This is Why You Should Get These Dogs When You Get Older
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This is Why You Should Get These Dogs When You Get Older

When we get old, we lose our energy, strength and everything becomes harder. Physical activities like walking become much tedious and we love sleeping even more. Our family and relatives don’t have a lot of time for us, therefore often we’ll get bored and feel lonely. In this period of our life, the best thing is having a dog. The benefits are endless. They motivate us to be more active, so we will not only be fit, but even the chances of having health problems will be smaller. According to the studies, seniors who own a dog, have lower blood pressure and lower levels of cholesterol. It has been proven that hanging out with dogs has a revitalizing effect, may reduce stress and other problems. Besides, you will have much more opportunities to get to know new people. From chihuahua, the smallest dog breed to the Great Dane, the biggest one, there exist over 330 dog breeds, but which are the ideal ones to get when you’re a senior.

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9 Thoughts to “This is Why You Should Get These Dogs When You Get Older”

  1. Isaiah Larkin

    “Dogs reduce stress” mine dont…

  2. John Shepherd

    Doodles aren’t a breed. They are mutts. Get a Standard Poodle because they have all the desired attributes and cost less to buy.

  3. ViralBe

    Enjoy the video friends… 🙋‍♂️

  4. Tani Tani

    Yeah when you die they will eat your body 100% there no loyal or honor on dogs but stupid people yeahh

  5. Phyllis Dicks

    I’m 65, and have probably the most chill chihuahua in the world. They can be good dogs for seniors, too. Surprised they weren’t on the list.

  6. The Flaming Gamer

    golden retriever should be here

  7. American Staffordshire Terrier Margy Ritchie

    Who gave thumbs down? Weirdo

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