This is What Can Kill Dogs
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This is What Can Kill Dogs

What do you think can be the most possible reason that can kill your dog?
A lion, a serial killer, or a car? Cars are the reason for 1.2 million dog deaths every year.

But there is something else that doesn’t look like a threat at all but can be equally dangerous… food.

We share everything with our dog, our home, our time we even share our bed, so of course, there is nothing bad in sharing the food too.

Actually, there is. This is because dogs and humans digest food differently, and some daily human food can be deadly for them.

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14 Thoughts to “This is What Can Kill Dogs”

  1. thunder dog

    The chocolate and the raisins and the rates for correct those are things you should not give your dogs but I think the wrestler that wrestled that was kind of incorrect you can give your dog certain trees just like little amount and not no harmful way just the same as a human

  2. danesh reid

    Thx for the tip

  3. Malik Pruitt

    You Should do Kangal vs Bully kutta

  4. Phyllis Dicks

    Well, I guess it’s a good thing I don’t like salted tuna. I always share the broth from my canned tuna with my dog. I buy an unsalted variety. Good to know, though. I knew salt wasn’t great. Didn’t know it was that bad. Thanks for the info.

  5. steve hansford


  6. haris osmić

    my dog ​​ate 1 kilo of ice cream and nothing happened to him, he is Tornjak and weighs about 70 kilos

  7. Aniket Gaikwad

    Very nice information….. thank you…..

  8. Avigna Tej

    i love virabe channel beacause thay will give lots of information of dogs

  9. Isaiah Larkin

    I’m very surprised…

  10. The lego maker

    I love you

  11. Linnea Ackerman

    second 🥳👍

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