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Toys are suitable for every dog’s play style

One of the benefits of being trapped inside is that we have to spend more time with our dog. Extra walks, extra training sessions and extra game time. great! You may have noticed that your dog also has a unique personality and unique play style. Different play styles usually require different toys. One puppy may enjoy chasing and tug-of-war, while another may be obsessed with the ball and stab any screams. If you can decode the dog’s play style, you can find out which toys they want and make the most of the play time.

To discover the dog’s play style, you can do one (or both) of the following two actions:

1. Put the puppy on your own device and observe. Before long, you will know whether your dog is a digger, a biter, a problem solver, a chaser or a wrestler. He/she will also let you know if they like to play alone or with their partner.

2. Whip all the toys and go crazy! Toss, slide, scream, squeeze, hide and play. The more time you play with dogs, the quicker you can figure out the cause of their tail wagging.

If your dog’s play style falls into these categories, here are some toys they might like. Most dogs like more than one game, so there are many toys to choose from to prevent puppies from getting bored.


Digger, concealer and explorer: (the buried treasure unearthed is exciting):

Salad Pad

Outward Hound Squirrel

Loofah fever mat toy


Chews (anything they can bite into):

Antlers (Whole, not split)

Earth animals: no skin


Problem solver (puzzle toy or looking for toy):

Super Fruit Pear

Interactive seeking treatment

Interactive entertainment distribution toys


Chaser (will chase fun!):

Shake the ball

Chuckit ball launcher


Wrestler (Northing beats well on the floor with a plush toy):

Invincible mini stuffed plush toys

PetSafe Sheepskin


Team players (want to play?):


Tug toy

No matter what toy your dog ultimately falls in love with, be sure to monitor the game time. It is always best to replace toys that have already been used, rather than drop a sizeable toy. And always check any toys for fragments and other damage that might get your dog into trouble. With so many toys on the market today, once you know what type of toys can entertain your little toys, refreshing the toy box becomes easy for you and your dog.

Have fun and enjoy your game time!


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