Top 10 Most Underrated Shepherd Dog Breeds
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Top 10 Most Underrated Shepherd Dog Breeds

In the past, nearly all domesticated dogs were bred for a purpose in society.
These dog “jobs” could have been retrieving, herding, guarding, tracking, and even companionship.
All of which, served a crucial role in nurturing the modern human-dog relationship.
The one breed category that we’re investigating today is herding dogs.
More specifically, Top 10 Most Underrated Shepherd Dog Breeds.

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23 Thoughts to “Top 10 Most Underrated Shepherd Dog Breeds”

  1. That Prodigy

    Be on the lookout for the Lycan Shepherd breed in the near future 🙏🏼

  2. Aron Rivera

    Hey ViralBe, you make awesome videos ,and can you please do a video about the top 10 cheapest dog breeds to own.

  3. Melvin Chavers

    Dutch Shepherd💯💯
    The dog ” Buck” from the TV show Married With Children was a Briard.

  4. Lanae Munoz

    Were os the Aussie

  5. H.l 4v

    My favorite shepherd dog is butch shepherd

  6. Karen Mullen

    Oh Mr. Narrator, If you can say Malinois with a “wah” at the end of it, why can’t you say Laekenois ‐ that has the same Belgian ending, mind you ‐ with a “wah’ at the end of it also?

  7. Mary Margaret Pitt

    Laaekenois is pronounced the same as the Malinois at the end of the name….nwah.

  8. Dimitri Vos

    Do a vid about pointers ! That would be cool I absolutely love the wire haired German pointer

  9. DIM Poulos

    Personally I like the Greek sheepherd

  10. Lucija Omrčen

    Here are some video ideas:
    1. 10 smallest dog breeds
    2. 10 guard dogs that don’t shed
    3. 10 big dogs for cuddling
    4. Healthiest dog breeds
    5. Messiest dog breeds

  11. Richards Joby

    Viral be do a vedio about pigeons

  12. Ramos Sergio

    bruh what about the karakachan ovcharka

  13. Mac Nortey

    I thought that a German shepherd would be part because I have one

  14. Aqib Asolam

    🐆💙👌👍🐜🌾🐐nice gog

  15. Jay & Ojay_RUGRAT

    Notification gang 💯

  16. rabbani rhythm

    I”m tired of saying this again but first unlike!once again!🙋

  17. Maldita Mente

    Finally, a list that includes the old English shepherd, is a great dog excluded.

  18. aroma rynjah

    they are amazing if they are not unrated also

  19. Creative Minds

    I love the old english sheep dog..

  20. Romeo Birds and animals

    nice good

  21. ViralBe

    Hello Friends, which is your favorite shepherd dog breed?

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