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Three things you should do to help any dog ​​relax

Whether you are going to meet and say hello, bring a new dog home for the first time, or meet someone’s dog on the street, you know how to relax. This is the first step in becoming a dog whisperer and dog paw-some PET There are 3 tips for parents to help you make friends with any dogs you encounter.

1. tone

A soft, melodic, calm tone is the fastest way to convey to the dog “I won’t hurt you”. Singing softly or even reading aloud will make your voice melody tone, sending a comfortable non-threatening message. The tone of your speech usually reflects your feelings. If you can successfully persuade yourself to speak softly and happily, it is very likely that your body language will reflect your voice and cause the dog to become curious about you when approaching.

2. Body language

Stay still, squat or sit on a chair, turn sideways, look down at the ground, relax your hands beside you. This body language tells the dog that you do not want to defeat them. When the dog approaches you, slowly raise his palm up so that it is below the dog’s head, and then let them sniff your hand. If the dog does not retreat, please put some light pets under the chin or scratch the dog. Expert Tip: Do not approach the dog from above and try to raise it directly on the top of the head. For a y dog, this may feel like a threat from above and make it feel pressure and fear. Conversely, scratches or pets under the chin are a good way to say hello and avoid trouble.

3. Eye contact

Never stare directly at a dog you don’t know or meet for the first time. Direct eye contact can convey advantages to a dog and a dog who doesn’t know you, it is too early to establish an advantage. Instead, let the dog establish initial eye contact. Briefly look away and let the dog know that you are not a threat. Stop the dog for a minute or two to decide whether to allow you to do more than just exchange eyes. Once the dogs exhibit positive body language (to learn more, check out our article “Dog Talking: Dog Body Language and Its Meaning”), squat down and give them friendly scratches under the chin.

The next time you meet a new four-legged friend, consider trying any or all of these techniques, and you will soon call yourself a “dog whisper.”

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