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Three tips for removing K-9 canine teeth

You’ve heard it a million times: Brushing dogs’ teeth can improve their breathing. But did you know that brushing your teeth can save thousands of dollars? Seriously…thousands! The average cost of single tooth extraction is between US$500 and US$800. If your dog suffers from gum disease and tooth decay, it may require multiple extractions. And, if not enough, gum disease can also cause our dogs to suffer from heart, kidney, and liver disease. Solution: Brush your dog’s teeth every day or as much as possible. The next 3 tips are designed to help make the dog toothbrush a breeze.

1. Start early

When you get used to brushing your teeth, the younger the dog, the sooner they will accept this job as part of their daily work. If you start brushing your teeth when your dog is a puppy (but no earlier than 8 weeks old), you will be ahead of the dental hygiene game from the start.

Brushing your teeth is not always the easiest task. Conversely, letting the toothbrush bring a positive experience to your dog will in turn bring you a more positive experience. First, find a quiet and quiet space where your dog can relax. A room full of children’s play, noisy toys, and other pets is a place where it is difficult for your dog to focus on you or keep calm. Once the dog’s attention is drawn, you can apply some dog-safe toothpaste on your fingers and encourage the dog to taste it. If they are hesitant, please rub toothpaste on one of their favorite snacks. Give them snacks while saying “good brushing”, then release them from the room. Do this for three to four days a day, and your dog will start looking forward to toothpaste because it comes with a snack.

2. Be patient

Using the right product will make your dog’s overall experience more positive. Try using one of the silicone finger brushes instead of using a human-sized toothbrush with bristles (which may cause pain) to approach them. It is easy to use, easy to clean, and it is easier for your dog to get used to putting his fingers in his mouth. After familiarizing your dog with toothpaste treatment for a few days, it’s time for a gum massage. When your dog relaxes with you at the end of a long day, gently massage his/her gums with your fingers.

Once your dogs “brush their teeth” with toothpaste-flavored food, and they are also used to a relaxing night gum massage, it’s time to brush their teeth. First, put a safe dog toothpaste on your finger, lift one side of the dog’s upper lip, and then start brushing with a slight circular force. Focus on the part of the tooth closest to the gums, which is usually where tartar and plaque accumulate the most. Repeat this technique on the dog’s lower teeth and then switch to the other side of its mouth. Take a break and give your dog a chance to adapt to the feeling of brushing! Remember to give them a soothing voice during brushing and give them a reward after the end. Keep this state, and your dog will have healthy gums, teeth, and breathing.

If you have a dog, no matter how hard you try, you absolutely can’t stand brushing your teeth. Consider using a toothbrush toy. These toys encourage your dog to clean his teeth! When using such toys, always supervise to ensure that your dog does not break the toys and swallow them. If you do not have natural puppies, you may need to encourage them to chew with some flavored dog-safe toothpaste or some dog-safe peanut butter without xylitol.

3. Get pet insurance

Sometimes, no matter what we think we are prepared for something, it is unpredictable. Because life will happen, having pet insurance is like providing an extra safety net for pets. You never want to determine the health of your pet based solely on financial status, and pet insurance can help you avoid this. One pet insurance company that we think is worth studying is Trupanion. Not only have more than 20,000 veterinarians recommended them, but the Trupanion policy also provides 90% reimbursement of medical expenses for accidental injuries or illnesses, with no payment restrictions. *Go to their website and get a free quote. You may be surprised by its affordability.

Setting a habit of brushing your teeth every day can bring great benefits. Make your dog’s routine brushing activities an active habit, and improve the dog’s breathing, keep their gums and teeth healthy, and keep their wallets full.



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