This is Why These Dogs are So Expensive
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This is Why These Dogs are So Expensive

Certainly, buying a dog won’t cost you 1 million, however, some breeds are much more expensive than other ones. The first factor is the location, in the US or Europe you can get your favorite breed for 200 to 250 dollars, in Australia for about 548 dollars, but compared to other countries like India, dogs can cost around 60 dollars. However, people looking for professionally trained dogs or movie characters should be prepared to spend a whole fortune! Pure and rare breeds are especially expensive; while the former can cost around 5000 dollars, to own a rare dog, sometimes you should be put on the waiting list. Often, the price can be even higher due to the family background of the breed.

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8 Thoughts to “This is Why These Dogs are So Expensive”

  1. laughter zone

    My gsd cost 500,000naira which is approximately 100-150$

  2. Joel jacob Paul

    Where is korean mastiff

  3. Giovanne Anthony



    Idk if I made it on the list but I can assure you my dad won’t sell me for 1 millón dollars 💪

  5. Mena Atef جيرمن شيبرد لونج هير


  6. Mena Atef جيرمن شيبرد لونج هير


  7. darkcorners2349

    As a akita inu n owner I could say they are the best dogs and most loving dogs to ever exist. Best breed ever

  8. ViralBe

    Hello Friends, Enjoy this video…❤

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