Top 10 Medium Sized Dog Breeds
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Top 10 Medium Sized Dog Breeds

While any sized pooch works for me, many prospective pet owners feel like the storybook Goldilocks checking out the “too hot”, “too cold” and “just right” porridges.

When trying to decide on the best dog for you, size does matter and there’s nothing wrong with taking the “somewhere in between” approach by choosing a dog that’s neither small nor large.

In fact, there are some real jim-dandies out there that are perfectly sized to fit the bill!

In this video we have listed Top 10 Medium Sized Dog Breeds that are guaranteed to play a big role in your life.

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43 Thoughts to “Top 10 Medium Sized Dog Breeds”

  1. kris allan kyamko

    Bull terrier

  2. The Last Mohican

    No American pitbull terrier

  3. armando maravilla Ramirez

    I was waiting for this list. I love all these dogs, with the exception of the Bull Dog and the Schnouzer.

  4. Berkay Coban

    Where is the amazing Medium size breed english staffordshire Bull terrier?

  5. Nicholas Minter

    I have a 70 lb German shepherd she is the perfect dog and the perfect size not 120 lbs like all the others

  6. Maid Mujic

    You have the best thumbnails ever

  7. Schleich farmer

    I love Schnauzers

  8. Adrienn Toth

    My favourite dog breed is a border collie

  9. Jocelyn Maldonano

    You forgot the Australain Shepard. I love Austaralians shepards! I wish I had one my parents said imma get one but when we get an other house.

  10. Melvin Chavers

    Standard Schnauzer

  11. Creepy Steve

    It’s a Belgian malinois

  12. Shaaf Kumail jani


  13. Dj Luquinhas

    Olá tudo bem ? Meu amigo eu gostaria de saber quantas raças de cães existem no mundo ? Agradecido !!!

  14. Melissa Brown

    I love to have a Beagle or a bulldog. I have had a stroke so I need someone that has to be around.

  15. esake fikadu

    i love Border collie

  16. Percis Matovu

    Do boerboel vs doberman vs rottweiler

  17. o k

    I’m a get a doberman

  18. Lounis Agouninesouk

    I love the dog mallinois🐕💙

  19. Ishan Gaurav

    English bulldog

  20. Tarzan Tim

    I like doberman

  21. Dirk Jock Dirksen.

    Top Medium Dog: Australian Cattle Dog. Top Ten Stupidest Dog: Cocker Spaniel.

  22. յմՏԵ յҽՏՏ Եհҽ ɑƒԵҽɾӀíƒҽɾ

    Yay new videos! Also, why isn’t a pembroke welsh corgi on your list?

  23. Kusum Devi

    Where is lab?

  24. srikanth mudhiraj

    i love dogs sooo much

  25. olusegun oluyinka

    Love Rotwiller

  26. mellow tube

    Please make a vedio on top ten hypoallergenic dogs

  27. Divyansh royal kennel

    Bro make any vidio on America micro exotic bully

  28. Max s

    I have a pitbull and dalmatian mix

  29. Ela Artukovic

    It’s kinda sad that there are so much active amazing dog breeds but you see a lot of obese examples these days 🙁 like yeah it can be a family dog but a family dog doesn’t mean “laying around all day in the living room” and getting myb 2 walks a day

    Anyway a great video 🙂

  30. D l reddy Reddy

    Super vedio who loves dog hit a like

  31. Animal Lover

    Cool 😎

  32. Suifendong

    Are u a nerd in school

  33. Hélène Yi

    Idk if anyone trust me, but I watched the video when he posted it only for 17 sec…

  34. Alexia K

    I love dogs and I have a Labrador called Lucky

  35. saksham thakur

    I am dog lover very nice dogs

  36. Sushma Mohite

    Second view 😍😍

  37. Peter Harper

    You’re great 👍

  38. Shubham Swami

    1 comment

  39. Legend killer Ventura


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