This Is Why These Dogs Are Banned
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This Is Why These Dogs Are Banned

What we know about dogs historically is limited, however, the Romans used dogs as “weapons”, as guards, on patrols but also kept them as pets, so they were always known as creatures in the service of humans.

This was until the 19th century when in America the Bloodhound became the first dog to get bad press.

They were partly criticized because they were used to catch escaped slaves.

Even the Dobermans who came to the United Kingdom and America from Germany in the early 1900s and gained a reputation as trustworthy guard dogs, their image was completely changed in World War II, as many dogs were photographed with Nazi officers in concentration camps.

After the war, they became less and less popular and were portrayed in movies and in the media as “demon dogs” despite their intelligence and loyalty to their owner.

The Rottweilers suffered a similar fate, they were favorites to guard properties.

While Pit Bulldogs were originally trained in the 1800s to use in blood sports and dogfighting, in the 1960s a different urban trend began to develop in America, drug gangs began training and using pit bulls as guard dogs and status symbols.

Before the 1980s there were far fewer deaths reported from dog attacks, but that decade was the era that created precisely the public perception that pit bull breeds were dangerous.

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32 Thoughts to “This Is Why These Dogs Are Banned”

  1. Perceptionof Reality

    FAIR.?? Its absolutely NOT…”fair.”
    For literally MANY hundreds of years, it WAS the deliberate and willful “selective breeding” practiced….by HUMANS, to specifically and permanently alter..both the physiological and behavioral characteristics..and the end results of this..TURNED these “dangerous breeds” “”INTO” exactly WHAT they are, & have become.
    It was NOT some…incredibly coincidental..natural selection type if phenomena…these dogs..ARE, what HUMANS….deliberately “turned” them into.
    WHAT every domesticated Dog “breed”..IS…was “done..TO them.
    And even though the dogs themselves had no..CHOICE, over..what kinds of dog breeds were mixed..”on purpose”, or..what characteristics of..which breed, would or would not “manifest” in the resulting offspring..
    But…NOW..when human-kinds little..”practice session” at..playing God, and to try and manipulate…nature itself..and bend it to THEIR will…and end up with what “they” don’t see as being..a “perfect” as all their WISDOM..actually thought they COULD Dog..because “humans” are NOT even..lose FOURTH as “smart” as they THINK they are.
    These “dangerous dogs”..which are being banned..out-lawed..made illegal to have…and..IF..God forbid, they end up in an animal shelter..just “being” a certain breed of Dog, means..they wont get the CHANCE to be adopted..and given a home. They’ll be..”euthanized”…thats a bearuacratic term..for..”KILLED”.
    People..MADE these dogs..into “WHAT” they are..they EXIST, because..humans created…MADE these “dangerous breeds” exist.
    BUT..instead of accepting..and TAKING RESPONSIBILITY, for something of “their” doing. The people that have been injured or even killed by any of those “dangerous” breeds…it is not..I repeat..IS NOT, the “fault” of those dogs, in ANY way. Whatever those dogs DO..was/is..the DIRECT RESULTS of…PEOPLE…having deliberately interfered with just..mixing..blending, dog breed A….with dog breed B, and..not KNOWING “exactly” what changes would occur.., when any “MAN”-made dangerous breed of dog does anything that “people” don’t LIKE…its..”Well….they’re just TOO though..WE..HUMANS… “are” the ones responsible for..MAKING them that way….we’ll just…KILL them..”, ..and try to.DENY the direct responsibility for “their” OWN actions. “Erase” their…OWN..”mistakes”.. to deny their…incompetence, to ..”play God.”
    Me..myself…I like Dogs…far MORE than I like…PEOPLE. And..ANY breed of dog..can be..”made”…dangerous…and be..turned INTO a “mean” dog. When treated..poorly..neglected abused..injured, or abandoned…MIS-treated…whether its a..WOLF-dog hybrid..or a friggin Chihuahua…that dog will “LEARN” to not trust “bite first…ask questions later”.
    And if that very same dog..from the time when its a WELL treated..CARED for, given affection, has time spent with it…is NOT hit..or kicked..yelled at…ABUSED or neglected…will likely be the BEST friend..and loving loyal companion a person could ever want..need..or probably…deserve. An animal SO loyally devoted, it would DIE trying to SAVE you…and if it could..& need be..would even KILL to “protect” you.
    There’s an old but very true saying..that..” mans best friend.”
    But in far too many cases…”Man…is NOT..a Dogs best friend.”
    We…as humans..should ASPIRE…to actually BE, the kind of people..that our dogs..’think” we are.”

  2. Kathleen Matthews

    Just once I wish that those that make the rules would get it right when it comes to all breeds of dogs. Any dog big or small can be vicious. The majority of the time, the issue lyes with the owners. They are inexperienced or purposely make their animals aggressive. Getting a dog , especially a larger powerful one should go through a process similar to adopting a child. Back ground checks , making sure they have the correct knowledge and skill to handle such a dog. Weekly or monthly checks from experts in the field to determine if regulations are being followed. Regardless if the puppies are registered , purebred or not, each litter must be registered to their local government before being sold. The SPCA will check on these litters unannounced ensuring the correct puppy count for the sale or regime purchase. It is so funny the governments want to tighten the belt on other areas of the law, but when it comes to a concrete way of handling the “ Vicious Dog” issue, that can’t make that logical plan and put the blame for these vicious dogs squarely where it belongs and that is with owners that have no business owning one in the first place

  3. Aimee Frosland

    My care provider used to have a pit bull named desiel he was only 8 years old when he passed away!

  4. Grace Playz Loves Pets

    VB:what would you do

  5. Bill Martinez

    It’s not right taking people’s dogs away because they are a certain breed. There are people that are bad, yet they are not banned.

  6. I like Dogs

    I have an American bulldog and she is nice as can be

  7. Rose Garza

    Pitbulls where used as bullbaiting dogs originally.

  8. Misfit Island aka JohnnyO

    You conveniently left out the fact that a pitbull it was a nanny dog long before it was in a fighting ring it would protect small children from rats while mom and dad were working in the fields do your homework in regards to your question anybody knocks on my door and tries to take my dogs God will judge me than answer good enough

  9. Monica Farlow

    I think all dogs should have to pass a temperament test, rather than grouping them all as “bad” dogs! There’re so many other breeds I’ve come across that could definitely be on this list that aren’t if you want to get picky. It’s all about how you treat, train and socialize them.

  10. S. Richardson

    You try to take my dog 🐕 your going to meet my 9mm Beretta

  11. S. Richardson

    Punish the deed not the breed

  12. Suave Citygear


  13. Melvin Chavers

    Neapolitan Mastiff💯
    Fila Brasiliero💯
    Presa Canario💯
    Doberman Pinscher💯

  14. S. Richardson

    This is total crap

  15. Plauge Doctor Fragrance

    This is why Muzzles was invented

  16. sebastian Newman

    I’d say these dog breeds shouldn’t be banned. Because they are good dogs and not bad dogs.

  17. Krzysiek Zamolski

    I would sooner move out of the country than give up my dog. Breed does not define a dog .

  18. Manson Chambers

    Come try to take my pitbull, or my guns. Lets see what happens.

  19. Nina Arleth

    Most, if not all of the breeds on list, are banned here in Denmark.

  20. Brandon Bower

    I don’t think that any breed should be banned because alot of a dog’s temperament is how it is raised.

  21. Dreamland Dogs gh


  22. ThisIsGonnaBeGoodIKnowIt

    Another line that likely was used to create the Boerboel is the African wild dog.

  23. ThisIsGonnaBeGoodIKnowIt

    The Presa Canario does not have „a reputation of being a fighting dog“.
    They were used for dog fighting. That’s one of the things they were bred for.
    And they’re good at it.

  24. Armani

    Just try to convince the officers that he’s trained and won’t hurt anyone or just move somewhere else where the dog is an illegal

  25. Relief Nhamburo

    My dog is a boerboer so it might just be taken by the cops actually I have 2 if them very aggressive

  26. B4BY KNG

    In 20 years Wolf dogs will be banned everywhere

  27. James Bretherton

    H l. 🤝. ❤️❤️🌟🌟👍👍

  28. Dog Facts

    Wow.. Imagine cops come and say “your little pup is banned”

  29. Pat Riley

    I would have beat say no warrant or not.

  30. Angelica Wolfspeed


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