This Is Why Your Kids Need a Dog
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This Is Why Your Kids Need a Dog

The benefits of having a dog as a child are endless. Constant companionship by dogs besides of playing of course, helps us to share feelings of anger, sadness or boredom. We will have more physical activity and become more active when we have a dog because he constantly wants to be on the move. Having a dog helps us to take more responsibilities and be more mature. Studies have shown that babies raised in close contact with dogs are less likely to get sick. Also, by receiving unconditional love from dogs we also learn to give unconditional love. Dogs help children have more courage to talk and express their feelings. Parents are not always at home and dogs can protect children and even give all their best to protect them. Having a dog helps us bond more with our siblings too because we take care of the same being. Above all, dogs make us happy which is the key to a healthy childhood.

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