Top 10 Non-Sporting Dog Breeds
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Top 10 Non-Sporting Dog Breeds

There are definitely some breeds of dogs who excel at sports and agility training, but that’s not all we may want in a pup companion.

For some of us, a non-sporting dog better fits our needs and lifestyle.

These can include hunting or working canine kids, as well as show or lap dogs.

Whether you are looking for a big fur buddy to hunt with or a lap dog to cuddle with,

In this video, we have listed the top 10 non-sporting dog breeds.

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30 Thoughts to “Top 10 Non-Sporting Dog Breeds”

  1. Carl Stevens

    I enjoyed the dog puns

  2. BCOutdoorsman

    The poodle is a gun dog.

  3. きゅうマヨ

    皆 可愛いね😃🐶 ボストンテリアちゃんの 撫でてコールも可愛いですね ブルドッグの あの何とも言えない ぶちゃ可愛が良いですね お散歩してると ブルドッグの元気君に会い 何とも言えない可愛いお顔で挨拶をしてくれます ちなみに私は10歳のオスのヨーキーが家族です🙇‍♀️😃🐶

  4. Cornelis van der Heijden

    German Shepard X Wienerdog are the best swimmers.

  5. John Shepherd

    The Standard Poodle is a sporting dog. They can be easily trained as water retrievers and gun dogs.

  6. Dimitri Vos

    Neapolitan mastiff?

  7. Romeo Birds and animals


  8. Ahmad Mubashar

    Title: Non-sporting dogs
    Thumbnail: SPORTING DOGS

  9. Kabzzz Gaming

    Now viral be have ran out of ideas😂

  10. Skittle Girl

    I love border collies, there so cute when there puppies.

  11. Kuro Wolfdog

    Your dog may only be with you for a small part of your life but you are in theirs for practically all of theirs so be nice to them, they deserve it!

  12. Travelling, Entertainment, & Informative Horizon

    Sir, lovely to watch. Keep creating such kind of informative and interesting videos.God bless you always.

  13. Mk pitbull lovers

    👍 👍 👌 👌

  14. KingzFear 38

    *I like medium-large dogs*

  15. Laksh Naik

    I love labrador….who love labrador like comment..if you like comment your labrador will live more than it’s lifespan…or…if you not have and you want so u will get very sooon…😂😂

  16. Maro مارو

    Oh wow 💗

  17. Fezan Hussain

    Rottweiler the best

  18. Leah mix Vlog in USA

    I like the dotted dog

  19. Jay Jay

    Video on dutch shepherd plz

  20. Chrystal Sabin

    Boston Terrier

  21. Joyal Thomas


  22. 𝐕𝐅𝐗📷وحش الخدع والافلام


  23. Khushi Yadav

    What’s the background music name??????

  24. Mandy Saunders

    First like and comment🙂

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