Train ANY Dog To Listen Around ANY Distraction! (New Puppy Survival Guide EP. 19)
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Train ANY Dog To Listen Around ANY Distraction!

How to train dogs at a dog park around distractions!

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73 Thoughts to “Train ANY Dog To Listen Around ANY Distraction!”

  1. Rebecca fdxafds

    Zak, My dog will NOT sleep during the day unless we lock him in his crate, im pretty sure it was our fault for that but i have no idea how to fix it… Do you have any suggestions? He wont sleep in his bed etc, he’ll end up being way over tired, and cranky but even if he’s falling asleep standing up, he wont settle. Wont even lie down for a minute like dogs normally do like when you were training Kona in the first couple of episodes..

  2. Lucas

    Zak great channel, thanks for all the tips you share. My dog training it’s going great thank to you. Big Thanks!

  3. Amber Lyon

    I would love to learn how to break counter surfing.

  4. Patricia Graham

    How come he has 3.06M subscribers but only gets 300 likes???
    People start liking the video!

  5. Delaney E.

    I hate to be that grammar police person but u spelled “train” wrong in the title :/

  6. Michelle Nolan

    Not sure what dog food to use – you were advertising the frozen delivery and now you’ve changed up… confused!

  7. Jordan ray

    Inertia was sitting in her crate watching you let out Kona like “um don’t forget about me” 😂😂😂


    having lost a family member to a driver who was holding their phone i found it distressing to see you holding your phone while driving. please be safe out there. God bless.

  9. TheInkedOne

    Man id really like to have a video call with him and see what im doing snd guide me

  10. TinaTurner76

    When is Moria coming to the channel?

  11. john ducie

    This is literally my fav YouTube channel I have recommended it too all my friends

  12. Bruno Rivera

    Ohhh you spelled “Train” wrong in the title…


  13. CookieBeast88

    Pretty sure there’s a typo in the title. Not sure if Tran was meant to be train or what, but, just pointing it out.

  14. Duchess Of Earl

    Right? Lol 🙂

  15. Coop Can Cook

    Zak, can I please send my dog to you for a couple of weeks? This dude doesn’t respect me or your tips. 😭

  16. Carmel O'Driscoll

    Really enjoyed this video 😊


    I’m looking for a good lightweight comfortable harness for a miniature poodle, does anyone know what Zak uses/recommends please?

  18. Alex O

    missin an i in the title xd

  19. Zack Wintz

    I take my dog to the dog park every day and a lot of the time my energetic dog (even though very well behaved at home and listens at the park) finds himself to get beat up by several dogs at once. It doesn’t even have to be the same dogs that do it. We seem to find a new group of bully’s that particularly attack him. I’m guessing it’s because he’s too excited or maybe it’s because he’s young? Have you ever heard of anything like this? He absolutely loves socializing with other dogs but he’s now getting very nervous of other dogs because he gets beat up every time we go to the park.

  20. Brian Lang

    Typo in the title “train”. Idk if you can do anything about it or if you care lol

  21. Zack Wintz

    So proud of his “eliminate” joke 😂

  22. melissa Baltierra

    My pup is a year old now and people are truly impressed by him, thank you for your videos. We have the best pup ever 💛

  23. Creative Diamond Dogs

    I had my collie’s potting training done when she was right at 7 months or just a tad over 7 months. For many weeks before then her accidents averaged about one per week. I was very happy about that. 😀

  24. Karla Santoro

    Love these videos. I’ve stopped taking my 7 month old Golden anywhere because he gets carsick. Last 25 min trip he got sick before we got there, and again as we were pulling in the driveway. Poor baby.

  25. Perrin Aybara

    Any advice on leash training a very stubborn scent hound? (beagle)

  26. Bode bx

    Hey zak! The solid hold link is not working

  27. Dan Lewis

    really great videos Zak. Love your energy. Your explanations during corrections and good behavior really helps with identifying similar scenarios with my own pup. I also appreciate you expressing your thought process leading up to and past corrections and good experiences. Some of the best re-life scenarios in puppy training out there. Cheers

  28. Elizabeth Fuentes

    Inertia & Kona is so smart! Smarter than my pup.

  29. Lizz Thatvegan

    Those dad jokes 🤣

  30. Eda Karaqa

    I am a big fan!!!!!!!!😁😁😁


    im getting a lab in a week and these vids help a lot

  32. Melinda Smith

    What could go wrong ? A dog fight , a sickness from another dog , or worms caught from other dogs . Not a fan of dog parks !

  33. Drew

    Fan of the channel. I don’t even have a Dog but I have watched all videos dating 7 years back 😀

  34. Nicole on EQ

    Kona is so precious 😍

  35. kolya fomin


  36. Joe Stoll

    Love your videos! They are so helpful! Keep up the amazing content

  37. Lacy Jinks

    My dogs go in the dog park but they really only play with each other. Granted, my dogs are farms dogs and as such are a little more balanced and exposed to stimuli than many pet dogs.

  38. Navjot Singh


  39. Lori Welch

    Our dog has been going to doggie park his entire life which is only a year and a half. He gets along so well with other dogs and always obeyed. Well one day he decided he didn’t want to leave Doggie Park and my husband and others were chasing him trying to get his harness on!! After 45 minutes I had to come to the park with his favorite treat. He saw me, ran to me and we were able to harness him!

  40. aditya krishna

    hey zak i have a question my dog always byte other small dogs any tip please help we gave a lot of money german Shepard dog
    and also byte and get angry on my family it is so aggressive to all accept me she always barks even a person come near me i want a reply as soon as possible thanks
    also scared to take to dog park

  41. EDL Kid

    My lab is settled down and he hasn’t had an accident in 2 weeks

  42. Герасим Николаев


  43. Tanushree Rajpura

    Love your videos🥰 😇☺😊

  44. Jora Stremidlo


  45. Never Let Go 💙

    I never take my dogs, young or old, inside the dog park. I take them to the nature area outside the dog park with a huge ravine and a creek. It’s an area a couple miles wide. My dogs don’t need a fence. They can go out 1/4 miles away from me and return when called.
    I think dog parks are where dogs learn to fight. My 2 dogs never fight, bicker or claim anything with each other.
    Ppl don’t understand dog behavior in the dog park and no one ever picks up their dogs poop.
    I think Dog parks are breeding grounds for unacceptable behaviors that I don’t allow in my home.

  46. aditya krishna

    2 days with kona humm so sad
    as u said 3 weeks

  47. Guinea girl piggies.

    Thanks for the great series zac it’s helping a lot with my new puppy

  48. Hamza Haggag

    Could you make a video about training a puppy without a play pen or just a short guide

  49. suri

    my mini aussie was nervous at first but the 3rd time he went he went nuts and now he’s the fasted dog there 🧍🏾‍♀️

  50. v j

    You really help with my research! Even though we’re getting a puppy in the summer, I’ve been researching heavily for hours. You make me slightly more confident about a first puppy.

    Our entire family had no dogs, so we’re like the first one with one in years (a lot of them don’t like dogs).

  51. aditi pimple

    Plzzzzzz give me heart

  52. The Gaming Nature

    I getting a bordercollie lab puppy soon and I love watching these. They are so helpful.

  53. AExTheEmperor

    Wait, isn’t 3 weeks over? So whyre you still training her? Not tryna hate, im a fan, just wanna know why 🙂

  54. Maja Ambroziak

    Thank you so much for the tips I got a cockapoo. Do you know if non pull harness works if dog pulls. Any dog pulling tips? Any tips if a dog don’t listen?

  55. Ray roseberry

    We have 2 new pups neo and a blue great dane…thank you for your time and information….

  56. Star Sisters

    Yay I’m early!! Am sooo excited Kona is cute as always ,She’s learning so fast and quick,She’s just so sweet and adorable, Love ur vids Zak !

  57. Lizmayra Garcia

    I’m early

  58. Jess Richardson

    Aww Kona so cute she has grown

  59. Marin Playman

    im so greatful for your tips i have been training my new labrador named stout he knows sit,stay laydown, and we have been teacching him hi five, thanks sooo much

  60. sri webs

    #sssfactstamil here

  61. Elisheva Deitcher

    Ahhhh I’m early!! I love your videos!!! They are the best-I’ve learned so so much!

  62. sri webs

    First comment from sssfactstamil

  63. Marisetty Shyamaj

    I am 1st

  64. Just a random Dog lover

    Yay first! I’m getting a dog and this is really helpful!🤗

  65. 100KSub Without Any Videos Challenge

    Claim you’re “early people” ticket here… hj

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