letendre

    That’s just like A huskie stubbornness what is his breed?2?

  17. Mary Antico

    “light-years ahead of ‘Akita’ thinking” 🤔… can you elaborate?

  18. Robert Cabral

    My website has the complete detailed lessons:

  19. PaPa's Woodshop

    I feel like I’m stealing from you! I get so much free information about training my dogs. I am facing this very issue with my 5 month old Lab. Thank you for all you do for all of us.

  20. Jannell Meagher

    Thank you, Robert. Very well done! 👏

  21. David Johnson

    I really wanted to watch this, but the guy in the mask makes me feel anxious. I really could not take my focus off of him.

  22. Bek

    Good idea with the down instead of sit.

  23. Lilly

    Apropos of nothing, but I would refuse to work with a mask wearing moron unless he ditched the mask.

  24. 2wheelsx2

    Lots of things to.take away from this lesson. Thank you!

  25. imagines

    such a beautiful dog

  26. mark evans

    Watching this with Rosie; she’s pretty bright for only being 5 months and Rosie question is how about treats without training ? I think I’m over my head with Rosie 😳

  27. deadhou5

    The owner lives in a different reality😷

  28. Choo Momma

    How can the poor dog hear or see your commands with the muzzle on( I mean the owner)

  29. Charles Robertson

    Would have been easier without the mask, me thinks.

  30. Tal Shagan

    Thanks Robert ❤️

  31. FIN

    You wanna get him to come….

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