Top 10 Common Poisonous Substances for Dogs | Wag!

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Top 10 Common Poisonous Substances for Dogs | Wag!

Whether they’re digging through trash or begging for table scraps, our mutts often meddle where they don’t belong. Unfortunately, because so many human foods, medications, and household items are toxic to pups, accidental poisoning in dogs is relatively common. The ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center (APCC) alone deals with around 400,000 queries a year regarding poisoned pets.

This Pet Poison Prevention Week, we’re taking a closer look at APCC’s list of top 10 pet toxins to help you keep poisonous substances away from prying paws and curious noses. (Although the APCC list was published in 2020, it’s the most recent at the time of writing.)

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