Train Your Dog NOT to PULL on the Leash
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Train Your Dog NOT to PULL on the Leash

Getting your dog to walk on a loose leash without pulling is one of the most common problems people face with their dogs and puppies. In this video, I get to the bottom of the problem and help Yossi and Siggy fix the issue quickly.

A mid mistake is people trying to teach their dog a “focused heel” or competitive heeling. This makes the problem even worse because the dog gets confused. In this short video, you’ll get all the basic info you need to learn to teach your dog to STOP LEASH PULLING today.

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21 Thoughts to “Train Your Dog NOT to PULL on the Leash”

  1. Robert Cabral

    Check my complete lesson on STOP Leash Pulling and more at:

  2. Laura's Life Dog Training & Dog Vlogs

    Such a lovely looking dog. One of my old pack always was at the end on her lead/leash and I would just drop it and she would come back, pick up the handle and put it in my hand. : ). Miss them all so much. Thanks Robert : )

  3. Esteban Serrano

    Beautiful dog.

  4. Ivan

    Robert, how would you teach walk is not an exciting thing? I can’t figure that out. Amazing video by the way.

  5. Shana Karlsen

    Hi Robert, I am having the worst time with a 3 month old male Shiba Inu. I have NEVER had a pup that is such an aggressive nipper!!! I have tried everything in my arsenal, but nothing works!!! And, just yesterday, he started humping!!! I’ve also never seen a dog this young do that. Help a girl out?? Time is of the essence. Thanks

  6. Paul Williams

    I’m in the UK and am subscribed to Robert’s channel. I have a Malinois who has just turned 1 and what a dog this is. I grew up with GSD’s and a Mali is on another level, so intelligent and such a willing learner. On a walk this morning another dog was heading our way and our dog was watching and ready to go and whoosh she’s gone, one whistle and she’s back at my feet sitting. Top dog and totally amazing. But, these are not dogs to think it’s just gonna sit still and lay there all day long, they need plenty of stimulation.

  7. Radu Ardeleanu

    Your is probably the best chanell for a someone who has no experience what so ever with dogs AND for experiencedd dog owners and even trainers . I love how you explain to bth the odg and you owner what are doing and how are you doing it . Danke sehr !

  8. ChesireSays🔮

    He’s absolutely adorable

  9. Fredelin *

    It looks like the dog (and a smart one here) waits for/expects clear directions… that never come firmly and unequivocally.

  10. chris botsis

    Hey Robert great video. I was told that if I had a belgian malinois i couldnt have a 8 hour job is this true are they that demanding thank you.

  11. Jannell Meagher

    Very nice! Excellent. I make it an end goal to always “loose” leash walk with the dogs while they check in every now and then. Thank you Robert. You are a pleasure to watch.

  12. Michael Sable

    Robert, that seems like a gentle Koehler turn about choke chain correction.

  13. Takudzwa Ruwende

    These lessons are so helpful

  14. Tulips ontheorgan

    Dogs are so fantastic

  15. Daniel H

    It sounds like Roberts sponsored by “Walkman” now, next he will give the casual “blockbuster” name drop. In all seriousness these videos are super helpful, thank you for what you do.

  16. Don Letendre

    Very easy to understand videos.

  17. Deadlox gaming

    U really look like a German shepherd 😂

  18. Jan

    1st! Let’s see😀

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