This Might Be The MOST Dangerous Place I’ve Ever Trained a Dog!
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This Might Be The MOST Dangerous Place I’ve Ever Trained a Dog!

Training our dog in the Alaskan wilderness!

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82 Thoughts to “This Might Be The MOST Dangerous Place I’ve Ever Trained a Dog!”

  1. Spyinak

    Sorry. Have to giggle about April Bowl being part of the Alaskan “wilderness”. Not. I am glad you and Inertia are getting out to explore this beautiful state. So much to see and do.

  2. yael caro

    what happened to your older dog?

  3. ryu eo

    i have a 10 month old german spitz and she keeps bitting and liking her paws

  4. Hamlet Rivero

    Not questioning your training skills but tell me why you let your dog run in dangerous grounds with the leash attached to him. Not good in my opinion

  5. Edgar Calderon

    The air max’s in the wilderness!!!🔥👌👌🔥

  6. Nugetz

    Moosey go buuuurrrrr

  7. Bety Granada

    Inertia such a beautiful and smart girl. ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤I’m so glad she is good.

  8. Cindy Leween

    Even the moose are patriotic! Where is Anertia’s American flag?

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  10. Glitch Man

    Glad you were able to dodge that Moose on the Loose. Inertia such a good girl staying down like that hehee

  11. chocolate boo boo

    Does she ever get to have a none train walk or is she made to train every walk in the house does she ever get to be a dog

  12. foreveragrace andafnaflover

    Why don’t you ever make videos with Indy anymore. Do you take her on trips with you?

  13. SleepyJenJen

    Haha im from Alaska hahah

  14. Dash the Flash

    I’m early

  15. Renesh Motiani

    Have you recorded this before covid


    U getting old man..just noticed those wrinkles.

  17. Emma The Cat

    I animate my irl dog on my channel

  18. Olujimi Ayo-Joledo

    What happened to Indy where is she

  19. curious wiki

    Yay I early this time ✨

  20. Verena Chu

    oh elephants next LOL poor inertia being tested on sudden cue!! well done guys glad you’re all safe

  21. Mike Aquino

    shake off lol. gotta teach that one too! great vid!!!

  22. Jacob Waugh

    Zak i just like watching your videos. Thanks!

  23. Taylar Peterson

    We go on that same hike all the time! Love taking our 5 month old pup on that hike almost every week.

  24. Commander Needle Pants


  25. Ik Em

    Very cool video !! #DangerDog 😀😎

  26. Anwar Hayward

    Awesome 😍💋 💝💖♥️❤️

  27. HarmlessAkita _Gacha

    I took my new dog to a park but not for dogs for kids and walked him around the pathway but that’s the only place I was able to take him so far cause I have had him less than a month but I hope to take him more places but at the park I didn’t train cause he is not 100% reliable for commands at home and this was a new place for him

  28. DevinAK49

    Alaska is the greatest place on earth. Hope you enjoyed your stay

  29. runningrock124

    NO on bear bells!
    Several national park rangers from different states have told me bear bells do not hinder, but can lure bears and other animals toward you for food. plus they gave me a headache watching this video.

  30. Jeff Pranksters

    Zak thanks alot ive had my Australian Shepard for 2 months now and hes very great at learning all these tips helped alot

  31. Amir FDI

    Its husky right

  32. Mark Barr

    Anybody know what kinda leash set up Zak and Inertia have? Is it a regular lead with a carabiner attached to the belt loop?

  33. TheCarChronicle

    I’m glad that Inertia is safe

  34. Dean Ratzlaff

    Hi 👋🏼

  35. Rebecka T

    That bell gave me a headache. Please drop the bell and you’re not gonna get killed. I
    live in sweden and when im in the forest with my dog i never put on some dumb bell or spray becuase mooses and all wild animals are way more scared of people then we are of them. So you don’t need to worry about mooses and if you encounter a moose just take the dog and run the other direction

  36. stevenmitchell2

    Did you fly there

  37. Louisa Mae

    Thanks for taking us on a trip with you!! I like all the banter between you and Bree 🙂

  38. Cate Kauffman

    I’m getting a Sheltie puppy in a few weeks and thinking Shelties are kind of like border collies…right?

  39. Emma Blomqvist

    Wow, in a situation like that a moose could be really dangerous. In the springtime they can also attack people because they are protecting their young. My dog is off leash on our autumn walks, and she does a good job of scaring the moose off by barking at them. We saw one today, but most of the time she’ll start barking before we’re close enough to even see the moose.

  40. Jan Hankins

    Yes, it’s important to train in a variety of places. But I’m not flying myself and my dog to Alaska and climbing a mountain to do it.

  41. Davinder Sawhney

    I am getting a puppy! Can you please do a video on what food to give your puppy? I was looking at a raw meat diet some say it is good
    and some say it is bad . So should I feed my puppy kibble or raw?

  42. Bonnie C

    I love the Alaska trip and training. The blindfold moose was a rush. Can you recommend a treat pouch? My dog is distracted by the smell of treats.

  43. Dhisha Mohan

    Please can you give your no and please terain my dog

  44. stevenmitchell2

    I’m getting a dog today and you helped me so much

  45. Damian Swartbooi

    This guy always has to give treats

  46. MSC

    Imagine getting pinned?

  47. Mystiek Melody

    Alaska?! Hey! That’s where I am!

  48. Imogen Downie

    Love your vids Zak!!!!!

  49. Natalia & Patch the hamster

    Are border collie good first time dog?? With a owner that has time and knowledge but hasent owned dogs

  50. Dee Wishies

    Wow looks awesome…. your so lucky to be able to take your dog and train in so many places its really awesome. But what if u cant afford to train in all these places and it cost to much in travel it means u have to limit yourself a bit to what places you go to.

  51. Adven4U1

    Still need to take her somewhere where it’s snowing. Take her to Tennessee.

  52. Jocelyn Serment


  53. Wafflestraw


    Before my puppy gets all his vaccinations done, should I allow him to play with other dogs?

  54. Wafflestraw

    That clip of Inertia digging like crazy in the intro…


  55. Hello Hi

    Early! I love your vids!💕💕

  56. Sunshine the Golden Pup

    Love your tips and channel! I just got my pup yesterday and these tips will help. ❤️

  57. itsyopurpleboi TF

    Yeshhh I love it…

  58. Deepa Suresh

    Hey Zak, I have been seeing your videos from the past 2 years. I just have one question. Does Inertia try and herd your cat?

  59. Livie Bills

    Love you and inertia so much

  60. CuddlyBubbles 69

    I watch episode OVER. AND OVER. AND OVER AGAIN.

  61. Taha Aftab

    Hi I’m taha from pakistan

  62. Alosha Fernandes

    Yay dogs

  63. saraswathi bandi

    This didn’t work 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 your training is not showing anything improvement

  64. Mohar Singh

    Early Gang 😎

  65. Mike Tom

    Plz help my dog bites leash a lot

  66. The Randumbness of Cola


  67. Grace Thompson

    The moose just chillin 😂

  68. Shivani Sood

    Yay I’m early!!

  69. songs world

    4th person please shout me out and how old is inertia

  70. Slappy Beaver

    Great! So Good

  71. Tomas adhikary

    Wow so nice video

  72. Jacob Juvancic

    Inertia makes me miss my border collie

  73. Rebecca

    Why are there already bots, and yesss, love the videos keep them up! 🙂

  74. anna oop ✔︎

    *To the Early Squad Reading This*Virtual hugs to everyone who needs it. Always stay safe,I’m struggling to my sub goal, help out with a sub!👑*

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