Top 10 Flyball Dog Breeds
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Top 10 Flyball Dog Breeds

New to flyball? In a nutshell, it’s a canine relay race in which teams of dogs take turns jumping hurdles and retrieving a tennis ball.

The twist is that in order to get the tennis ball, each dog must pounce on a spring-loaded box that ejects the ball and once he has it, he has to return to his team before the next dog can start the course.

And there are certain pooches that can be considered flyball dog breeds.

In this video we have listed Top 10 Flyball Dog Breeds.

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29 Thoughts to “Top 10 Flyball Dog Breeds”

  1. Paul Wilson

    labrador,,,rottweiler…belgian malinois…dutchshepherd…

  2. Pk H

    I have never seen Flyball before, but it seems fun! LOL : )

  3. Aris Simion

    I have dogo argentino his super speedy and a good boy.
    The Boder colie deserves to be number one at Flyball dogs.
    Also dalmatians can be good.

  4. Troy Hutton

    Cattle Dog /Queensland healer.

  5. The walrus was Paul o

    I think that the whippet should be number 2, but collie definitely the best.

  6. Tik Tok Bikini Channel

    Ꮚ°͈ꈊ°͈Ꮚ⁽⁽٩(๑˃ᗨ˂)۶⁾⁾٩(๑> ₃ < )۶♥ヽ(´▽`)/

  7. Ibrahim El Shawarby

    You should add grate dane

  8. Lucija Omrčen

    Can you do a video 10 guard dogs that don’t shed?

  9. Payton Dumas

    Blue nose pitbull i have one and she is really fast so i think the would be good for it

  10. Choco boy Sanju

    U missed kanni and chippi paarai dogs from.tamilnadu.India… There are one the fastest and havinga an aerobic body structure like cheetahs…

  11. Ellis Muir

    2:44 Beautiful 💋💋love u💋💋

  12. Caroline Noha

    Labrador Retriever

  13. Radhia Jlidi

    Where is the boxer

  14. t rex TRAP


  15. Animal Lover

    The best dog to catch the ball is JACK RUSSEL TERRIER

  16. 𝙑F𝙓📷وحش الخدع والافلام


  17. Bhupendra Kumar

    Hi big fan.

  18. t rex TRAP

    First comment

  19. Peter Harper

    Ace, the dogs look like they are on the ball and also,having a ball.

  20. t rex TRAP

    The are Amezing

  21. Romel Dsilva


  22. dhananjay jadhav

    2 view 💪💪

  23. TheLuxurious

    ”ViralBe” you motivated us to begin our Youtube Channel!🙏

  24. Kid Fun TV x

    I love dogs

  25. Nanda kishore


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