Top 10 Underrated and Overlooked Dog Breeds
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Top 10 Underrated and Overlooked Dog Breeds

We all know how great Golden Retrievers are for families.
We’ve seen the adorableness that is a Corgi’s backside and extolled the virtues of French Bulldog-themed everything.
But what about the dog breeds that fly under the radar?
Surely there are other dogs who are just as adorable and family-friendly out there, right?
If you’re looking for a breed that is often overlooked and highly underrated, here are 10 breeds are for you.

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29 Thoughts to “Top 10 Underrated and Overlooked Dog Breeds”

  1. Jasmine

    I love how the doberman is the first dog in the video when they’re show almost everywhere. 😅 liked the video Idea but there are definitely more breeds that are considered rare because no one know about them

  2. A1den The Gamer

    HEHEH SUB TO ME A1denthegamer

  3. A1Mari

    people that’s the middle child when they look at the title 👁 👄 👁 💧

  4. Aimee Frosland

    I love 💘 💗 ♥ 💓 💛 💖 bull terriers!

  5. Andrew Barr

    Canadian Eskimo Dog

  6. Malachi F

    The Doberman is the greatest breed of all time

  7. Malachi F

    Bull terriers are in no way better than a Doberman

  8. Akash A

    I want to know that
    Which are the top 10 Dog breeds which are very very rarely kept as pet

  9. Derek 8942

    Dobermans are one of the most popular dog breeds in the usa. How are they overlooked lol

  10. Mekhi Bazemore

    Love bull terrier

  11. Mihaly Csontos

    🐾 Thanks ! Bravo ! ✌️

  12. Switch up Fortnite

    Noce video

  13. Dimitri Vos

    Dobermann isn’t underrated. They are loved by a lot of people

  14. Fly Me To The Moon

    *The most stressful things in the world:*
    *”Go to the dentist”*
    *”Pooping at school”*

  15. The Ghost

    Your amazing

  16. Burim Kzyeziu

    Love it❤️👍👍👍

  17. Aaron Pritty

    Way to keep goingggg

  18. James Robinson

    I just wanna say my giant schnauzer is amazing

  19. Aniket Gaikwad

    God’s most wonderful creation….

  20. Malik Pruitt

    Everyone can’t be first

  21. Alba Montes Paquete

    Great video

  22. Dhirendra Ku Dandsena

    Buying the dog

  23. 𝐕𝐅𝐗📷وحش الخدع والافلام


  24. Sandile Ndaba

    yeah first

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