This Is Why These Dogs Get Stolen The Most
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This Is Why These Dogs Get Stolen The Most

Realizing that your pet is missing is a worrying and traumatic experience that you don’t want to think will ever happen to you, but every time you leave your dog in your parked car, or in the front yard of your home, to do a quick errand, you risk to have your dog stolen. The American Kennel Club estimates that nearly two million dogs are stolen each year. Therefore because of Dognapping which is a phenomenon in rising, you need to become the guardian of your dog. Thieves especially steal some breeds of dogs, the reasons are the popularity of the dog breed, its monetary value, transportability, and other reasons.

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17 Thoughts to “This Is Why These Dogs Get Stolen The Most”

  1. KnottyEd

    I’m goin John wick if someone stole my dog

  2. Malik Pruitt

    You should do a video of dogs that people would avoid at all cost like a aksaray malaklısı imagine seeing that walking

  3. James Wilson

    This video seems catered more towards dog thieves than dog owners. Like I never considered stealing dogs until watching this.

  4. Rhoda Chavez

    Thank Goodness , my German Shepherd Dogs would both throw a fit if someone tried to take them away. They’ve done it before, it’s kinda hard to tassel a 100 pounds of dog desperate to get back to Momma.

  5. Daryl fraser

    love the video man

  6. Joe Barnes

    I had a Labrador. Man he wouldn’t ever refuse food

  7. Gannesh

    Any good looking pup, at a given opportunity shall be STOLEN… 😏🧐

  8. SalifyaB Ng'ambi


  9. Elizabeth Selivanov

    I lost my dog but I got her back after someone who didn’t wanna sell her got her luckily when she escaped they where nice people and put signs saying they found a missing dog got her back

  10. SalifyaB Ng'ambi

    DOGS breeds that are less likely to be stolen

  11. SaaMm 15

    Anyone who steals,hurts or kills a dog needs to get torched to death

  12. Abhishek Jarangal

    Rottweilers be like = wanna try to catch me..?? 👺

  13. TealWolf

    Sends 5k dobermans to guard one puppy kangal

    Also sends 5000 Rottweilers for winter

    Sends 5000 german shepherd for winter too

  14. Jermaine Stuckey

    I was the third to come

  15. Georges Abou Bechara

    Someone stole my beagle😔
    You should add beagle to the list

  16. Deepthi Akkinepally

    i was second to comment mate

    yeah i actually was matey

    il stop now

  17. Buhle Gamedze

    I was the first person to comment

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