Top 10 Brachycephalic Dog Breeds

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Top 10 Brachycephalic Dog Breeds

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What is a physical trait that almost half of the top most popular dog breeds?
Pups like the French Bulldog and Boxer have flattened faces with shorter muzzles, called brachycephalic. They differ from what you see in other canines like the German Shepherd or Golden Retriever with their longer snouts. The degree varies across the board. The number of pet owners of these brachycephalic breeds has soared in recent years. There’s a lot of speculation about what is driving it. Some think it’s the shape of the face, which gives their dogs an almost human-like appearance. There’s no denying that a Pug puppy is adorable, especially when you combine his looks and personality. However, it’s essential to understand that the genetic mutations behind the face profile of these pups carry health risks. In this video, we have listed the Top 10 Brachycephalic Dog Breeds.

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15 Thoughts to “Top 10 Brachycephalic Dog Breeds”

  1. Shana McHenry

    I have a boxer. First dog I can call my own and she’s amazing. Despite all the health issues that’s common in the breed, she’s been very healthy and hasn’t had to worry about any of those problems (last vet visit got her and me praised for how healthy she is). She’ll be 4 in June and hopefully she’ll have many more amazing years ahead of her that she’s willing to share with me. Because I definitely have many I wish to share with her! What can I say; I love my dog.

  2. Jamie Benitez

    I have a pug and a boxer but I always wanted a Siberian Husky and my mom always wanted an English bulldog🐺🐶❤💚💙💕



  4. Konstantinos Mpoudronikolas

    I don’t like those ugly tortured like dogs who suffer just by existing.

  5. Jose Alejandro Rodriguez Santoyo

    0:14 thats a belgian malinois

  6. Rigo Tinoco

    I think my dog is part boxer because he has the color and bark at a greatdane.

  7. Adams backyard

    i was the 100th comment

  8. Shivanie Mangra

    33 minutes early and 33 minutes late

  9. Melvin Chavers

    Campeiro / Brazilian Bulldog
    Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog
    American Bulldog

  10. Dylan

    Whoever reading this if you have a dog, I hope he lives a long, healthy, and happy life.

    Got this from my boi hyperface

  11. GL1TCHXDYN4STY dynasty


  12. Hyper Face

    Who ever reading this if you have a dog, I hope he lives long, healthy and a happy life.

  13. Mosawer Ahmed

    I ate my dog

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  15. Gheorghita Bogasiu


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