Top 10 Black & Tan Dog Breeds
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Top 10 Black & Tan Dog Breeds

Black and brown (or tan) is among one of the most striking color combinations found in dogs. The two colors offer a stunning contrast which gives them a regal and smart appearance and once you see a dog of this hue, it’s sure to make an impact. In this video, we’ve listed the Top 10 black and tan dog breeds which are as wonderful in personality as they are in looks.

00:00 – Intro
00:31 – Rottweiler
01:06 – Dachshund
01:28 – Doberman Pinscher
01:53 – Airedale Terrier
02:21 – Miniature Pinscher
02:51 – Beauceron
03:18 – Jagdterrier
03:45 – Australian Kelpie
04:13 – Lancashire Heeler
04:42 – Black and Tan Coonhound
05:13 – Question

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34 Thoughts to “Top 10 Black & Tan Dog Breeds”

  1. Nicholas Honeycutt

    Now I like the miniature pincher I got two of them

  2. Patricia Fletcher

    You forgot the German Shepard and the Gordon setter

  3. isaiah larkin

    its the guy from watop

  4. ryoayls Robinson

    Rottweiler the Rottweiler I love Rottweiler so much and I was thinking when he said different kind of colors like black and tan and I said Rottweiler

  5. Никола Цвијетић

    that’s not how u say jadgterrier

  6. Jill Collins


  7. Tess Monro

    Rottweilers aloof? Not my experience – well socialized ones are really affectionate

  8. Paula Craig

    Why was the Rotti #10?

  9. Kalle Birgersson

    I wish I could get a Labrador in black and tan

  10. Joshua Bonifacio

    You forgot German Shepherd

  11. Cheree Cargill

    Hello! German Shepherd! How could you miss one of the most popular black and tan dogs in the world?

  12. notsosilentmajority1

    Name the puppy “Guinness”……….Black and Tan.

  13. PUBG bulgaria

    Karakachan shepherd dog VS Caucasian Shepherd dog 🙏🙏🙏🙏

  14. thulani manyoni

    Miniature pincher looks like a Doberman and chihuahua mix. 🐕🐕😂

  15. Omar Opqhe

    From Baghdad thank you I love dogs Good luck

  16. Michael Geurgeus

    where is the king of all breeds where is the German Sheperd

  17. __Aditya_Dave

    No one telling about new logo for VIRALBE.
    I think the old was better.

  18. Rigo Tinoco

    My dog friends with a white dachshund

  19. ???

    No Gsd? Seriously?

  20. Glenn Shark

    What happened to the German Shepard?

  21. Levente AS

    Rottweiler comment❤️
    Australian Shepherd like💖

  22. Levente AS

    Good video again🙂

  23. Oscar_

    Top ten most aggressive dog breeds

    14. You
    13. Can’t
    12. List
    11. Them
    10. Because
    9. Aggression
    8. Isn’t
    7. Breed
    6. Specific
    5. It’s
    4. Because
    3. Of
    2. Owners
    1. Chihuahuas

  24. Hamster luver

    What about the Gordon Setter

  25. kadah1108 tryhard

    Where the German Shepherd gang at

  26. Hamster luver

    I thought Airdale terrier was usually grizzle and tan!

  27. Hamster luver

    Dobermann is a classic

  28. Achille Raballo

    I am the first

  29. Liltonyyr Rico

    First love the vids

  30. Burim Kzyeziu


  31. Hamster luver

    Neat Video

  32. Burim Kzyeziu


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