This Is Why They Are Always a Target
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This Is Why They Are Always a Target

Based on DNA, every person in the world is 99.99% similar to the person next to them. Only a tiny part, which means 0.01% of our genetics is special from other people, but this must be taken into account the part of the similarity with our siblings. According to physicist Riccardo Sabatini, if our genetics are printed in a book then of 175 large books with 262,000 pages, only 500 pages are our unique characteristics. All the other pages are similar to everyone else. It has also been scientifically proven that humans with chimpanzees have genetic similarities of up to 96%. No matter how different we are from other beings, all living organisms have the same DNA basis based on nitrogen molecules. For example, a large, powerful, and tall elephant has the same nitrogen-based DNA as a small, helpless, color-changing chameleon. What differs between these animals is the change in the chromosome order. But during the creation of the DNA, a defect can occur in one of the genes that produce melanin, the pigment that gives color to eyes, skin, and hair. This results in a lack of melanin or very small amounts of it that creates albinism. In America, 1 in 20 thousand people can get Albinism while in countries like Zimbabwe, Africa the chances are much higher, so 1 in 1 thousand. This genetic mutation occurs in animals too. In wildlife, the chances of this happening are 1 in 20 thousand to 1 in 1 million and in birds 1 in 18 thousand. Animals with this defect are in danger of their lives, can’t hide from their predator, their skin is damaged by the sun, and have very poor vision.

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