Time is running out…REALITY DOG TRAINING
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Time is running out…REALITY DOG TRAINING

Time is running out! Only a few days left. Reality Dog Training This is what I’m doing to train this dog to behave better!

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119 Thoughts to “Time is running out…REALITY DOG TRAINING”

  1. arizonadeux

    Thanks for emphasizing and promoting least-aversive methods, management vs. punishment, awareness of behavior and body language, and explaining balancing training with play and calm! So important for reactive dogs! That’s why I think this is your best series yet! ♥️🐾

  2. Gabrielle Gervais

    I’ve been waiting on a video like this for months! My dog Ringo is reactive over dogs. So so hard! So thank you so much! 🙏🏻

  3. Kelly Jones

    This is the same video I’ve been watching for weeks!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Punky

    Zap, I have a 14 month old shepherd mix rescue dog who is hyperactive and driving me, a 74 year old, crazy. She shakes off about 25 times a day – when she’s not stressed out. Hair flys everywhere. Why does she do this? My first shepherd only did that upon standing or after a bath or after barking at the front door?

  5. Kate FX

    There’s a UFO in the sky!!

  6. Raman Kumar

    What do you do if your dog doesn’t fetch?

  7. Linda educar

    You give me such hope for my rescue! Thank you for what you do!

  8. Katie Hollinger

    Do you have a video on how to manage meeting new dogs with a dog that tends to get dominant/aggressive?

  9. Kate Nash

    U gotta be pretty darn strong to pick up a big dog like that while shes kicking off! Go Zak?

  10. Jake Hostetter

    Moira is doing so great she is going to make such a great dog for a very lucky family!! Also would love to see a training series with a pittie for one of the next ones. Good stuff as always Zak!

  11. Brittany Wahls

    I will be sad to see Moira go, but I’m so happy with the progress you’ve made in such a short time and can’t wait for the next one! Seriously loving the rescue dog series!!

  12. RamenNoodlez

    Who else watches his sires so much that they memorized the entire intro LOL

  13. Alaina Sherwood

    It’s actually reassuring to see you, Zak, having to step in and pick up Moria, to help cooldown the outburst. I had to do that a handful of times with my past dog. He was a handful! Wish I’d found your channel 10 years ago. On the other hand, he enjoyed baths. Sometimes, he thought the bath was for him, when it clearly wasn’t! 😂

  14. Mysterious U

    I love your patience with hyperactive dogs like moira. She needs a person who is disciplined, athletic or equally energetic. Pray she gets adopted by such a family. Every animal is like a toddler and an individual human being with individual personality. I personally don’t like any harsh treatment or punishments for adults let alone kids and animals. Moira is so lively and your interaction with her was fun to watch. So thank you.

  15. Digby Mandy King-Adams

    Keep her please

  16. Caleb Mayfield

    Great videos very informative. Thanks for this series . Helped a lot with my dog .

  17. Debi Fish

    I so enjoy your videos and try to apply what I have learned with my 10 month old puppy boy named Koda. You guys rock!

  18. Jane Smith

    My little cat Luna has just watched this whole video, absolutely entranced. I’m not sure if she’s more interested in Zac or Moira, but it’s been lovely watching her watching you! (I’d add a photo if there was a way to do it on YouTube. I’m going to show her more Zac George videos now, as she’s so interested. And no, we don’t have a dog but I think Luna would like one!)

  19. Alexia Baker

    I remember Kona’s first bath.

  20. Abby Cohen

    What brand of leash are you using at about min. 7?

  21. Alexia Baker

    I love that you focus on positive training.I hate when people use choke collars. It just makes them think “When I’m bad ,I get hurt,but I don’t like that so I’ll keep trying”.Using positive training makes them think “My human likes me when I lay down and relax and I like when my human is happy so I’ll do what they want me to do”.

  22. Susan May

    I didn’t know potty training was an issue with Moira????

  23. Rahul Raut

    Sir please make video on protection dog training. 🙏🐕
    I’m waiting for this video. ❤️

  24. Amelia Benson

    So i was wondering, Why dont u introduce her to another dog so she knows what the dog is all about. That she meets other dog through other events so when she meets them on a trail they aren’t as interesting. U know the only time she sees dogs right now is on walks so she really has to try in her head.

  25. melissa janik

    The 5 minute 30 mark when you pick Moira up, we have to do that a lot with my dog too to manage him, he hates it. Thanks for including the clip where she picked up the fish..I had been wondering about that, when you’re filming or she’s on such a long lead, how do you control her environment from picking things up…my dog he’ll have something in his mouth in half a second and that’s just outside of our home, I can’t imagine what he’d do at a park or a public place.

  26. Dummy Still

    I cant wait to see how she will later walk while being in the heel position 😁😁

  27. Jasleen Gill

    Where is Moira’s harness from?

  28. zedio

    Rlly nice work zak Ur thé best

  29. Christina Nguyen

    At first I was watching this and had no plans on getting a dog, but now I’m adopting a goldendoodle. 😂

  30. sonnyandcobi

    My poodle is very reactive when dogs are too close and barking. I did find the distance that he is okay without them barking. But I am sad that I didn’t find your videos sooner. At least now I know what to do but getting the time to train like this isn’t going to happen daily. Weekly just isn’t working.

  31. Fluffy Bunny10

    I am hoping to get a rough collie soon (don’t know what gender), any name ideas??

  32. Lunatrix

    This GSD structure is on point. Beautiful dog!

  33. Dor Mhadipor

    Does anyone know what type of German Shepard she is?

  34. Robin P

    What if you have a fairly high energy dog that doesn’t seem to like fetch or playing with toys? I’ve had him about 4 years and the only time that he shows any interest at all in any toys is when my other dog is playing with them and he wants to take them. Then he runs away and drops them.

  35. frances zhang

    Hello, I have a dog that wants to go back home when she’s on her walks. Any advice?

  36. Recetas 4 Mayanellie

    Can you train a rescue shiba? Shiba inus are very stubborn and training can be tricky. I’d love to see your approach

  37. Jen D.

    All I can say is that I’m glad this series is coming out now and not last year when my dog was still severely reactive. If I had watched this series back then I probably would have tried to continue with the purely positive training and he would probably still be reactive today, which would have been bad because we’re living in an apartment now. I’m just happy my dog is living his best life and is as happy. He actually made a dog friend yesterday, which was exciting. I’m really glad I decided to teach my dog right from wrong, we’ve had so many adventures together this past year that wouldn’t have been possibly with the purely positive training. I’d rather my dog live his best life now and not when he’s elderly.

  38. Sara Stafford

    Is this the last Moira episode? 😞

  39. cinnamongirl622

    👍 for the best series I’ve ever seen on Youtube!!! Great work,Zak,Bree,and Moira 💖 🥰

  40. Katherine H

    I used your bath methods that you used for Kona for one of my new puppies (other one hasn’t needed one yet) and it went very well. I used to work at a grooming shop and I did a ton of bathing there, but I still learned from you to be more mindful of their psychology while doing it. Obviously, I would always be gentle and encouraging but the goal was to get them clean even if they didn’t enjoy it. This probably wouldn’t work in a shop where it’s your job to get them clean in a limited time, but for my own dogs I’m all about it. So maybe he didn’t get as clean as he would before learning your methods, but I think he’ll be more inclined to enjoy baths in the future and hopefully he’ll be easier to bath as a result.

  41. Virginia Scallions

    0:13 I have just started watching you. Because of your videos I have purchased both of your books. Do you have any ideas for a 6 month old Great Pyrenees and Labrador mix . He is somewhat hyper and well VERY BIG. He is close to the size of Moyya(I know i spelled that wrong sorry.) His feet are HUGE. When I sit in my chair he will put his pws on my shoulders and his head on the top of mine. So any advice so I don’t h a e to stay up to midnight so he doesn’t yipe yell and jump over his LARGE dog crate.

  42. Dimi LK

    i love watching your progress with Moira! she’s gorgeous and doing so well!! <3

    by the way, i would LOVE to see you working with a small dog. something like a chihuahua or another tiny-sized breed. these dogs tend to be so fearful and nervous, and it's hard to get them to feel a sense of confidence, especially in places with other dogs. would be interesting to see how you'd train one!

  43. Justin Cappuccino

    Teaching her obedience is NOT going to eliminate her reactivity. You are using a piece of equipment on this dog that would literally be appropriate for protection work- NOT A PET DOG THAT YOU DON’T WANT PULLING. ZAK YOU NEED TO STAY IN YOUR LANE AND LET A BALANCED TRAINER EXPERIENCED WITH THIS BREED specifically IPO TAKE THE WHEEL. None of this is impressive and frankly embarrassing 😳. Give it up. You are damaging this beautiful GSD.

  44. Husky Gaming6

    I have a Great Pyrenees cross Samoyed who acts just like her and these videos are inspiring me to keep pushing forward and getting him trained keep up the awesome work your doing. I’ve always been against aggressive methods for training but its very hard to get that communication when I’m on walks and such. I don’t have many open areas by me if I could just ask what would you do with limited area ? I wish i had a field like yours by me I know it would be a big help with training but I don’t think he’s ready for a dog park or anything which have more open fields but to many people and dogs !!

  45. Melissa Orvis

    This series has been life-changing. My dog is a 60 lb Catahoula/pit mix rescue. She’s had MAJOR behavior and reactivity issues. My dog even started exhibiting more aggressive behavior after she was introduced to a prong collar. While all training must have consistency, utilizing Zak’s methods allowed me to see every minute as a training session because it’s practical and makes sense. Training this dog has been harder than raising a kid. The trainer told me not to use a harness but it works so much better for her! The trainer told me NOT to walk or play with her before our sessions so he could always observe her at her worst. That didn’t make sense to me. My dog started not wanting any leash or lead. She knew it meant “training time.” Now she’s been bringing me the leash for last week just begging to go out to explore the world (and doing so in a much more socially acceptable manner). Thanks, Zak.

  46. Angharad Llewellyn

    Maybe Moira needs Prozac!

  47. Margaret Kuhn-Conroy

    I am impressed with how well she is doing! She has come so far in training!

  48. SpinoDragon12

    Moira is cute! 🐶🐕 and good video

  49. Nic Schu

    I wonder why you don`t use the “Engage-Disengage” game?

  50. Shaoukat Shaoukat

    Bro plz can you train a labrador dog male after this

  51. izzy g

    does anyone know how to transition your dog from only doing sit and stay for treats to doing it without treats?

  52. PebbleInYo Shoe

    😂🤣😂🤣 he actually picked her up 😂🤣😂🤣

  53. Catherine C.

    Your videos always brighten my day, I’ve been binging your series with Inertia as well. I don’t even have a dog yet but your videos are so educational and therapeutic

  54. Tiffany wairimu kariuki

    You can do it we believe in you❤

  55. Amanda Dixon

    Mora is so smart. She has done a 360👏I love this series. I love waking up every Sunday and having this notification and I look forward to it all week! Zak you are a great trainer. Up there with Cesar Milan. Keep up the the great work ❤ from Mississippi

  56. jackie o.

    Way to go, Moira!! 🎉🎉

  57. Cierra steiner

    I love seeing such great progress with Moira. She’s such a good girl and deserves this extra attention and love ❤

  58. Giraffegirl123

    I adopted a rescue Shepard mix this January. She is around 8 months and her biggest issues include jumping on other people, mouthing, and getting overexcited. These videos have been fun and encouraging to watch 🙂

  59. Dummy Still

    I can’t wait to see her in the future!!

  60. Chris Wong

    Did you guys see that alien aircraft floating by?!! -i Svear! 8:45 in the video.

    I guess their looking for some guidence! 🙂
    May the force be with you guys! Keep up the Good work!

  61. Sneha Gautam

    Zak’s videos are always so instructive and helpful! When I was going to get a dog, I was very nervous and watched all of his videos, including the Inertia series. That calmed me and helped me so much! He taught me all about patience and perseverance. My sister has made a Youtube Channel for our golden retriever! Please see it.

  62. Stu Frost

    After working so hard with Moira there’s no way I’d be able to say goodbye and find her a new home, she’d be mine.. gorgeous dog.. nice work Zak.

  63. Kalob Nichols

    My wife likes to watch me struggle then just film it instead 🤣🤣🤣

  64. Hayley Wargnier

    Again STRONGLY disagree with Zach’s opinion on corrective tools. Please if you have a strong feeling against these tools, take some time to look into successful trainers who use them. Tom Davis with Upstate Canine Academy or Will Atherton with Fenrir Canine Training are both here on YouTube.

  65. Nadine Illingworth


  66. Krishnan MK

    Question: What should I do when I have trained her enough to not bark or lunge when another dog comes near her, but the other dog is barking n lunging?

  67. Jan Hankins

    I love mixing training with play. Play is a great reinforcer for good behavior and it gives dogs a small mental break from the hard work of learning. And I really admire Zak for taking Moira on and training her in two weeks. I have taken on many dogs like Moira, I don’t give myself two weeks only! I am, by no means, a professional dog trainer, but I can’t imagine having a two-week “deadline” for this type of training.

  68. Tanya R.

    I’d really love to see you work more with smaller dogs (aside from the one-off videos you have.) A lot of people don’t bother with training small dogs which is how so many turn into yappy little nightmares. I’ve got a small puppy now, and I’m trying to train her, but not everything translates well to a smaller package.

  69. Lenya Michahelles

    I love your videos, I learn so much!

  70. Skallia Ray

    Take.the.dog.off.the.harness. idk why you kept the harness on so long when a harness literally fuels the fire of reactivity. Get a slip lead. Walk the other way with light leash directions. You are just letting her get away with reacting that way.


    So amazing!!

  72. King of Kings

    Can I adopt her now?

  73. Reighost

    She’s *so* cute~! I love her! <3

  74. Ruhina M

    What harness and long line (the biothane pink one) do you use Zak?

    Also your videos are amazing 🙌


    how long is that leash you use to play catch with her?

  76. Jeremy Stringer

    My pup loves dead fish! Especially rolling in it.😖 And, a bath is always in her future after that!😁. Excellent video! I have a rescued cattle dog/German Shepard who we got when she was two. She still is Tasmanian Devil at 6 but so smart and trainable. I have learned so much from you over the years. Thanks again, Zak!

  77. suri

    i think i wanna be a vet or dog trainer training dogs is so fun i’ve been watching your videos forever and trained my aussie because of you

  78. Katie Johnson

    I am never this early cause I am p.s.t. lmao or p.d.t. 🤷‍♀️ either way it is early and I am up watching a Zach video. Who even am I? I don’t know this human 😂

  79. Rithvikh Muralidhara

    Hey zak , i love your videos, i got a shih tzu puppy recently and are the training guide in the books of urs applicable to this breed also?

  80. Be Like Water

    You have so much patients it’s great! But I feel like a prong collar would be so beneficial to snap her out of her spastics mindset and say “hey we aren’t doing that right now.” Sure it’s stressful but so is going bananas when she reacts. Most people don’t have 24 hours a day to train their dog like you are.

  81. Jordan Barnett

    Honestly this dog looks like it would do really well with aversive training. Prong collar on for training sessions and physical corrections SAVED my husky

  82. Michelle rice

    She is a great dog. I think she would be a great police dog. She has so much great energy. 👍she would get training all the time. Have you thought or asked about it. She ends someone with patience. I would ove her but I already have 2 adult and 4 month pup

  83. Reino Tleel

    Zak is the best dog trainer I love his content he helps me a lot

  84. Greta Bi

    Tbh that’s exactly the right dog for me. High maintenance dogs drain you out of all your energy and mess up your house…but they’re my jam, I just ADORE their temper, it reminds me of the wild.

  85. Kim Nicholas

    Great video! I’ve been there, done that. Nice to know what I need to do next time.

  86. Rithvikh M

    Hey i got your books and they were really helpful , and i got a puppy a week
    ago , Thanks for all your help zak

  87. Hisoneandonly Love

    Shepards are so vocal…mine talks back all dang day🙄😅😅😅

  88. Bradie Smith


  89. Satvir Grewal

    thanks zak, you’ve inspired PRINCE SUNDAYS!

  90. Hisoneandonly Love

    My German Shepard is a handful too🤣🤣🤣❤❤❤

  91. Aurora Steen

    Zak, whats your opinion on Michael Jackson, or whoever who’s reading

  92. Mohid baig

    first 20 like
    zak i wanted help, my gsd puppy is now 2 n a half month
    i am a muslim so i live i pakistan and my dog starts whining which is more like howling during the azaan
    so pls help me what to do
    *azaan is a call to prayers
    i go outside n get his attention on me give him treats chews toys but he ultimatley starts doing it
    pls help

  93. Coakley Lewis

    I counted down the minutes until (9:00) when he posts, and I am totally not ashamed.

  94. Damon Salvatore

    Dear Zak I have been working with dogs for 2 years but with friends and family, but I feel that I can take my work professionally. So do you have any tips or any help at all in starting a dog training career ? Btw love your content and techniques, keep up the good work

  95. Pranshi Raj

    Im honestly addicted with this series!

  96. Lusine Davtyan

    Your DA BOMB. Absolutely amazing.Your the only thing that made my parents whant to get a puppy.Thank you so much for all your work🙂

  97. Laurie Conover

    Your patience and humaneness is incredible! Your perspective in working with dogs could help parents with their children. I’m not equating children with dogs, but learning how to interpret behaviors, learning how not to take it personal -work with it, breaking things down into steps…so many benefits for parent training….not equating parents with dogs either. But honestly, many parents could use your classes and benefit!

  98. Eyde Antonie


  99. Maja Ambroziak

    I want to say thanks to your videos because I know I don’t have a perfect dog but I’m still trying to train him.

  100. roxie frox

    Let’s just take a moment to appreciate Zak’s patience with this dog. It can be frustrating to train a reactive dog.

  101. dazzling black

    I love this series.. And we would love to watch more of your daily life with the dogs around!! Please do a “Day in my life “💙💙

  102. ImaTaylor

    I love watching Zak’s vids even though I don’t have a dog 🐶

  103. Nina van Dijk

    A new video 🙂

  104. Navjot Singh


  105. Chewkie

    im getting a new Pomeranian soon what is the best tips for a untrained average dog?

  106. Asher ThePug

    I’m so sad and happy at the same time that she’s already adopted… I would love to have her as my big sister!! ❤ you are doing great Zak!! And I believe I’m a perfect pup as I have completed my 30 day perfect pup 💕 thank youu

  107. Aneeqa Nasser

    Who else doesn’t have a dog but still watches 😌

  108. Fiona Jumu

    I’m always so excited to click on these videos lol

  109. X - RAY

    More, more, more… I love it 😍👍🏻

  110. Jakyle x Nuke Anime


  111. Sunshine Dog Training

    Moira is so smart

  112. Aurora Steen

    Zak! You are amazing!

  113. Aurora Steen


  114. raf gaming

    Oof I’m not first

  115. Isabella Atmore

    she’s so big and cute!!

  116. 100KSub Without Any Videos Challenge

    Zak doesn’t understand but when u post u brighten up people day I just want to say thanks for that

  117. 100KSub Without Any Videos Challenge

    Heavenly Father I pray that you keep the person reading this alive, safe, healthy and financially blessed . Amen 💪🏽 ds

  118. Reino Tleel

    I am early

  119. Marie Jones

    You are just going to have to keep her forever 😏

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