Top 10 Badass Guard Dog Breeds
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Top 10 Badass Guard Dog Breeds

Dogs perform a wide variety of services for their humans.
Some perform amazing feats of agility to entertain us, while others assist handicapped people, or offer support to children with special needs.
Others use their incredible sense to find hidden items or monitor blood sugar levels.
But the ones that we’re talking about today hold a special place in many of our hearts – today, we are going to talk about Top 10 Badass Guard Dogs.
These dogs are willing to do just about anything to keep their people safe.

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81 Thoughts to “Top 10 Badass Guard Dog Breeds”

  1. Recep Tayyip

    #1 Caucasian Shepard
    Brutal dogs for protecting properties.

  2. Albert Calvani

    #1 Rottweiler #2 Belgian Malinois #3 Doberman Pinsher they are the three best guard dogs

  3. Isela Batalla

    Me See’s tittle:HECK YEAH!!!

  4. Prasoon Singh Sandilya

    German shepherd and rottweiler

  5. Fezan Hussain

    Rottweiler the best Doberman last in my opinion

  6. Paula Craig

    Dottie by far…2nd is the Dobie

  7. Jill Collins

    ROTTWEILERS 4 LIFE! A Badass when they need too be!Gentle loving playful protective giants!(SHOUT OUT from TEAM ROTTIE) 🙂

  8. Jose Rivas

    Cane corso, doberman, Belgian Malinois. And where is my dogo Argentino???

  9. Ali Yousaf

    German shepherd

  10. Vikram Mallick

    Dobermans and rottweilers are the best most loyal and intelligent

  11. Cesar Zendejas

    The Dutch Shepherd is the one Dog

  12. Happy Labrador

    Through Training any dog can be converted as a guard dog, I have a loving Labrador retriever. well trained to love

  13. Hickha TN

    Cane Corso is my favourite dog.

  14. The hunting Schnauzer

    I liked the schnauzer

  15. Dimitri Vos


    Except that great video 😂

  16. Craig Glasgow

    You all don’t like Pitbulls or American Bullies at all. I watch this and the only you can say is that they are dangerous. Have you ever owned one? Those are some of the best dogs you can ever own

  17. Sheikh Tanweer

    Easy to west German Shepherds are the best!!! ♥🔥♥

  18. Kysen Gibbons

    Belgian malinois

  19. Crazy Daizy

    Malls are the best dogs ever but only a Mal owner can understand 😊 Most loving, protective, affectionate, sensitive, communicative, obedient dog ever. I had other dogs in the past but Mals are the best for me.

  20. Santino Heyer

    I really luv Rottweiler

  21. It’s Me

    Wth people mean when they say” badass” please someone reply

  22. David Mallia

    Rottweiler. Just the right balance of all the attributes of the other dogs. I have had them for the last 25 years. Handsome dogs that adore their family. Quiet and laid back, don’t bark for no reason
    Undemanding of their owners, but dead effective when you need them.

  23. Chrystal Sabin

    American Bully or the Belgium one.

  24. Aarif Khan

    German shepherds should be no.1 there the best

  25. Aarif Khan

    German shepherds are the best mine is so good

  26. top ie

    Bouvier are the best i have 1 and he is my big fluffy bodyguard and he wil always protect his familiy🥰🥰🥰

  27. daniel mclintock

    Caucasian shepherd, brutal if provoked.

  28. Cinnamon Garrett Mindurbusiness

    I’d have to say the Doberman Pincher. I grew up with one and later owned one. U wouldn’t think of them as a family dog but they were the most loving and protective dogs I’ve ever had.

  29. biswa ranjan

    Dutch shepherd

  30. Wale Rosiji

    What about boerboels

  31. Wale Rosiji

    What about boerboels

  32. Marc Gagnon

    Bouvier des Flandres are the best!

  33. Aniket Gaikwad

    I liked all these dogs…..


    Doberman Pinscher superb dog

  35. AquariusRising

    My German Shepherd puppy, Ava, will be 6 months old Wednesday. At just shy of 70 pounds, she is going to be a munster. Every quality attributed to her breed, she has in abundance. She is a sweetheart, and a joy. One of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

  36. Arthur Flagey Petric

    I LOVE german shepherds! and the Beauceron.

  37. Natalie Glanz

    Rottweiler is better then German Sheperd

  38. Martina Sharpe

    Oh yeah. Do you love me? 😍💋 💝💖❤️

  39. Gopal Malviya

    Doberman pinscher

  40. My pretty dog, Titiكلبتى الجميله تيتى Mahmoud Said

    Nobody can say who is the best dog, every dog ​​is a special beauty

  41. Darvin Hernandez

    I like the German shepherd they are smart stran and beautiful.

  42. Manhattan Island

    I like all of them

  43. Mita Shaw

    I have doberman and they are best.

  44. Arba Bitanji

    If u do a video 10 dog breeds that can kill a bear Akita Inu should be number 1 they were breed to hunt bears board or deers or they kill it till the owner comes back oh and they have a small chance for the wolf

  45. Vignesh Murugaiyan


  46. Arba Bitanji

    Okay I have a Rottweiler but still u say akitas Inu can give their live for u follow u to the end of the world a loyal dog breed u say it’s really strong and protective now..?and stop talking only about the German Shepard.. talk about some other dog breeds..

  47. Carla Hoare

    Absolutely the Rottweiler

  48. Celebrity Lifestyle 2020

    Dogo argetino and german sheperd and cane corso is strongest

  49. Romelia and dixie

    Dobermans are softies to me I haf one (he sadly passed 🙁 ) but he would never attack anyone and that goes with all the 10 dobes I owned in the past. Also i dont agree with the mal being first lo

  50. TONY Harris

    I fell in love with the Cane Corso very long time ago I look forward to him working and protecting the house in the homestead has he been doing for the last 2 year

  51. Kamal Tahuri

    I like number one dog

  52. Romelia and dixie

    I have a german shepherd a me And she is the smartest dog I’ve ever had she is also a service dog 🙂

  53. Karim Mohamed

    1:45 just remember: this dog breed was one of many dogs was used to introduce the doberman dog breed

  54. KingzFear 38

    I have a Belgian shepherd puppy

  55. Linda DiMauro

    German Shepherd I have three they are loving and protective of me couldn’t imagine having any other dog

  56. Melvin Chavers

    Doberman Pinscher
    South African Boerboel
    Brazilian Mastiff
    Central Asian Shepherd
    Caucasian Mountain Dog
    Aksaray Malakli( Turkish Mastiff)

  57. Karen Rinearson

    Schnauzers I have a mini schnauzer and she would bite a human hand off for me. She wasn’t to nice to the vet getting to close to me.

  58. Scooby Doo

    German shepherd my favorite. I chose them always.

  59. valentin iacob

    Belgian Malinois

  60. arjun singh

    German Shepard❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😎

  61. Louis Styles

    German shepherd

  62. james morelan

    Mispronouncing “Cane Corso” really reduces my confidence on anything else that was said in the video.

  63. jessi mendes

    I love big German shepherd and rottweiler

  64. ViralBe

    Hello Friends, which of these dogs did you like the most?

  65. Wolfie Bear


  66. Narayanan Krishnan

    I am going to buy golden retriever is it good

  67. Brain cracker

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    Is so frustrating when I work hard and nobody See’s it.

  68. Surya Sekhar

    Love from india 🇮🇳

  69. Wolfdog Playz

    Cool vid bro

  70. Animal Lover

    Sarplaninac is the one of the strongest dog breeds in the World.

  71. Burim Kzyeziu


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