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Top 3 Summer Safety Tips for Pets | Wag!

With hot weather comes many risks, which is why we’re bringing you the top pet safety tips for summer to help keep your furbabies happy and healthy all season long.

We will cover the basics for summer pet safety, from preventing overheating and dehydration to keeping your pet free of parasites and the diseases they carry. We’ll also discuss pet safety tips for 4th of July since more pets go missing on this day than any other day of the year.
Watch for preventive measures to help keep your pet from getting out and tips for making them easy to identify if they’re found. Minimizing firework anxiety can also help keep your pet safe on the 4th. We’ll discuss ways you can distract and soothe your dog during the festivities.

One of the most important things you can do to keep your pet healthy is get pet insurance. Pet insurance can help parents save on vet bills and ensure their furbaby gets the care they need when they need it!
Unfortunately, pet insurance doesn’t cover preventative care costs. We encourage all pet parents to invest in a wellness plan to help cover the costs of vaccinations, flea and tick meds, routine dewormer, and more.

Lastly, if you have pet care questions, reach out to a veterinary professional with the Wag! Vet Chat. Our team of veterinary professionals will be happy to assist you with pet-related questions any time, day or night.

Looking for more activities to keep your woofer busy on the 4th? Check out these fun activities:

Here is a full list of tips to keep your furbabies safe on independence day:

Familiarize yourself with firework poisoning so you can react quickly if it happens to your pet:

Protect your pet from the unexpected by insuring your pet ASAP. Use our insurance comparison tool to compare plans and start saving on vet care costs:

Need pet advice ASAP? Use Wag! Vet chat to connect with a veterinary professional any time, day or night!

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