This is Why These Dogs Are Going Extinct
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This is Why These Dogs Are Going Extinct

History proves that when humans started domesticating wolves, dogs were bred for different tasks, and when they were no longer needed for that task, the breed went extinct. This is just one of the reasons why dogs are going extinct today. The illegalization of hunting some animals like deer and foxes, had impact in the decrease of some breeds. Besides this, World Wars had even greater impact. Today, some breeds are ranked the last ones on the popularity list, are on the verge of extinction.

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5 Thoughts to “This is Why These Dogs Are Going Extinct”

  1. Memes

    Sad thing is the reason why these dogs are are going extinct is because abusers harm them starve them and die and it’s sad but a lot of people use to use dogs in dogfights like some of these and most of them get forgotten

  2. Mary Shoemaker

    Humans are the reason 🤔 they’re always the reason something goes extinct 💔

  3. ViralBe

    Hello Friends, Which of these dogs would you Consider?

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