This Is Why These Dogs Make the Best Soldiers
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This Is Why These Dogs Make the Best Soldiers

In 600 B.C. “Alyattes of Lydia’’ King won the war against Cimmerians, who on that time had reached the peak of power. This victory would be impossible without Lydian dogs, who killed and pursued a huge number of invaders. This is the first documented event of war dogs, but later they were also used by Egyptians, Greeks, Persians, and Romans and had different duties: Fighting- To attack the enemy, Scouts- To find hidden enemies, like Modern Snipers, Sentries- To protect camps during the night, Detection and tracking- To locate mines, Messengers- To send messages from a camp to another, and other tasks, Modern War dogs are also known as military working dogs, or K-9, and have the same tasks as their ancient relatives, except that they aren’t sent in the frontline anymore. Before earning the MWD title, dogs are trained for 4 to 6 months to learn the basic skills. Today, there are around 2500 active dogs serving in U.S military service, and they are Non-Commissioned Officers, which means that they are one rank higher than their handlers.
So, in this episode: Dogs breed who were and still are the favorites of powerful militaries.

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14 Thoughts to “This Is Why These Dogs Make the Best Soldiers”

  1. kai abraham

    A German Sheperd and saivor

  2. JayShon Brown

    I would love to see a video on Groenedael and Great Pyrenees

  3. notsosilentmajority1

    Dutch Shepherd all the way. They have the benefits of the GSD and Malinois without the usual health issues and they are a great overall size.

  4. Loose Unit

    I would not let my dog serve in the military. Especially not with Biden in the WH.
    He would leave him behind.

  5. Koen Peters

    Dogs shouldn’t be used in human wars!!

  6. Hic Hic

    With 1 K9 Malinois and 1 K9 Cane Corso, I would go to any dangerous place of this earth.

  7. Nasr Mobin


  8. Sukanta Ghosh

    German Shepherd 🖤❤️💛

  9. Melvin Chavers

    Doberman Pinscher💙💙💙

  10. Dan Hansen

    What no pitbull or bull terrior ever heard of seargent stubby..only dog to be officially promoted to seargent..

  11. Mutamba Edgar

    Please like and subscribe

  12. Mutamba Edgar

    I live with 5 Rottweilers

  13. Tonya Shaik Mohamed


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