This Is Why This Dogs Look Just Like Wolves
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This Is Why This Dogs Look Just Like Wolves

It is not unusual that a big dog like Akita Inu is mistaken for a wolf. But a surprising fact is that also a Maltese, a very small dog has got 99.99% of wolf DNA. The reason behind this similarity is the common genetics. Around 36.000 years ago, before the Bronze age, the Iron age, and the Agricultural revolution, people have created a close friendship with a wild animal; the grey wolf. Long years of living together have impacted the domestication of animals and our Canine friends are their direct ancestors. In modern times, domestic dogs were bred with grey wolves, eastern wolves, red wolves, Ethiopian Wolves, and as a result of this were created hybrids, which are known as Wolf-Dogs. So, in this episode: Dogs that look like wolves, and those that are bred specifically to be like a wolf.

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  41. Patricia Sandoval

    other similarities between malamutes and wolves:
    high prey drive, tho not as high or impulsive like the husky
    size it’s similar sometimes with smaller wolves
    high stamina but slow
    skull size
    thick coat and long
    aggressive with stranger dogs
    capability of hunting and exploring by his own
    doesn’t need humans to survive

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    Either a Husky or Malamute are up my alley. I do not trust a wolfdog because they are unpredictable.

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    other similarities between huskies and wolves:
    high prey drive, even higher than malamute’s
    social pack instinct
    both howls can be heard around 15 km
    thick coats
    high stamina
    tail position
    more independent than other dog breeds with the same purpose, wolf trait
    skull and body structure
    reserved with stranger dogs
    reserved with stranger people sometimes
    capability of hunting and exploring by his own
    doesn’t need humans to survive



  45. Weeb

    I highly disagree with wolf dogs. Because, like humans personality isn’t set in stone

  46. christina groves

    I think and believe that wolf-dogs should be legal cause wolf’s will breed with dogs naturally

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