Top 10 Clingy Dog Breeds
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Top 10 Clingy Dog Breeds

We all know that a big part of being a pet owner is the wonderful sense of companionship that our four-legged friends bring into our lives.

Waking up to a living, breathing – and often demanding – furry sidekick is the only way I would ever want to start my day, and in spite of the various trials and tribulations associated with pet ownership, it’s all worth it.

Are there actually breeds of dogs that are considered to be super clingy?

I mean, what breeds just have to be with you all the time and would love nothing more than to be curled up on your lap from morning tonight.

They do exist and you might be surprised to learn they aren’t all cuddly little lapdogs. Intrigued?

In this video, we have listed 10 of the super clingiest Dog Breeds.

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42 Thoughts to “Top 10 Clingy Dog Breeds”

  1. Elaine Hart

    GSDs are my all time favourite breed.

  2. im not

    I have a Caucasian shepherd

  3. awsume life

    Where is the wimermimer they are so needy and clingy

  4. Adam O'Brien

    Jack Russell

  5. Matthew Watkins

    Rat terrier.

  6. John Shepherd

    Many rescue dogs are velcro dogs. It took 3 months before I could leave my rescue Walker with my wife without him having a panic attack

  7. princessevileye _

    Have had (do have) Golden Retriever, Labrador Retriever & Czech Shepherd (similar to German Shepherd; just from a different country). I would say my Shepherd was the most demanding of my affection and would have happily glued himself to me – even if at his own peril 😂. My Golden was a little more independent but the Labrador came in at 1.5 not even number 2 because he & the Shepherd were like litter mates who pleasantly snugged up to me at any given chance. If it is *constant* attention you desire and are single? I’d honestly suggest a Golden, then Shepherd. You’ll have time to socialize the Golden’s & their demeanor towards society will rub off on the Shepherd. You’ll be a happy and can do any activity possible together…these traits should easily welcome in friends or a future partner or child…even other pets if introduced carefully.

  8. Andrew William

    My ACD is very clingy he won’t leave my family’s side

  9. Tonie Abbott

    The Papillon ought to be an Honorable Mention, LOL! Mine sticks to me like glue!! ^_^

  10. Thomas Løno

    Just got a new Jack Russel puppy

  11. Ligma Balls

    I want a dog 🐕

  12. sundareshwaran subbaiah

    I have 5 cane corso and a pug

  13. Robert DiPietro

    Love that Dobermans are number one because I’m getting one in a few weeks

  14. Manny Perez

    I have three Chihuahuas and a cocker spaniel

  15. Tiffany Teller

    IT IS NOT A VISLA(sounds like visla) IT IS A VISZLA (sounds veesla)

  16. German Shepherd

    Why in every dog video there is a German Shepard (because they’re incredible)

  17. Alexia ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ Dog Lover

    My Jack Russell Terrier is always by my side no matter whatever come his way
    I love him and he loves me too.

  18. JeepnJae

    I have a very independent, stubborn, but beautiful and majestic Great Pyrenees.

  19. JEB Lee

    I have a GSD and an English Cocker Spainiel

  20. Nur e Kamor

    My akita is the best thing that happened to my life.Never leaves my side.😍

  21. Karen Jensen

    You should put Cane Corso Mastiff on your list! Mine thinks she belongs in my lap!

  22. KiReMaXBG

    I have French Bulldog

  23. Mihaela Mosaikou

    I have 1 doberman, 1 german shepherd, 1 corgi and 1 pomeranian

  24. christopher hines

    ok so top 10 is not fair,you list german shepherd,but no mention of a belgian shepherd,malinios,in the us,mechellse herder in holland,she is 10 years old,but will never be seperated ,as we have been together or close by for 10 years,and my work situation is compromised because of this.many of the dogs you mention are happy to be left indoors,while you work,realy it just realy the truth all dogs can have this mentality,if you are one on one,24/7/365,with your dog,it is simply the nature of a dog,mans best friend,

  25. Molly Overbey

    Pit boxer mix

  26. Linda DiMauro

    Have 3 German Shepherd dogs and need to be with me mornings I gets kisses and each one has their own way to show love

  27. Cap0ne YT

    can i get a heart please.

  28. Priyadharsini Namasivayam


  29. Divakara K

    No.1 is my favourite

  30. velvet Pahls

    I have a scottish dreer hound

  31. My pretty dog, Titiكلبتى الجميله تيتى Mahmoud Said

    All breeds are beautiful and Chihuahua is the most beautiful

  32. Nashon Mpolo

    I am early

  33. Anurag Bisht

    I have a Beagle.. her name is Messi.

  34. gio king

    I love german shepferd and the donerman

  35. sk musical official

    Dude I don’t have any but I love to have one…… The thing is my parents are not getting me one…….. I love dogs so much but they are not getting me a dog…. Right now I am craving for a dog……. But I’m not getting one… 😭😭😭

  36. Shubham Sutar


  37. Rayhan Chunilal

    First one in seven minutes

  38. Sisi Willi

    My pit bull literally won’t leave my side.

  39. Zanxin Bao

    Love this

  40. Thyea Gamer

    My dog is one (daschund and staffie mic

  41. ICY CLAN

    I’m the third lol

  42. Hajar Ahmed

    I’m the first

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