Top 10 Amazing Merle Dog Breeds
Top 10 Amazing Merle Dog BreedsPets & Animals 

Top 10 Amazing Merle Dog Breeds

Merle, dapple, adorable — whatever your name for it, there’s no mistaking this eye-catching coat pattern.

Generally characterized by a coat full of dots and dark-colored swirls on top of a lighter base color,
merle is an in-demand look in the dog world.

In this video, we have listed the 10 Amazing Merle dog breeds.

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22 Thoughts to “Top 10 Amazing Merle Dog Breeds”

  1. Emma Blomqvist

    Merle dogs are beautiful, but the gene for Merle can also cause deafness and blindness.

  2. Karen Felix

    What about Staffordshire bull terrier dogs can you show these.

  3. Robert Bingham

    Pit bull

  4. Patricia Fletcher

    Alott of dog breeds can be merle but I think you missed two of the most important ones you missed the mudi and the border collie

  5. YT Botisgas12

    Do top 10 mixed dog breeds

  6. Melvin Chavers

    Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog
    Olde English Bulldogge

  7. esake fikadu

    i would own australian shepherd

  8. Pomeranian dog Macana

    Love them all 😍❤️😍

  9. YakuzaKuroi

    I am sorry, but dachsunds you showed are not officialy accepted by FCI. The gene which carries white pigment very ofter carries also the gene which makes these dogs blind faster. They are beautiful, but it doesnt worth their problems with health.

  10. Neville Gumba

    or lab mix with german shepherd


    I would also like to see Border Collie in this video. They also have Merle Color colors and this is nice video thanks.

  12. Neville Gumba

    viralbe can you put my dog a white german sheprador

  13. Jagd Terrier

    The best chanel <3 respect <3

  14. kb suraj

    Sir I need seminarians vs German shepherd please

  15. SocialBounty Make Money App

    we should be youtube buddies FQvC

  16. mahmoud Karam

    From egypt

  17. Lavish Bajaj

    No one but I am gonna buy German shepherd

  18. Peter Harper


  19. ViralBe

    Hello Friends, Which of these 10 breeds would you own ?

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