Top 10 Best Dog Breeds for Beginners
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Top 10 Best Dog Breeds for Beginners

Keeping and raising a dog can be a difficult task, depending on the dog breed you pick.
Many owners struggle with the upkeep of grooming, exercising, training, and all the attention that’ll need to go into your furry companion.
However, not all dog breeds need to be a handful. While living basics still need to be met, some dogs require less time and energy to care for.
In addition, some breeds are more independent than others, thus requiring less attention.
In this video, we have listed 10 Best Dog Breeds for Beginners.

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38 Thoughts to “Top 10 Best Dog Breeds for Beginners”

  1. Matilda PALMER

    I love how they always put a dog that definitely does NOT fit the list on the thumbnail lol.

  2. John Shepherd

    I would not consider the Standard Poodle to be a low maintenance, beginner dog. They need regular trips to the groomer which runs as much as $100 a visit. Just because they are smart and trainable doesn’t mean that they are easy to handle. Poodles are retrievers/gun dogs at heart and require a lot of exercise and attention.

  3. Burim Kzyeziu

    Nice very good video love it❤️❤️❤️

  4. S Devi Prasad


  5. Patma Krishnan

    Hi VB your doing a great job, you giving good and useful information… Keep doing

  6. Dimitri Vos

    My problem is that I prefer shepherds, collies, pointers and mastiffs and they can be quite stubborn 😂😂 but I now have a Labrador and she is an amazing little thing. My nan has 2 shih tzu most kind dogs ever

  7. Dimitri Vos

    Never heard of the besenji but a beautifull breed !

  8. Rishith Kasarla

    I have a Goldendoodle. He is 4 months old and very cute!

  9. Accio The Akita

    Hello everyone ♥️
    Im an American Akita and this is my channel.
    I’m trying to grow it and share my experiences with you.
    I would appreciate if you would share and subscribe.
    And if you have any questions or suggestions we will be happy to oblige

  10. Tamzid Ahmed

    Golden Retriever ❤️

  11. Fry AMAZING

    I love pugs

  12. blue

    Tittle best dogs for beginners

    Thumbnail ima just walk right here do you mind?

  13. SalifyaB Ng'ambi

    Best guard dog breeds for beginners

  14. Aravind Rj

    Where is lab?

  15. Er. Joti Mohar Das

    You forgot the Labrador

  16. Sara Cherry

    I’m Single 😍😥

  17. Marco Svitnic

    Because i like more medium and large size dogs. I liked number 3 and golden retriver

  18. K9 Cam

    What about the patter dale terrier

  19. Hickha TN

    Pug is a dog who’s suffering from problems. Problems with breathing, problems with body heat, they cannot walk 50 meters without taking a break. I hope they would forbid breeding this dog.

  20. Έρικα Γεωργιάδου

    Omg I LOVE this intro! I don’t like to say +1 but…

    +1 if you are a subscriber before 1 million subs!

  21. ThisIsGonnaBeGoodIKnowIt

    The Presa Canario on the thumbnail sure ain’t one of the easy breeds fro first time owners! 😂😂😂😂😂😂
    The Shih Tzu is, I Shih Tzu not.

  22. Давид Лакић

    10 dogs for begineers and that thumbnail:/

  23. Çağan Öğüt

    I am 13th

  24. 𝐕𝐅𝐗📷وحش الخدع والافلام


  25. Nikunj Rath

    Where is our beloved gsd

  26. selah billock

    2 minute squad 🙂

  27. Ojasvita Patil

    Only real dog lover ❤
    Like here

  28. Nikunj Rath

    1 view 12 likes and 2 comments

    YouTube is on drugs

  29. KingzFear 38

    Iam first time owner but I have a belgian shephered

  30. Animal Lover

    I had a Pomeranian my first Dog, he died at the age of 10, my best Dog ever!

  31. Nikunj Rath

    Nice 14 th view

  32. dhananjay jadhav

    First like and View

  33. Mark Manasse

    First for everything

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