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Velcro breeds are the dogs that once you get them, they’re stuck to your side from that day forward. These dogs range in size from tiny dogs that you might carry in a purse to big dogs that are larger than some grown men.
But what they all share in common is a deep loyalty that means they’ll be by your side through everything. If you’re looking for a dog that will be your everywhere, all the time partner, In this video we have listed 10 breeds that are all candidates for you to consider.

00:00​ – Intro
00:25​ – Golden Retriever
00:55​ – Italian Greyhound
01:20​ – German Shepherd
01:56​ – Doberman
02:21​ – Shetland Sheepdog
02:43​ – Coton de Tulear
03:13​ – Great Dane
03:38​ – French bulldog
04:08​ – Pug
04:32​ – Labrador Retriever
04:56​ – Outro

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19 Thoughts to “TOP 10 VELCRO DOG BREEDS”

  1. ServicePaws United

    Name her Anna

  2. ZAMANSKI Binks

    You forgot the Pitbull! Every pitbull ive had had been a crotch cricket!!

  3. Melvin Chavers

    Doberman Pinscher💯💯💯

  4. Renata Klein

    Wher’s the basset hound?

  5. Aimee Frosland

    I love 💘 golden 💛 retrieves

  6. Luso

    My rottie goes everywhere with me

  7. CarHup 69

    The Australian shepherd is also a Velcro dog

  8. pat sajak

    what is a velcro dog ? another millennium word

  9. Kenny&Ash

    The doggies

  10. Tz eRa

    Hhmmmm so the Vizsla isn’t on there… ‘The Velcro dog’

  11. John Shepherd

    Virtually any dog can be a velcro dog, especially rescues.

  12. musibu gamer

    I gona buy cane corso Rottweiler germen sherpard

  13. Pumkin spice

    I would name that female puppy bella

  14. o [ NIGHT ] o

    i love your videos they are so intresting !! and also do u think maltese should be on this list?

  15. Burim Kzyeziu


  16. Qasim Afham

    I really enjoy your all videos I love your youtube channel and I learn very much from your all videos amazing post dear friend your all post give me so much information about dogs

  17. SnowGlobe

    Get Velcro with Jesus before its too late

  18. SnowGlobe

    Jesus is King

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