This Is Why These Animals Are Unbeatable
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This Is Why These Animals Are Unbeatable


In the wilderness, there are two different worlds: one where animal travel and seeks food and another where an animal seeks the same species to eat.
To be a predator means being dominant over your prey who is weak doesn’t have developed defense mechanisms nor the strength to fight you. But many animals, just like their predator, have claws, teeth, venom, and a big size…, and still are prey. What is the secret that some animals just can’t be knocked down by anyone? So, in this episode: Animals that are unbeatable and the reason why?

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7 Thoughts to “This Is Why These Animals Are Unbeatable”

  1. Play with were wolf



    Who else enjoys these pointless animal videos? Idk about u guys but I didn’t know I’d have this much fun just by following a channel with random animal facts , the fact that he does a lot of dog videos just makes it so much better 🙏🏻💪


    You should add jack russel terrier to the unbeatable species these little dogs are crazy animals on steroids 💪💪

  4. Paul -Wade- Hampton

    To: the makers of this video” THANK YOU SINCERELY for making this upload for us all, very giving & sharing & incredibly kind of you” *”I appreciate you alot”* !

    & To the world: generalizing for being targeted or argued with, or to teach full truth to, of what’s POSSIBLE””!….

    Hippos have a innocent but scary force, yet lion cublings can kill it easily with just a few of them playing around for swatting at it’s underbelly” & flies I DISCOVERED OUR THE MEANEST” most Fierce & Most Fearless & Most Deadly in force comparisons for animal Kingdom” to its size” & nature !

    Wouldn’t want to have a army of that running / FLYING at any creatures *”PERIOD”” NO THANKS”* but however, back on Hippos” 🦛 🦛, there’s VIDEOS of lionesses out there & even one RARE MALE LION who’s passed away this year who killed only STRICTLY HIPPOS nothing else” named Scarface” he was a adaptation of the mindsets for all lions” when he was a cubling only” he had lost his mother to a hippo & was raised by a set of two lions that we’re brothers & had been adopted from a cubling into a pride be became dominant fast & took the pride but than left it astray”” scientist BELIEVE he had a chemical IMBALANCE in his brain functions” that peaked there interest to study him as he was growing & developing & working on his path to being a lone lion seeking STRICTLY HIPPOS like a death wish BUT Kept killing them surviving on there meat alone”” *””LEGITIMATELY””* For a solid 18 years of his natural life” he died protecting a lion cubling from a hippo Pride aka of them as a pack” large GROUP” attacking him instead of the Cubling that was WONDERING off into the unknown spots getting lost far from it’s pride & SCARFACE HAD BLED OUT with the Cubling he rescued that is”” traveling great DISTANCES to the Cubs Pride, the same PRIDE that was HE’S OWN that he ABANDONED”!…. guess the legacy of Scarface lives on in his pride with that little one I ASSUME BIG now”” anyways, just facts & realistic scientifically Accurate story of a REAL LIFE LION that killed HIPPOS strictly hunting them like a mad lion thirsty for there specific blood” I assume ANIMALS are smarter than we will ever give them credit for & lions have a memory I’m convinced of this from that TRUE LIFE STORY of a incredibly brave & wild lion”…..

    Well, that’s all for now…. God bless you & thank you to all who exist / see / read & for the makers of this video” thank you sincerely.

    Respectfully, / Sincerely,

    Signed :

    Paul Wade Hampton~

  5. Rocking Chintu

    I am from india

  6. Mysticwolf123 5

    Damm second

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