Top 10 Most Confident Dog Breeds
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Top 10 Most Confident Dog Breeds

A confident dog has a good, rational head on his shoulders, he doesn’t feel intimidated easily and he isn’t overly reactive in non-threatening situations.

As any animal lover knows, some of these traits are up to nature while others are down to nurture.

There’s no question that even the most confident dog breed can be made anxious and aggressive if he hasn’t been properly socialized, has been mistreated or poorly trained.

In this video we have listed 10 Dog Breeds who are instinctively more confident in nature.

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58 Thoughts to “Top 10 Most Confident Dog Breeds”

  1. Tintswalo Khosa

    Boerboel fam

  2. Serpil Vorner

    I have an jack Russel terrior
    She a a good girl

  3. Yolonda Lathon

    1. Rottweiler
    2. German Shepherd
    3. Doberman
    4. Dogo Argentino
    5. Presa Canairo/Cane Corso
    6. English Mastiff
    7. Jack Russell
    8. Schnauzer (all sizes)
    9. Poodle
    10. American Bulldog

  4. Paul Wilson


  5. v van

    My 7 month old puppy is a cross breed of Belgium malinois and a Rottweiler.

    He’s absolutely perfect! 35 kilo and still growing. Walks never with a leash, listens perfectly, social with every other dog but the only thing he’s afraid of are very small noisy dogs haha

  6. Jen Thomas

    English mastiff

  7. TJC2 Cooper

    The American Pittbull is #1 Hands down!! Lol trust me! True Alphas mentally and physically!!

  8. jayden2116

    Where is the American Akita? They seldom bark. I have two that will just slightly wag their tails while other dogs are yapping their lives out at them.

  9. Jonas Meltens

    Dobermann en weimeraner

  10. King Buddha

    Belgian Malinois

  11. carsten sørensen

    Lab will consider poodle

  12. Bhutia Sonam T

    My favourite Belgian Malinois 👍

  13. Marin Marku

    My favorite dog ever is lab.They are just perfect.

  14. SlamDunkyX

    German sherpard where ?????

  15. Laila Karim

    Belgian malinois and golden retriever and labrador retriever

  16. Kaleb Green

    You definitely forgot German Shepherd because they are confident police dogs

  17. # Coach2win

    Bouvier de Flanders?

  18. Cezar Nova

    My favorite doggie, Belgium Malinois 5⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

  19. Monika Chawla

    What about husky, it’s a love bug who is vvvvveeeeerrrrryyyyy not shy!

  20. Vickram Nehra

    Definitely Rottweiler…what a dog…perfect definition of an ideal dog..I had one and I will surely have many more

  21. Rahul Kokare

    Correct sequence

  22. johny87able

    German shepherd, boxer?

  23. Joseph Ellis

    My favorite is probably Malinois

  24. Richards Joby

    Am I the only one who checks whether there is a Rottweiler on the list.

  25. Joseph Ellis

    What about the boxer

  26. Mustafa Shulqamy

    1:32 Am I Nuts or did that Dog Just Wink???!!! (Look VEEERY CLOSELY At the Dog’s Left-Eye)

  27. Lori Love

    Dobermans are my favorite ♥️

  28. Brain cracker

    i post top 10, bizarre and knowledgeable content like ViralBe

    my plan is to improve, but i need 500 subs.
    help me guys.

  29. The King

    Do a budget dog list or a healthy dog breed?

  30. Boss blitz

    Where is German shepherd and presa canario

  31. joi anion

    Where is our chiwawa😆😅😆😂

  32. Brad Farren

    Belgian, Lab, Golden Retrievers also Dobie

  33. Anoymos Uknown


  34. o k

    I’m gonna get a doberman

  35. Percis Matovu

    Do triple match boerboel vs doberman vs rottweiler

  36. Malcolm Okecho

    That’s y I love this show

  37. ayush singh Rajput

    What about German shepherd dude

  38. Lovekush Kumar

    Doberman and Belgian melnova

  39. amit kumar

    Belgian melinois

  40. Romal Teena

    German shepherd is 1

  41. Romelia and dixie

    All of these dogs are sissy breeds were are the gsds 😂 my gsd takes on our herd of 6 goats 4 with sharp horns and 2 without but very feisty

  42. Melvin Chavers

    Doberman Pinscher
    English Mastiff

  43. Amrit Singh

    Where is GSD I want to know

  44. Adil Bougma

    Rottweiler is the first confident

  45. loveleen malhotra

    1 like = 1 happy and healthy life for a dog

  46. Joby Sebastian

    where is dogo argentino they are very confident that they can kill cougar alone lie monarch the dogo argentino that killed cougar alone for saving his own
    ers kids but he was badly injured but he surived

  47. Aaron Pritty

    just kidding,
    3rd comment yeaaaa

  48. Non Stop Gaming

    Can anyone help my channel to grow pls

  49. Wild here

    Soon this channel👍🏻 will be with you 👍🏻

  50. Aaron Pritty

    28th comment

  51. 𝙑F𝙓📷وحش الخدع والافلام


  52. D l reddy Reddy

    Who likes dogs hit like

  53. Legend killer Ventura

    Second coment

  54. D l reddy Reddy

    Second comnent

  55. gaming with veeran

    1st comment

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