Top 10 Unfairly Banned Dog Breeds
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Top 10 Unfairly Banned Dog Breeds

We often hear about Breed Specific Legislation where a state or province has introduced a ban or restrictions to owning a certain breed of dog.

The legislation is intended to protect the public from what is perceived to be dangerous dog breeds and it often includes the catch-all phrase “…and any dog of a mixed breed that visibly contains any of these breeds.”

In a nutshell, if your pooch so much as looks like one of these banned dog breeds, you may have a problem.
So while the battle of the banned dog breeds continues.

In this video, we have listed the Top 10 Unfairly Banned Dog Breeds.

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47 Thoughts to “Top 10 Unfairly Banned Dog Breeds”

  1. Andy Mogeni

    Dogs are never on the wrong side because they have bad and careless owners who do not care about them

  2. BRJ Momma

    These dogs are just not for first time dog owners.

  3. Melvin Chavers

    Presa Canario💪💪
    Fila brasiliero💪💪

  4. chris mclaughlin

    I guess it’s up to you to define the meaning of “unfair.”
    Exactly how stupid and wrong minded are you?

  5. Louis Rivera


  6. Jeana Gorman

    I hate BSL

  7. Hotep Kennels

    Ban bad owners & breeders who don’t properly breed for temperament and owners who don’t properly train & socialize their dogs.

  8. Cheryl Bennett

    I find that sad that these dogs have been banned!

  9. Bradley White


  10. Patricia Fletcher

    No breeds should be banned

  11. Ne_Lucky 1

    In my opinion should be law ,to not allow any ,,in danger,, person to buy german shepherd just to protect hes precious tresaure,by standing in a cage or tied to the chain.

  12. Aimee Frosland

    My great grandfather had a German shepherd! He was the sweetest doggy I ever met!

  13. Andy Mogeni

    German shepherds are like the best dog breeds together with pitbulls and Rottweilers they should not be banned in any country

  14. Isolde Malan

    It highchair there must not bey I bandit dogs

  15. Yoko Kurama62

    There a no bad dogs just bad owners.

  16. Ben Willis

    Can you so one about a wolamute

  17. Daniel Gibbs1214

    I absolutely do not agree with ANY bans on dogs…a person creates their own liabilities if theor dog is aggressive and it is not ANY government’s place to restrict them…my 2 pitbulls wouldnt hurt anyone…they might lick U to death but thats about it…i absolutely love your videos…

  18. Mira Simmons

    why wos pitbull not in this list

  19. maya al asmar

    Shout out for team German Shepard!!!!!!

  20. Teo Piele

    Can you make a video about the 4 romanian sheperd dogs?

  21. Erik Dino

    German shepherds are the best

  22. DJ Owen

    I don’t agree with bands on Breeds they should be bans on certain owners that is not responsible

  23. Burning Aether

    Labs swim well because they’re bred to
    GSDs herd well because they’re bred to
    Pitbulls attack, and maim because they were bred to

  24. Brandi Beckman

    German Shepherd should not be banned from any country

  25. Diego Rodriguez

    German Shepherd band in some countries 😯

  26. Chrystal Sabin

    It’s not the dog it’s the owner.

  27. Horse Academy lps

    I am getting a rottie puppy he is ours but too young to come home

  28. Soviet Doge

    I’m tired of people saying pitbulls are uncontrollable. My neighbors were unconscious after a bad wreck. Their pitbull Caesar helped pull them out of the buring vehicle. If that wasn’t enough. He went and flagged down a car for help, after mauling 3 children on the way. If it weren’t for Caesar my neighbors probably would have burned alive.

  29. Plousia & Maria

    Do a video with the breeds that are breeded the: Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Doberman, Rottweiler, Dogo Argentino, Pug, Border Collie, German Shepherd, French bulldog, Chihuahua (if you find with they are breeded).. If you want this video too and with other breeds leave a 👍. A question for you: What Big Dog Breed have you got?
    Love 😍🌈💜😊
    Woof Woog, Willy The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel 🐶

  30. Mya Ormonde

    Can you do how to train kind shepard to search for stuff and to train

  31. Angela Siomina

    Rottweilers are so nice dogs. Stupid stupid people make them bad behaviour dogs. I have five of them. Four are adopted as adult dogs. The worst and the dangerous dogs are the people.

  32. My pretty dog, Titiكلبتى الجميله تيتى Mahmoud Said

    I enjoyed all kinds of dogs with you

  33. Kira Woodcock

    All dogs are nice and loving it’s just the wrong owner that treats them wrong everyone before they get any breed of dog should do their research first and then be questioned about that breed by the breeder and the breeder should be able to do a background check to see if person has a history of fighting dogs

  34. Adil Bougma

    The only thing that should be banned is people who miss treat dog because there is no dog are dangerous but only there leader who don’t know how to socialse dogs 😤😤

  35. Kira Woodcock

    As I say don’t bane the breed ban the owner and the gangsters or wannabe gangsters from owning any of these breeds or any breed for that matter

  36. Marceo Matthews

    Honestly they shouldn’t be banned from certain areas because of the owners actions

  37. Safiqur Rahman

    I am from India live from India

  38. Safiqur Rahman

    Hello bro

  39. Eddie Figueroa

    It’s sad that bad owners make bad dogs

  40. Jill Collins

    THUMBS UP 4 the ROTTWEILER…LOVE THEM(SHOUT OUT from TEAM ROTTIE)! :)they are loving & protective ..that’s why I have them !!

  41. TheLuxurious

    We dream ONE DAY to achieve the level of your channel ”Viral Be”🙏

  42. Anupama Behera

    First viewer

  43. The King

    RIP pitbull

  44. Nexro Rayne

    2nd 1 minute 3 likes 2 views

  45. Kysen Gibbons

    27 seconds

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