This is really uncomfortable to talk about but I need to get it off my chest.

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This is really uncomfortable to talk about but I need to get it off my chest.

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300 Thoughts to “This is really uncomfortable to talk about but I need to get it off my chest.”

  1. Samantha Woodbeck

    I have a 14 month old leonberger who is very wary of strangers. When she was little she was constantly having people come up to her and pet her without asking for my permission. It definitely set our training back. I ordered a harness that says “do not pet” and that’s helped.

  2. Nero

    I’m about to be in a situation where I’m taking care of my well-behaved well-trained dog (thanks to your videos) and also have to take care of 2 of my moms dogs who are both not well trained and maybe slightly well behaved… and we have a group of dog friends that I usually take my dog to play with so she can get some exercise, but I don’t think the other dogs will be good in that environment, so this video was something I needed to watch to remind myself how I should treat the training of my moms dogs. Thanks again Zak!

  3. B. Rod

    The struggle is real. With both people and people with dogs. I believe the problem is because people are so entitled these days thinking they have the right to everything and not respecting other’s rights. And most people are not used to hear the word NO.

  4. Obedient Paws Dog Training


    1. If the dog is growling/being aggressive.

    2. If the dog has a working/service sign.

    3. When a dog is in training.

    A stranger could pretend to want to pet or feed your dog, but they could be a robber who wants to poison your dog so that he could not bark when he wants to brake into your house.

    If you have a child, would you let anyone just hold your child’s hand? That is why you shouldn’t just let anyone pet your dog. If anyone holds your child’s hand, your child might be like “Who is that weirdo?” Dogs feel somewhat like that. Now if someone YOU KNOW holds your child, you would feel at least somewhat better. So relate that to just petting a stranger’s dog. The owner would not be very happy. Imagine a stranger, WITHOUT ASKING, holds your child hand. You would be very scared. So the bottom line is to never ever let a stranger pet your dog, especially without asking. But it is fine when they are in socializing stage and you are not training. If you are training, that would be a MAJOR DISTRACTION.

  5. Raveen Panosian

    Literally an off leash dog came up to my puppy Today! She got scared and began crying and jumping, she even clawed me when I tried to calm her. She is a little over 4 months and I haven’t gotten a ton of social interaction training sessions yet. Ironic that you posted this video today.

  6. Rob Wright

    People who ask to pet my dog (Belgian Malinois) are warned she may allow it or may choose to bite without much warning because they are strangers to us and she is protecting us. They usually choose not to bother.
    The people who just walk up and start to crouch toward her get barked at and if close enough she may bite, luckily up to now there have been a few near misses and no actual bites, those people nearly learned their lesson the hard way.

  7. Brieonia Harris

    Wow I totally agree with this entire video! I have a high energy insecure dog and we have so many of these encounters. WE FEEL YOU ZAK 🗣🗣

  8. A. Scottie dog

    I think you should wear a shirt that says dog in training as well as a hat that says the same. Not sure it will be full proof but it might help!

  9. Courtney Marie

    i was taking a walk with my dog once and we had stopped to get some starbucks. while he was eating his puppaccino, some lady let her 2-3 year old toddler RUN up to my dog and pet him. luckily, i know his body language and he did try to nip, and i knew he would but i moved him away and corrected him before he could get that toddler. he’s the most sweet and friendly dog who loves kids. i am always happy to have kids/people pet him if they ask, but not when you let your 2 year old child run up to my dog when he’s eating.

  10. Laura and Ken Kramer

    My dog is very nervous about dogs she doesn’t know, especially if they are bigger than her (she’s ~20#). We have had several incidents of a big dog off leash running up to us and I feel this has caused a huge setback every time. I’ve tried different things, but now I just pick her up and tell the owner that my dog is afraid of big dogs, sometimes throwing in that this situation is only making it worse. She is immediately over threshold if this happens so there is no way to ask her to sit/down or otherwise stay calm. It drives me crazy when the person calls after their dog saying “He’s Friendly” – yeah, but my dog is afraid of big dogs so it really doesn’t matter. Regarding people wanting to pet her, I ask the person to let her come to them. Frequently with a stranger she will move away from them, which makes it pretty clear they can’t pet her right now.

  11. Maizeblu

    I have a dog who is a rescue. I think he might have been beaten as a puppy and/or just not socialized properly. I’m trying to counter condition him to be okay with other dogs, people and kids around (especially children). He’s actually at the point now where he’s excited to meet new dogs, except… that my friend and I live in a not so great area with a lot of irresponsible dog owners. They will just leave their dogs in their backyards and then the dogs manage to escape. My dog (Bear) has been attacked at least 5 times already by those other dogs and to make matters worse, they are all close to being the same breed.

    Pitbull/boxer dogs. So Bear has started gaining a stigma towards other dogs that look similar. So yeah, that’s another thing… if you want a dog you need to make sure that you as a human being, actually has time for it. Don’t stick it in a yard and call it good! They need exercise and mental stimulation which they can’t get if they are always sent to the backyard. Also, I only just recently started learning how to train dogs and am still trying to figure things out. So having a situation like that where my dog is being attack by other dogs, or maybe someone walks by asking to pet him (or not), just moves us further away from where we need to be!

  12. Coffee w/ Coffee

    People were more likely to interrupt me to pet the dog when I was with my ex’s chocolate lab, than when I’m with my German shepherd mix now. Either I way I usually say no thank you for asking, or please don’t pet my dog

  13. Emma Lockwood

    Thank you so much for posting this! I have a service dog I’m training myself and he’s really excitable!

  14. IntrovertedBear

    My dog is friendly with his friends, but not friendly with strangers. I know this, but I still have a hard time telling people no, don’t pet him. No pets. Only sniffs.

  15. JL F

    I just say she’s in training

  16. lil' buj

    This is exactly why is the future when I am training my future dogs in public I’ll just put a “do not pet” harness on the dog

  17. N Gee

    Excellent video. I have a 7 month old very active (gorgeous looking) labradoodle. For a new dog owner like myself, the public make it exponentially more difficult for me to train her in ‘real life’ scenarios. Thank you for this info. Great tips which give me more confidence. **Also, it was REALLY nice to see Inertia behave exactly like my dog in crowds – gives me hope and encourages me to keep at it.

  18. Wayne Vaughan

    Absolutely Zak you are bang on with this. Thanks for a great video.

  19. Laura Cannon

    God I love this video. Took the words right out of so many of our mouths

  20. Cookie Coops

    I have a dog that is not fully comfortable around other dogs ( he’s never snapped at them but he gives clear signs of uncomfort, like drooling and small whines) so I try to avoid dogs we meet on walks, but its not easy to keep track on the owners. even tho they can see me putting a leash on my dog, going too the side of the path with good distance, asking him to sit and wait, and also physically using myseIf as a wall I still hear an owner yelling “don’t worry, he/she is friendly!”… it irks me so much
    bc if my dog gets pushed enough he might be seen as a non friendly dog, and then its my fault, but they think that my dog running and their dog running after him is play, when in reality it is my dog choosing flight and avoidance over fight, and I don’t want to push him to go to the other side of that spectrum.
    So what I do is I either tell them my dog has kennel cough, or something alike eye infection etc. this way they quickly remove the dog bc the don’t want their dog getting sick, or I say “well mine is not, will you please get your dog?”

    its so hard to not sound rude when dealing with such people especially the people that think dogs need to greet everyONE and everyTHING.
    but at the end of the day, if I have to be rude to a stranger (that i’m never gonna meet again anyways) to keep my dog safe (and theirs too in some cases) then so be it. the dogs won’t get hurt by it, its really only the humans that feel offended, and honestly if you get offended by such things, then I don’t think you have your dogs best interest in mind.

    another thing is when people can clearly see you’re training and they just stop and stare, both with and without dogs, there’s a reason i’m training my guy, there’s a reason I go to the side of the path with good distance so you can pass There’s also a reason why I tell my dog “let’s go” when you approach us further, so stop staring at us and get on with your day like I am with my own.

  21. Taija Leslie

    THANK YOU FOR MAKING THIS VIDEO!!!!! 💯💯💯 This can not get watched enough!
    I rescued a GSD and was training her to be a service animal for a vet with PTSD. When I got her, she was scared of other dogs. I don’t know how many times when I was working with her, I had people with dogs off leash and on, say “it’s ok they are friendly” .
    One of the times I had two dogs running at us off leash, and blocking the way I was going. The owner yelling at me saying “they are friendly” Congratulations!!!! Not all dogs are dog friendly!! Frustrated me so bad.
    I had so many kids come up trying to pet her at the start before she knew to stay off and not jump. Despite me saying no..
    The public really needs training. 😂 It should be required for EVERYONE to watch this!!!!

  22. martina s

    So nice to see George in this video! I loved your series with him. Would love to see a George update video sometime 🙂

  23. Hillary Garcia

    Totally agree with you. My dog is fluffy and cute but he just doesn’t like strangers. I feel bad saying “No” when some asks to pet him. But this is to protect him and make him feel safe.

  24. Siobhan Owens

    Wow, I totally agree with you, I’ve be a trainer in Northern Ireland for bout 30yrs this is my biggest hate. Wish everyone thought like this. Xxxxx

  25. Steff

    Oh my gosh, we had the same problem with our border collie when we neutered him. He literally jumped OVER the couch day one home from the vet. I was so frustrated and terrified.

  26. red58impala

    One of my neighbor’s kids came up and wanted to pet our dog. My wife politely told him no because our 75 lb mix hasn’t quite learned yet how not to jump on people. The kid kept coming. Thankfully, he finally got the idea after my wife told him again it wasn’t safe.

  27. Shinimii arts

    my jack Russel dog is hyper-reactive, and, when dogs that are multiple times bigger than him run by him off leashed and my dog starts to react I’m freaking out because even if the handler says their dogs are okay, they can become reactive because of the reactivity of my dog. That had already happened twice and I had to hold my dog in my arms, which was growling and barking at the other dog, while the other responded to the aggressivity of my dog. That kind of situation is very stressful, dangerous, and absolutely awful for reactivity training…

  28. Kich 6

    I can’t believe you have subscribers who obviously know what you do for a living interrupt you and the dog working. So sorry. I’ve had to tell people multiple times not to pet my dog and have stepped between them and her. I try to politely tell them we’re training right now and I don’t want her to jump and nip at them. They have the audacity to tell me they don’t mind if she misbehaves. That’s when I step between them and tell them to get away from my dog. I’ve also had people see my dog being obedient and run at her squealing to pet the “good dog” and when I stop them they assume it’s because she’s aggressive. I tell them she’s working hard training right now and I don’t need them messing her up. I don’t care if they think me rude.

  29. FeistyFerret

    My dog is a rescue who spent the first 8 months of his life in a shelter, so when I got him he wasn’t socialized at all. It’s taken a lot of work to get him to be OK with people just passing us when we are out walking. There’s been several setbacks due to people just walking up and reaching for him, which he responds to with barking and/or growling. Queue the shouting, telling me to get my dog “under control”… Who walks up to a random large 85 lb dog and try to pet it?

  30. Ryan

    the click bait titles these days lol

  31. Jen C

    I love your videos and agree with most of this except the idea that if your dog is well trained it’s okay to be off leash in a area with leash laws. It is not and even the most well trained dog can have a off day or moment. For the befit of others it is important we follow the leash laws 100% of the time.

  32. Sean Palmer

    The analogy that I like regarding petting strangers’ dogs: Would you be ok with some random stranger coming up to you and feeling you up? (FYI that is called assault)…Why should dogs have to endure it happily?

  33. Talia Knowles

    My family just got back from the beach today, and there were so many dogs there! I love training dogs, and it bothered me how many people let their dogs off-leash when they didn’t have a reliable recall. Their dogs were running up to other dogs who were off-leash and some that were on leash, and the owners just let them, or the dogs didn’t respond to their recall. There were no bad interactions, but every time a dog ran up to another, I felt myself tense knowing that one of the dogs could react in a negative way. Hopefully more people will train their dogs for a better recall and keep them on leash if they don’t.

  34. Craig Campbell

    I don’t allow ANY dog or child near our dogs. I don’t care how well trained the dog or spawn is!

  35. M L

    Three words “Not today, sorry”

  36. Summers' Travels

    Oh people will definitely get us service dog handlers to tell them not to touch our dogs, it happens allllll the time 😑

  37. Ember Michelle

    I live in an apartment and my neighbors always have their dog off leash, which is illegal here. The dog runs up to my dog all the time. My dog is super reactive, and it is so stressful to constantly tell them that they need to have their dog leashed. I do not want my dog to react badly! He has snapped at other dogs before when they ran toward him. I can no longer be kind to them. 🤷‍♀️

  38. VeeGKay

    Oh thank you sooo very much for this video!!! I feel so bad not allowing strangers to pet my dog, but he really does not like it at all (!) and shows this in all kinds of ways except for nipping or growling, but it’s so obvious to me that this could be next. Even our instructor has told me so: ‘your dog does not like being petted by strangers!’
    Why? Why do people do this? I don’t get it. It’s so annoying to me that I have to be rude because some people are inconsiderate.

  39. Alyssa

    This video needs to be seen by everyone, I can’t tell you how many times we’ve been interrupted by rude people who don’t understand you should just touch any stranger without asking! Including a strange dog!

  40. Luciana Coutinho

    I hate people with small dogs that walk in front of the person, and the person suposes that other dogs want (or have to) socialize with then.

  41. Владимир Предоев

    My golden retriever is 8 months old now. He is super calm and tolerant to all scenarios and people. To this day I can count on the fingers of one of my hands the number of times he growled let alone he barked. In fact I need to restrain him from interacting with others, not the other way around. He is super friendly and loves toddlers. They can pull his ears and tear up his fur. He remains completely still. 9 out of 10 strangers that I meet will ask me if they can pet him. 2 seconds delay from my side and he is already licking the other person’s hand 😀

  42. Mazzy

    Omg, thank you for this public service announcement! We have had this happen a few times with our new puppy, the most surprising was with a vet tech at our vet. I know she was just excited about our pup

  43. Dorottya Jakab

    My favourite is when I am doing a training session with my dog in a place where I arrived first (and my neighbourhood is full of parks, literally) and some jerk comes and starts playing with his dog like 5 meters away and his dog is bothering mine. Okay, great concentration task for my doggo cause she does not lose focus on me but come on how can someone be such a jerk meanwhile if he goes like 100 m away there is an other green area where he can play fetch too. And talking about fetch, I hate people entering into a dog park where there are like 10 other dogs and they take their ball out and start playing with their own dog. Apart from it being dangerous because of a possible dog fight, these people even get offended if some other dog takes their ball.. well… In this situation I also do not say to my dog to drop the ball and let the owner go after my dog (who perfectly drops anything in a moment if I say so), so he/she learns that he/she just should not arrive into a pack and start randomly playing with one dog only.

  44. Tony Andretti

    Just wear a shirt that says “ dont touch my dog”

  45. Usagi Wasabi

    It’s crazy how relevant this is my current situation! I got a corgi recently and she is 4 months old. It’s an understatement to say she has a firecracker personality! I’ve been following your puppy series with her training and she has been doing great, but with her being recently fully vaccinated we have been experiencing EXACTLY what you are talking about since she has upgraded to walks at our local park. She acts very much like your Inertia footage at 4 months when strangers approach, and I’ve been working getting her to look at me and focus rather than jump at people. It’s crazy how strangers don’t take the hint and keep approaching to pet her! I have to tell them we are training/she is a puppy and not fully vaccinated (I know, it’s a lie but I just want space!) or saying something like “oh, she is not socialized yet, please give us space!”. No matter how nice or explanatory I try to be, the owners insist on interaction. We had this happen today where the owner replied “Oh my dog is so sweet, don’t worry, and he’s up to vaccines!”. We had also moved off the path but he still followed. It’s hard to not sound like a jerk, and I totally agree with you that the general public needs better education about this!!! Thank you for putting this out there and of course for all your training videos – they are helping us so much!

  46. Spyro099

    Thank you so much. I people don’t seem to understand it can also be for safety. I always try to remain kind, but there are always those people that are opinionated about how I’m going about my training. I’ve been called a bad dog owner, rude, “poor puppy”, and even a “maybe it’s not the dog not being friendly but you”. It’s disheartening to let those opinions get to you, but You have to do what is right by the dog.

  47. Tsachi Granot

    Zak, any way you say it someone might get offended and think to himself that you are a jerk. The question is realy: can can handle it.

  48. Lee Fruits

    Thank you very much for talking about this issue. Many dogs get put down because strangers don’t listen to the owner about reactive issues.

  49. ajhlh7

    I completely agree. In the UK its very normal that dogs of all ages are off leash in most green spaces. We have a 5 mouth BMD pup. During walks she is on leash and in training, its really hard when out of control dogs come barreling from the other side of the park and to explain to the owner that no she cant play right now or say hi.
    We also struggle with lots of people wanting to say hi every few steps.
    People have good intentions, but its not possible to give the dog full attention and answer all of peoples questions about the puppy. Thanks for your tips, im absolutely going to train her to lie down/stay and get between her and the dog 🙂 love all the videos !!!

  50. Skoog

    Here in Sweden they sell vests with the text “in training do not disturb” but damnit people still come and ask what you train. Fortunately my dogs is guarding against strangers so the point gets there anyway

  51. Jason Kelley

    Find dog owners are the worst at invading your dogs space enough so I avoid the park at certain times.

  52. Danielle Meuleman

    I say constant vigilance. That’s the way I walk my dogs on leash and off leash. I’m constantly assessing the situation. If they are off leash in the parks where it is customary but not designated off leash I’m always watching for other people and dogs and my dogs have very reliable recall. What I find super interesting is our very large off leash designated park (about 3km of trails). At that park I’ve rarely had any negative dog interactions. I’m still very aware, but I wonder if it is because there are always dogs there and a dog social structure is set up that they mostly understand is this is the place we all just get along off leash.

  53. Luna Morwen

    I’m happy when people ask me so it gives me an opportunity to say “no, but thank you so much for asking”

    I HATE when people bomb dive my dog like an absolute idiot and I will body block you or grab your hand before it reaches my dog.

    Dont pet strange dogs.

  54. Anon Anonymous

    Why is letting people pet dogs seen as part of socialization? My dog doesn’t want strangers to pet him. He’s not afraid of people and will accept their treats; he just doesn’t want to be pet by people he doesn’t know. I don’t force him, but others seem to think there’s something wrong with him.

  55. Anon Anonymous

    People are terrible and think dogs exist for their convenience and amusement. Of course they’re upset when you implicitly point out that the dog has their own preferences and boundaries.

  56. Lizz Thatvegan

    Thank you for explaining this! As a former service dog handler and current pet dog mom, this has been such a HUGE issue with both experiences. I really appreciate your perspective.

  57. Nazareth Maeve

    Thanks for addressing this Zac. When people ask to pet My dog both my senior beagle even at a young age and my young pittie mix aren’t great about petting unless they know you really well. My response is always You can say hi (most of the time.) My pitbull’s mother is a rescued bait dog so her puppies learn to be very reactivate with other dogs. My puppy is almost 2yrs old and we’re still dealing with this unwanted behavior but she’s doing a little better with it. We turn the corner cross the street or go to a different part of the bus or store. She goes everywhere with me and she’s always literally tied to me. It helps that she’s known nothing but love since she was born. I’m working on leash pulling and it’s really annoying when someone standing a few feet away wants her attention when they can see I’m teaching “don’t pull” as I attempt to walk another direction with treats for a good “heel.” Then later ask how do I possibly walk her. I answer with It’s much easier and safer if humans let me focus on training. When a dog or unsupervised kid tries to approach I tell them She’s sweet and psyco.

  58. Erin Marks

    I’m getting my puppy in 2 weeks… I have to watch my “disease to please” and keep my puppy on track and safe

  59. Jono

    Put on a tag that says ‘In training don’t pet”

  60. Erin Marks

    So informative!! Thank you so much 🌸🌸🌸🌸

  61. Tuff

    Thank you so much for adressing this.
    People feel so entitled to other peoples dog it’s crazy.
    I really wish it would be more respected and well known to just ignore dogs in public, no matter if theyre a service dog or a normal dog.

    My dog became reactive because of other peoples untrained/uncontrolled off leash dogs in on lead areas and it’s heartbreaking. I would love to enjoy the walks, thats why you get a dog in the first place. But we’ve been extremely unfortunate with loose dogs and irresponsible dog owners that now I most time I spend on walks is BAT training and managing my dogs trauma.

    Please think before you let your dog off leash and what it can do to others. It could mean they’d have to spend the rest of the dogs life managing and overcoming fears you’ve brought onto them..

  62. Luis Ramirez

    I totally understand how you feel, as that’s usually how I feel when I’m working with my dogs lol

  63. Judy Armstrong

    I have to agree with you. Some don’t think and never ever put your face down to a pup you don’t know. When my boxers where living we where at the vets. My one boxer Sammie she loved everyone, but Tasha would always bark. This woman walked over to us to pet the girls. I had to stand up and ask her not too. some don’t think before acting. As for you. Just be nice and tell them they are in training, maybe get a vest that says that, but again I don’t think many would read it 🙂

  64. Pink Glitter and Glam

    I am so grateful for this video, our dog was attacked last year by an off lead dog (ours was on lead) the owners were far away, shouted the dog and pretty much made a getaway (perhaps not their first time) our dog is fine apart from a bald patch where the hair won’t grow back. Luckily we could afford the bills and had insurance, daily we had to go to the vet for different injections. Not everyone can afford to do that and perhaps the dog wouldn’t have made it. I don’t understand why people who know their dog doesn’t get along with other dogs can’t keep their dog on a lead!

  65. Jo Hanke

    So I am not a dog owner but I have watched many, many hours of dog training videos. I find it all very fascinating and hope to get a dog maybe when I retire and have time to properly train a dog. When I see a dog in public my hands ache to pet and interact but I refrain. Is it acceptable to watch you with your dog from afar as long as I do not approach? And if a dog approaches me in a friendly manner is it acceptable and not annoying for me to ask if I can pet the dog?

  66. Stuart Watt

    In my experience sometimes the worst is when people walk by making noises or gestures to try to grab my dog’s attention, but while passing and then don’t engage with him at all. When someone asks to pet my dog i will usually let them because I’m just so glad they asked. However I will make them wait until my dog is behaving calmly and I will set clear rules of engagement for the stranger. However, in my experience, it is extremely rare for the stranger to adhere to the rules (ignore him if he jumps, don’t pet unless he has all four paws on the floor etc).

    I think you’re correct, it is probably better for all parties involved (especially me and my dog) if I just tell them no.

  67. Sapphire Blue

    I don’t get people that don’t have their dogs on leash when they can’t control them. Especially owners with small dogs. I once almost got bitten by a chihuahua that was across the street when I was like 10 or 11. I did not even look at it, was just walking home with my parents when suddenly the tiny dog came running full speed at me across the street with very aggressive body language staring daggers at me. If my father didn’t go between the dog and me and screamed no at it, I bet it would have actually bitten me as I was completely frozen due to panic. The owners just laughed it off and said it didn’t bite. Even if it isn’t a biter, what if there was a car? It could’ve gotten run over as it suddenly ran across a street with bad visibility for drivers. Really irresponsible owners and I still fear light coloured chihuahuas because of that incident 🙁

  68. Nico FF

    I have a G Shepherd x Labrador mix and he looks like a shorter G Shepherd. This makes him super adorable, yet considerably intimidating: he’s got a huge maw and teeth and strangers don’t feel inclined to pet him like they would a Golden Retriever or Border Collie. This makes it easier when I’m out training him.
    My friends, on the other hand, have a very docile (and extremely rare around here) Greyhound. People are instantly drawn to him because of his size, rarity, and cuteness. This makes walking him a social event *always*. Unfortunately, you get all the strangers either asking to pet him or just petting him without permission. He’s all done training, so that’s not the issue, but rather the issue is that it’s the 50,000th person in his life/his owner’s life that’s asking to pet him, so it really becomes exhausting. My friends have resorted to lying at times and saying that he’s aggressive just so they don’t have to deal with the 20th family of the day asking to pet him.

  69. imagines

    just use a do not pet harness? julius k9 has that, only one i know of never needed anything like that im sure theres many

  70. Bayarea Grl4ever

    I hate when people let their dogs off leash in a public space, including in my neighborhood. I had a lady on a public beach let her two Ridgebacks run loose (signs say leash your dog). I asked her to get her dogs and she told me I should leave the beach. I also hate when kids/adults ride their bikes, skateboards, etc., on the sidewalk near my dogs. I don’t want anyone touching my dogs without my permission. I think it’s selfish, rude and dangerous. I have four rescues who are on leash in public. People will let their dogs come near mine and say oh my dog is friendly. Well dummy, you don’t know if mine are so why would you possibly put your dog in harms way? My dogs haven’t interacted with strange dogs since the pandemic. I had a man with a large,German Shepherd intentionally walk into my dogs (one that I had only had for less than a week). A day later I got a call from animal control and he said one of the dogs bit him and he sued me. He tried to get$80,000. There was nothing in his medical records that said he had a dog bite. He didn’t even seek medical attention for two days. Watch out for people who will do things intentionally to sue you. Be courteous.

  71. BlueFacondor

    Just came back from walking dog, and training him to leave it and walk past other dogs. It’s really hard for it to happen when owners who think their tiny dog is harmless and let them on a max 6-8ft leash doing whatever they want. Very frustrating and dangerous. It’s not cute.

  72. Rachel Anderson

    I have a great dane. Don’t try to ride other peoples great danes! Having someone jokingly try to climb on your great Dane is alarming!

  73. Mariana T

    I say “no, I’m working on him ignoring strangers” and people usually get it… but they still talk and look at him ???

  74. Smultring TV

    If your used to guard dogs you never say no to anyone wanting to pet your dog Both because of socialization and because people usually don’t want to pet your dog

  75. Melissa Simonin

    Several years ago I had a medical alert dog. It was unbelievable how much of the public saw the “no talk, no touch, do not distract” patches as an invitation! He was a beautiful golden retriever, and loved attention. People couldn’t understand how their behavior risked teaching him to seek attention from strangers, instead of ignoring.

    Technology changed and Indy was able to retire (sadly, we lost him two years ago to cancer). I no longer require a service dog to mitigate my disability, and instead I ended up with my kid’s German Shepherd. I’ve been amazed at how we’re entirely left alone! The one time someone approached and said regarding their dog, “she’s old and friendly,” I sincerely replied “well, he’s new and unstable, so…” and that was the end of that.

  76. Christin W

    5:28 Hahaha. I’m not sure how many service dog handlers would agree with you on the “most people” front. Also, it’s not just touching a service dog that can distract them… waving objects in their faces, eye contact, talking/cooing to them, calling them, attempts to give them commands, etc are all things that SD teams have to frequently deal with.

  77. Melly Mo

    I know this is irrelevant to the video but I love the dog paintings! Where did you get them done?!

  78. MissAmashley

    I live on a dead end street and have a neighbor a few houses down who always has their dogs off leash and they run into the road a lot. They will run up to you barking and the owner will say “They are friendly. All bark no bite.” I am thinking of getting a dog and want to take them on walks but I worry how that will go since I have to walk by that house or drive the dog somewhere else to walk.

  79. Sasha

    I completely agree. If i want to pet a pet i always make sure to ask and get approval from their owner. I ak so grateful to stumble upon ur channel because im getting a golden retriever in july 🙂 u have the most amazing and educational videos

  80. allyssa gendron

    Thanks for posting this, I had a really upsetting experience the other day. My dog is extremely leash reactive to other dogs, has a very strong dislike for large dogs, and is very protective of me, so I never ever let him meet other dogs while on leash. I saw a little boy walking a Rottweiler and they were too close by to get away without my dog noticing, so I sat my dog at my feet and had him stay (while still on leash of course) Well, the other dog wanted to play, so he happily ran full speed towards us, which pulled the leash out of the little boys hand. My dog did not like that at all and they ended up getting in a brawl, I was trying to walk away but since the other owner had dropped their leash, their dog was simply following us so the fight continued. Luckily, this dog truly just wanted to play and didn’t choose to fight back too aggressively towards my dog, I almost think he thought my dog growling and nipping at him was part of a game, so no one was hurt, but it’s very frustrating when you are doing all that you can to protect your dog (and those around you) and someone else fails to do the same. I think it’s great that you posted this, as people need a reminder that just because your dog wants to play, doesn’t mean someone else’s does.

  81. SunnySideofChaos73

    Thank you for this post!! Signs don’t work, even for service dogs. I finally started wearing over the ear headphones. When I see someone coming I change directions and move away. If someone tries to talk to me, I point at the headphones and shake my head and say, “Sorry, we’re training!” and move on.

    So happy to hear you have the same struggles!

  82. Ranic Khaan

    Exactly this, all the way!

  83. Sandra Mariano

    My dog is friendly, and while he’s not 100% trained, he follows my commands. Our neighbor’s 2 dogs not so much. Quite frankly they are wild, but our dogs like eachother. Their mom often asks to have play dates. I don’t care for it, but since our dogs like each other, I agree. It’s awkward because her dogs don’t listen to her, but my dog listens to me. 😂

  84. Tiffany Richmond

    As training a Service dog, that is also a great dane.. i feel this in my soul…
    I have had SO MANY PEOPLE grab him, while being vested. And even parents tell there small children to “go ride the pony” 😒🤬.
    Like come on…. you see him vested, you see my clicker in hand… please just dont…


  85. blujeans 94

    Totally agree! I had a gorgeous (show) Great Dane that everyone wanted to take a picture of when I was going for walks. I understood their genuine innocent request, but did not want my picture plastered all over the internet – for all to make judgement. So the answer was usually ‘no’ when asked if they could take her picture (since I’d have no way of knowing if I wasn’t in the picture if I said I don’t want to be photographed). I got it, but was usually met with confusion and then a barrage of ‘why not’ questions. :-). Although totally understood they were hurt by my response (and I felt bad!) it made me wonder when people just got so accustomed to just getting whatever they wanted that they couldn’t accept a ‘no, please’ – I’m guessing with the advent of smart phones it just seems like it’s just ok to photograph whatever you want, but then worse yet, to post them on any social media platform without any consent.

  86. Linda Hilliker

    I’m glad you covered these issues. I have a neighbor who imposed herself on my dog. No respect whatsoever for my training efforts. She loves Penny jumping on her. As though Penny being excited to see her is her supply. Does not believe in leashes. Says , “she’s just a baby, she’ll outgrow it”. I told her that if Penny started jumping, I would turn and leave. Of course, Penny went wild. I had to literally drag her in the house to get her away from this person. (Too big to pick up now) I was livid. It’s unfortunate that I now have a contentious relationship with two neighbors. But Penny is going to be 60-65#. I need her trained now so she doesn’t start knocking people over! But apparently to them, I’m a kill joy. 😡😤🥺

  87. Sandra Mariano

    My neighbor’s 8 year old daughter is fascinated by my dog. Max is a friendly boy, but he is a jumper so everytime she asks, I say “No sweetie he is a jumper and I don’t want you get hurt.” Well she was in her front porch, so I purposely walked out of the way just so we wouldn’t pass her. She actually followed us and pet my dog.👀Some parents rally need to teach their children to not pet a random dog.

  88. Manny Calavera

    I had the same problem when my dog was a pup. I used to feel uncomfortable telling people not to pet my dog. But over time I kind of learned both the body language and the short concise phrases that make people move on. While not being flat out rude, that tends to not be the friendliest interaction, but that is not my primary concern. In just 6 months time these same people who want to pet that cute puppy will be annoyed when a large dog comes running into them. So in a way I am doing what is best for everyone involved even if it might make me seem like a douchebag.

    Another even worse scenario is when people think it is a good idea to “force” your dog to greet their dog on leash.

  89. Min Ae Chung

    When I walk my dog, I try not to give eye contact to any strangers. Instead, I try to get my dog’s attention towards me. This has actually prevented others to say hello or pet my dog.

  90. TyrannicalTrix

    Tell that to my neighborhood! Have you ever had to handle a downright attack? How’d it go? (I ask because me and my reactive Russel mix were attacked by a German Shepherd just a few weeks ago… big yikes, puncture wounds all over.)

  91. Gabrielle McCarthy

    Hilarious that you think people don’t come up to service dogs 🥲 currently training a service dog for an organization and people really don’t know how to act. Love this video!!!

  92. crimson66able

    Someone needs to come up with a service dog type vest that says “In training don’t approach”

  93. Maura Smalls

    I couldn’t agree more. Especially off leash dogs.
    It drives me nuts since I take care of other peoples dogs. And I don’t know those dogs like the back of my hand. So now it’s 2 dogs who aren’t mine interacting.
    You may know your dog really well, but you don’t know anyone else’s dog. So don’t let them be off leash and running up to strange dogs.
    It’s just uncomfortable & potentially dangerous.

  94. cbcdesign001

    Because my adopted (after 5 other homes gave up on him) GSD Sam is nervous, I wear a high visibility vest telling people he is reactive and we need space. If people ignore that and get too close Sam will tell them quite firmly not to come any closer by growling at them. People tend to stay away on the whole and those that dont make an about turn and retreat if they push things too far. A large GSD growling at you is unsettling!

  95. ToraMutsagama

    Yesterday a woman saw my service dog in training and told her son that he wasn’t allowed to pet. And then five minutes later she walked right up and started petting him while going “oh I know I’m not supposed to but it’s impossible to resist”

  96. Bill Mendez

    So would it not be easy to train your dog with a vest with working dog or dog in training?

  97. Sarah Roth

    My kids LOVE dogs and since they grew up with a German shepherd they have zero fear of big dogs. Whenever we are at parks or out in public my kids have to ask the owners first if it is okay to pet their dog and if they say no we walk away. A no is no and we don’t care the reason as they know their dog we don’t. The first few times my kids whined and got upset (only 2 and 4) but now they completely understand and walk away no questions asked. And on top of this I evaluate the situation before I even let them ask. If the owner is training them or you can tell from body language that they do not want interaction I don’t even let my kids ask. I tell them no we are not going to ask to pet their dog they are training or no they are walking we are going to leave them alone and let them enjoy their walk. Now that we have a puppy I am very glad and wish everyone did this or taught their kids this. We are working really hard on no jumping with our puppy right now and literally every kid in the neighborhood will run into our yard to pet our dog. It’s very frustrating and has caused huge regressions in training. I’m now known as the mean neighbor as after the fourth time of this happening and the kids not respecting me telling them no they can’t pet my puppy I had to yell at them and say they are no longer allowed in my yard unless I say it is okay 🙄

  98. Olly Jackson

    bizarre experience watching this as I’m definitely one of the villains. I’ve got 3 dogs two terriers and a deer hound Cross. Never trained further than sit, no and LEAVE IT!!! but they come to work everyday and my life revolves around them so sort of just get used to a certain way of being but the terriers are terrible for running upto people and other dogs 90% of the time ill manage to get their attention and they’ll heel so I can get them on lead but when I’m too slow or caught by surprise its grim mostly turns out OK I’ll apologise and keep going but sometimes if its a submissive or timid dog my terriers are bastards they dont actually bite but its very aggressive shows of dominance and its the worst. One thing I’ve always noticed though is that when people pick the dog up (I understand why it’s just a reflex) its so much worse suddenly its a game and escalates rapidly with one of my terriers she’ll jump up and nip but if the dog was left on the floor it wouldn’t have happened. Worst of all is on the lead though individualy they’re alright but all 3 on lead together its like walking a bloody hydra and anyone would think they’re rabid.

  99. anniedoesstuff

    My dog is stranger and dog reactive and the number of times people have let their off leash dog run up to mine despite me telling them to keep their dog with them please …

  100. Daciana Robu

    Once a guy went up to me and reallllyy insisted petring my dog even tho She was really scared and has trauma

  101. The Migraine Warrior

    This is so helpful. As an early childhood educator who taught kids ranging in ages from birth to 11 years, all of my students learned never to interact with a dog without permission from the adult they were with and the dog’s owner. If 3-year-olds can understand this concept, adults can too. This video gave me something to think about as well. I never interact with working dogs and I never interact with any dogs without permission. But I have been the first type of person you mentioned: the one to ask for permission to interact without knowing if a dog is in training or nervous, etc and after seeing this video I will definitely keep the things you mentioned in mind. Off leash dogs are such a challenge and when I’ve spoken to their owners about it, I have almost always been met with an icy attitude. I’ve had some particularly difficult times with small dogs because their owners seemed to believe that they were harmless because they were small in size. My dog is absolutely never off leash/off lead outside, except during daycare. Lots of great info and things to ponder in this video! Thanks, Zak! I hope Inertia is recovering/has recovered from surgery nicely. Heading over to check out your latest IG/TikTok now! I’m loving the new and exciting content! 💜

  102. Gnager Utstyr

    My dog does not like strangers, especially kids. He is afraid of them. I was sat waiting for a train and my dog was relaxing under my chair. All of a sudden a 7-8 year old girl with a cast on her arm came running up to me, got on her knees and reached her cast between my legs, toward my dog. He backed himself up against the wall, obviously uncomfortable. I told the girl that he does not want to be pet right now. She looked at me, said ok, and reached even further to get to him. He had nowhere to go. I would not have blamed him if he bit her. I sternly said, “That means don’t pet him!”. She got up and ran a few feet away, where her father was stood watching the whole thing and smiling. I was so annoyed. It’s one thing if a kid runs up and pets my dog on its own, but when a parent is watching and encouraging it, I almost want something bad to happen.

    Even today, I was stood outside of a store waiting for my partner. I had our 2 dogs. A special needs man in his 50’s just walked up to me and the dogs, laid down next to them and started trying to play with them. My youngest dog likes strangers, but even she was a bit put off by this weird behavior. She gave him a couple of licks, then walked away. The man crawled toward her and tried to grab her and the other dog. I took a few steps away and tried to talk to the man, but I don’t know how much he understood. He looked at me, but didn’t reply and continued to crawl towards and try to grab my dogs. Luckily we were faster than him, but again, a very uncomfortable situation. The dogs were very uncomfortable. I thought, if you can’t beat them, then join them. I pulled out some treats and put them in the man’s hand. All of a sudden, the dogs paid attention to him and he was happy to give them treats without having to hold them. As soon as my partner came out of the store, I swiftly said goodbye and walked away (the opposite way of where we were supposed to go, but at the time I just wanted to go away). By the time the man had gotten to his feet, we were out of sight and luckily he didn’t follow us.

  103. Sarah C

    I have to say I have been generally lucky and people ask to pet my dogs. I have had a young child run up in a pet store and start petting my dog. I stopped the kid and explained while my dog is friendly. Not all dogs are and it is always important to ask to pet first. I had the kid go through the motions of asking and then petting my dog. Mom seemed happy that I was explaining.

  104. Katarzyna Czubaszek

    Preach… I just have no words after trying to train my reactive dog with all the dogs off leash…

  105. Adrian Young

    I get so many ppl let their dog approach mine without asking then say “he’s friendly”. My dog was attacked when a pit ran up to my dog, got into his personal space, then tried to dominate him until my dog pushed back. Pit bull didn’t take kindly to being checked and full on dog fight broke out. Luckily my dog wasn’t hurt but did screw up months of training and now my dog is super anxious when large dogs approach. I was so mad at that lady it still irks me to this day.

  106. Chernz

    Ys! Some of my worst experiences have come from people who have their dogs off leash at the park WITHOUT a recall in place. My own dog is hit or miss with others. At the very least, that initial encounter makes him very uncomfortable and from there he can either relax or become way more on edge depending on the other dog. Whenever I see a leashless dog I try my best to steer clear of it, but inevitably, that dog will run right up to us. Just as inevitably, the owner will be WAY behind, calling the dog’s name uselessly like that’s going to do anything. I’ve had off leash dogs jump on us, steal my dog’s tennis ball, try to mount my dog, etc. Eventually, the owner shows up and apologizes but talk about being borderline rude with them when I have to explain that they’re putting their dog in danger by letting them roam around without being trained in a recall. While the worst my own dog has done is growl and raise his hackles, I’m scared to death that one day he’ll bite. He’s great with slower, controlled introductions – but the uncontrollable and frantic moment where a strange dog races at full speed toward is, is something that he is simply not OK with at this time.

  107. Lily Darrow

    I feel like something that should be more common that in my experience really isn’t is people paying attention to their dog at the dog park. I find that most people just stand around all the other people when they really should be paying attention to their dog and looking for signs that they need help getting away from a dog or simply that they need a break.

  108. Alisia Pineapple

    My very cute little dog had a very bad experience w someone early on and has been skittish and aggressive w certain strangers and Ive tried to tell people hes nervous hoping that would be a polite way of telling them not to pet him but people seems to think they are the exception. We had an unpleasant for me, my dog and the stranger this weekend and Ive decided I have to tell everyone not to pet him or reach out to him for mybdogs sake and for theirs. I dont want anyone to have a bad experience including strangers.

  109. Bostons and a Tot

    Be your dog’s advocate and err on the side of caution. You don’t owe a stranger anything that might upset/injure/traumatize your dog. Zak sells himself short saying he doesn’t always understand the approaching dog’s intentions as most dogs, especially particular breeds, are clearly telling you what this interaction is about. People who ask to pet my Bostons do the dumbest stuff, I have no issue saying NO.

  110. In Terrestrial

    Yup, fully recovered the next day is what our Aussie was convinced of. This Aussie loves people, but, he is a long ways away from showing respect to strangers and sometimes smaller family members. It is a condition that is only being prolonged by the stranger’s un-educated approaches.

  111. Cookie Lady

    We took our puppy into a dog friendly business and one of the workers approached her and stuck his hand in her face. Literally. I was holding her and it was obvious she was uncomfortable but instead of backing off, he petted her head. She squirmed to get away so I turned my back to him and told him she didn’t like that. I probably was a bit rude but didn’t care. He should have seen she was uneasy. Great advice. Thank you.

  112. path

    If a stranger comes up to my dog and asks to pet them I usually say “yes but we are in training so she can only get pets if she will sit comely for you” and I offer them some treats so its still a positive interaction but also meets my training objectives

  113. Nicole L

    Dude you have to advocate for your dog. I yelled at someone for lacking situational awareness when they let their dog into the bathroom area of my building unleashed. My dog was responding with fear based aggression through the gate and they let them in anyway. I’ve been at other parks where my dog was getting bullied and I’ve had to stomp and shout THATS ENOUGH. And WHERE THE FLOP IS THIS DOG’S OWNER!? I’ve yelled at children for approaching my dog without asking and I’ve had to explain to them and their parents that my dog (who is 1) loves to chase small fast things. I’ve also had to pull my dog away from smaller dogs when THEY were showing signs of discomfort with my dogs energy level and their owner was like “I want him to be worn out.” People completely lack situational awareness and part of being a responsible dog owner who keeps themselves, their dog, and other people and dogs safe means having to speak up.

  114. Dog Details TV

    Yep, totally with you on this, Zak! I hold a weekly dog training class at a park and we’ve had many instances where people approach us to ask if they can pet the dogs. We’ve even had little kids run up to the dogs. I’ve thought about getting vests that read DON’T PET MY DOG, but I’m not sure people would even notice the vest. Maybe if the whole class wears them others would think twice about asking to meet/pet the dog. Good video!

  115. Keke Jackson

    Some people need to just simply respect the dog’s boundaries.

  116. Warrior Scout

    I use all interactions as teachable moments for my pups and two legged critters. Children especially need to be taught proper etiquette when approaching dogs. Unexpected distraction make for some the best training, helps my pups with focus and continually check in with me..

  117. Robin Y

    A dog can’t advocate for itself, so it is always your first responsibility. I’d love more content that addresses this topic.

  118. Guilherme Macedo

    for me the worst is off leash dogs that are untrained and poor behaved run up to my dog and the owner either doesn’t care or is too far without any level of recall with their dog just screaming “here!! come!!! here!!”

    I’ve had a couple of arguments with people recently that said “he just wants to say hello” with the dog total in my dogs face super annoyingly.

    So frustrating, thanks for talking about it Zak

  119. Tina Curtis

    I am guilty of petting every dog I come across. I never gave any of the training technics a thought. But every time I do see a dog with a vest or a collar that announces it’s in training or a service dog I totally restrain myself. But from now on I will be a bit more attentive of the whole situation. Thanks for all the great lessons

  120. all things k9

    I taught my GSD the “Safe Command,” it’s her going in-between my legs and sitting. Most people won’t try to touch your dog when their in that position….

    But the times I didn’t have her in that position, I have no problem saying back off to anyone that approaches her, or saying, “you NEVER touch a dog you don’t know!!”

  121. Emily Estelle

    What gets me is its my husband who thinks I should force the dog to be friends with the neighbor’s dog. Don’t get me wrong, the neighbor’s dog is a really great dog, but she’s too rough and mine is timid. The combination doesn’t work and when I try to explain that it devolves into an argument and I get accused of being paranoid or controlling.

  122. Pixel Catcher

    Mine is a “No thank you” with a stop hand out if they are already close, or an arm block in front of my dog if the person is already reaching their hand out. Quick and effective. It might seem rude, but not half as rude as trying to pet my dog without asking 🤷

  123. Lorelai Charpentier

    I really agree with the whole asking permission, because my dog is still being socialized with people, and if she gets overwhelmed, I am not 100 percent confident she wouldn’t let them know with a nip. Thank you so much for addressing this problem, Zak. Hopefully tons of people will see this video and realize the error of their ways. As always, great video, have a great week both of yall and the dogs!! 😁

  124. S85B50 Engine

    What would you recommend I do if my dog is too shy?

  125. Magni Lehr

    My German shepherd is reactive and while he’s very well trained and proficient in ignoring other dogs now, when I’m trying to train, I’m in an area where dogs are always off leash no matter where I go. When off leash dogs run up to him they make him regress in his training. “It’s okay hes friendly” cool well my dog isn’t, get your damn dog.

  126. Susan Richards

    Yes! Our neighborhood used to be awful with unleashed dogs. Once we had 2 labs run up to us while we were walking our dogs. I was pushing our baby in the stroller and stepped away and stopped one by telling it “no”. The other ran over to my husband and our dogs who were leashed and afraid, they ended circling my husband and somehow he got bit. The owners told me their dogs were vaccinated and drove off- thankfully I got their plate number and we could track them down to verify vaccination records so he didn’t have to get rabies shots.

  127. Stephen LeBlanc

    Most people enjoy socializing. Most dogs make it very clear whether they want to be pet or not. If this is a big problem for you, put a dog in training sign on the dog, or please don’t pet. Otherwise, be an a h o l e and own it. People are going to think that, but that’s not your problem unless you chose to take it on.

  128. Heidi Perry

    As a one-at-a-time dog walker who specializes in reactive clients (both to other dogs and people), THANK YOU for this video! The biggest problem I have is the people who persist after I tell them no, because they believe themselves to be The Beastmaster and that they’re special enough that the dog will love them immediately.

  129. Lena Dieters11

    So glad you are saying this! My dog is nervous around strangers (he has always been a shy one and needs to meet people at least twice). People tend to make comments that he is not socialised. Well, he is very well socialised and loves cuddles from people he knows and has a big circle of contacts. When people approach him that he does not know, he goes backwards and behind my legs. I will not ‘train’ that out. It’s his right and personality to not want everyone to touch him. You would not want to be touched by everyone. The off lead part, please make sure you train the dogs to not approach all dogs. We are working on this right now.

  130. Nemukai Skywalker

    I adopted my dog almost a month ago. She is still a puppy so she’s obviously very cute and I have had walks in public where someone would literally make me stop every 15min so they could pet my dog. I thought I was the only one, so thank you for addressing this matter.

  131. Kate S

    Thank you for making this video. I’ve got a 6mo old golden retriever and 95% of people ask and I say no. I’ve had some where they push to get their hand towards him and he puts his mouth on their hand. Even saying “no he bites” has not deterred some people!

  132. Hello Wilson

    This is something I find beyond frustrating. My dogs a rescue and has fear towards humans. The amount of times I tell people NO my dog doesn’t like to be touched and doesn’t trust strangers she may sniff your hand that’s it. People still keep walking up with my dog which is threatening to her and she ends up freaked and afraid. No means no people. Kissing sounds and high pitched voice will not make my dog magically trust you

  133. Val SD

    Hello☀️, I hope you’re having a great day with your fam. I have a 🐶 about to turn 5 months & I have been following your vids to do my best to train her with my limited experience. You have been a pinnacle of light⭐️. Coincidentally something very similar happened to us when I decided to take her out for the first time just the two of us. It was just supposed to be a very simple 10-15 min stroll so she can get adjusted to sounds & smells. Those few minutes felt like an eternity & it really affected even me because I had no idea what to do I just knew it was too much for my puppy. Seeing her so frightened & uncomfortable made me feel very bad & it set us back a bit if I can be open. She is very adorable & I appreciate the compliments but that’s all it should stay as. Every time someone approached us I think we both experienced tachycardia 🥺 I also think it should be common practice & etiquette to not assume it’s ok to pet/ approach someone’s dog. They are like us in that way, sometimes humans are not in the mood to interact & that’s ok, maybe the following day they do want to interact. This video gave me some relief knowing it’s not just me or my mind. I just thought of an idea 💡 maybe a shirt, hat, or doggy bandana with a short message asking to keep their distance while training would help 🤷‍♀️ the downfall is things are expensive right now but maybe I’ll look around or craft something myself. It might not stop all the strangers but hopefully lessens them. Wow this is a long message 😅 please say hi to Bri & Inertia for me 💗💓🫂 if you have any tips of how my puppy can get over this hurdle I would greatly appreciate🤗 have a wonderful daaaay 🐾🐾🐾🪄Peanut says woof 👅👅👅that’s her kisses 🧸

  134. Holly Bock

    I’ve been threatened by others for advocating for my reactive dog before just from the comment section alone it seems to be a very common occurrence.

  135. Donald Belczyk

    Make it part of the training routine. Say to the stranger “Sure, we’re training introductions today. First, shake my hand so the dog knows you’ve been invited…” and pretty much go from there. If the dog gets anxious/excited you can say “OK take this treat and when she calms down I will let you know when to reward her.”
    If the dog sits patiently, then reward away.
    It’s a win/win/win. You get to be nice and educate the public on proper dog handling. The dog gets the valuable training. And the person walks away happy and more knowledgeable.
    It’s challenging to train for these spontaneous events, as Zack called them. And while the spontaneous events are unavoidable, the basic principal of controlling the environment still applies, but now it applies to controlling another person without seeming like a jerk. It’s a fine line to walk.

  136. Rebecca M.

    My dog is very apprehensive about being touched by other people. He loves cuddles but it takes a lot of time for him to gain enough trust to allow for such proximity. My dog would absolutely show clear signs of distress if a stranger were to approach him without consent.

    Problem is that my dog is very attention grabbing visually. He’s a white Shiba Inu. stunning little boy and I have to say that it’s always the adults that are overstepping. My other dog (beagle mix) constantly gets approached by kids and she loves those interactions, I’m totally fine with it if they ask. They never ask about my Shiba because kids are smart and they can sense his dislike.

  137. Mark Berto

    ‘Completely agree’… Well said addressing these very common issues with dog owners.

  138. Kathy B

    There is a 3rd situation… when the dog happily approaches a person, dragging the owner along.

  139. Asmita

    Wow! My puppy is 5 months old amd thankfully we dont have off leash dogs just roaming around. The only time off leash dogs approach him are in the dog park and he knows tose dogs very well. But I generally let people pet him(he loves it and will sit politely)

  140. Fructus Sum

    My logic when pet others dogs, is ask people if they are on lead, or being trained.
    If they are off lead and come up to me (not me going to them) clearly looking for pets, I give them pets normally this happens in dog park when my dog was off playing and someone else come greeting people.

  141. LJ Seiff

    What is the next sires

  142. Beatris Suryanarayan

    Due to this reason I couldn’t train my dog not to respond and not go to strangers… I really don’t want it.

  143. Beatris Suryanarayan

    Oh… That is absolutely mine roblem…I fiished training with my elder dog and starting with small one.. I land up being rude myself with others . And so many doesn’t ask at all….
    Thanks Zak.. Someone spoke what was constant with me.

  144. SoundClout

    I like to have earbuds on (even with no music lol but often it is very low) so people can’t ask me. Very similar strategy in a gym setting lol don’t come up to us and we don’t want to talk

  145. butterfly2011ize

    This video was so validating. Thank you for posting. I always feel terribly when kids approach and say “can I pet your dog?” and I say I’m sorry, my dog is afraid of kids, and they don’t stop walking towards us and then my dog starts barking and the kids start crying. My dog isn’t mean, he’s afraid, but kids don’t understand that. I’m wondering if you might have a video some time on how to navigate dog parks, both the dogs and their humans? It’s so tricky sometimes. I live in a city where dogs can only be off leash at dog parks and my dog needs to run and he does really well with most dogs but sometimes he gets picked on by aggressive dogs so we leave, or when there’s a puppy, I notice many of the adult dogs (including mine) get pushy or pick on the puppies (what is that about? I have decided to keep my now adult dog away if I see a puppy in the park).

  146. Jim Collison

    My dog is awesome with people, but really touchy being approached by other dogs (and those dogs tend to be off-leash, with their human engrossed in their phone). He’s 55 lbs, so picking him up isn’t a solution, and big enough that he could seriously hurt another dog if he feels defensive. Having a basket muzzle has been a great solution! He still can drink, get treats, bark, and sniff, and the muzzle tends to keep other people – and their dogs – away from my dog. As an added bonus, it’s harder for him to eat something random he finds on the ground. Until he is reliably good around strange dogs, it’s the perfect solution.

  147. Rim

    I’m planning on getting a service dog and stuff like this makes me very nervous. Service dog handlers usually get even more attention and people that come up to pet or disturb the dog. I could never imagine going up to someone’s dog and just pet them without permission, what if they weren’t good with strangers? Scary stuff

  148. Wormwood78

    Off leash: Zak… I started watching your inertia series 6 months before I got my dog. I studied like crazy.
    I got my basenji puppy a year and a half ago. I trained her to have a soft mouth. I taught her sit, down, stay, heel, come, off, and no, all to the best of my ability. I stayed home for her entire first year of life to train her.
    Zak, my dog’s a basenji and she needs to run.
    I’ve taken her to the dog park 3 times to let her off leash. When I do, she won’t even take treats or pay attention to me. She just runs around, sniffs the ground, and plays with strange dogs with out permission.
    I try not to worry too much about it, because she accelerates and runs faster than any other dog in the park, and she’s not aggressive with other dogs, but i realize that its risky to take her there.
    Even so, she needs room to run. I feel like I’m neglecting her fitness needs. She plays tug and fetch (a lot of basenjis won’t fetch, but your videos gave me the skills to teach her), and she’ll get the zoomies and run around my apartment almost daily, but I feel like its just not enough.
    Her breed’s supposed to race around the african savannah hunting nutria all day.
    My Rogue is a good girl. For a basenji, she’s very well trained, but like with a lot of hound types, when her nose kicks into high gear, her ears just turn off. We have trained heel since she was 6 weeks old. She’ll do it for treats indoors no problem, but outside around the grass, and the birds, and the squirrels… it just doesn’t click and I don’t know if it ever will.

    How can I get my sweet girl to the point where she can go to a dog park and run, while still honoring /leave it/ and /come/, or whatever it takes for her to safely do her thing?

  149. Life is Good

    Buy him a DO NOT PET thing

  150. nina bacic

    Oh my god you are that dog owner or is it just all americans or is it that dogs are confined all day instead of having adequate walking and socialization. In scotland we walk dogs twice a day one about 45 mins and depending on the dog a really long walk that is the accepted. Also if a dog is dangerous do not walk it in a public place and muzzle it. You can’t expect people to be mind readers so wear a vest if you don’t want you dog to have fun. As for working dogs they have vests on and so do the trainers so you might be well to invest in one for yourself so you can be seen from a distance by older people as for children what a great opportunity to teach them doggie etiquette. Dogs are very seldom on the lead round here and the farm collies are notorious but other dogs run or submit and that pacify’s them. They are very natural here and behave like dogs and learn when young from other dogs right and wrong its not perfect nothing ever is. it seems like you want to make them good little humans. Still like to watch just dont always agree but i think we are old enough to remember when you could have a different oppinion without going to war over it.

  151. The Organized Soprano

    Thank you for addressing this. The amount of off-leash dogs I’ve had to intercept on walks is ridiculous. The “he’s friendly” callout from the owner really gets me going because my dog REALLY HATES being approached by strange dogs when he’s on leash. People also have just reached out and petted him without asking and I’m so shocked every time lol. Like…at least ask? That being said most people do ask but still

  152. Joyful Dog Services

    So many ads nowadays 😮‍💨but makes sense since you’re channel has been around a long time and built up a following.

    Always good to address proper socialization with dogs and puppies. Very important to choose wisely and set them up for success. I tend to avoid nervous and anxious people, especially with the guarding breeds I work with, it wiggs them out and can create superstitious behaviour the next time. I prefer to call it exposure versus socializing. Your dog doesn’t need to meet or come in contact with all humans and dogs, otherwise you will never end up with a nice dog and human neutral dog, either over excited rehearsing unwanted behaviors, or nervousness due to a negative experience or over socialization. There’s a nice happy medium. Setting up controlled social dates in controlled environments is the best way to set everyone up for success for sure. Never be afraid or uncomfortable telling a human to give space or direct them as to how to interact with your dog, absolutely. I do love the “in training” vests for a bit of added stress relief.

  153. 1 FAST R

    I think a polite way to tell someone not to touch your dog is just to say no, please don’t interact with her/him

  154. Danii Danii

    I have a small Lhasa Apso and l hate when parents let their children run up to him. He is cute but he is NOT gentle and not always friendly to new ppl let alone a child.

  155. Joyful Dog Services

    So many ads nowadays 😮‍💨but makes sense since you’re channel has been around a long time and built up a following.

    Always good to address proper socialization with dogs and puppies. Very important to choose wisely and set them up for success. I tend to avoid nervous and anxious people, especially with the guarding breeds I work with, it wiggs them out and can create superstitious behaviour the next time. I prefer to call it exposure versus socializing. Your dog doesn’t need to meet or come in contact with all humans and dogs, otherwise you will never end up with a nice dog and human neutral dog, either over excited rehearsing unwanted behaviors, or nervousness due to a negative experience or over socialization. There’s a nice happy medium. Setting up controlled social dates in controlled environments is the best way to set everyone up for success for sure. Never be afraid or uncomfortable telling a human to give space or direct them as to how to interact with your dog, absolutely. I do love the “in training” vests for a bit of added stress relief.

  156. Drago Tatto

    An off leash dog came running at my dog in full on attack mode. My dog was unfortunately too heavy to lift off the ground. My brain went into mama bear mode and I, as nicely and as firmly as possible, tackled the dog to get it to stop. It did bite my arm during this. But my dog was spared from any harm. I held the attacking dog down, until the owner came. When the owner arrived, SHE was angry at ME for tackling her dog.🤦‍♀️

    There are no bad dogs. Only bad owners. Smh…

  157. Blossom 14

    My dog is very nervous with kids so I do not let kids pet her unless I know the parents. I like to go out and walk my dog and not be stopped every minute because someone see my dog. To me she is my family member and I need to stand up for her. What I have started doing is having her sit by me when we are stopped and if I need to I block the person from getting to her. I do like the people that ask to pet her because then I will sometimes say yes or no. Also I let my dog decide if she want to go up and see the person or not and it is very short.

  158. j x

    Back when I was in high school walking a family dog near a lake, 2 bully/mastiff type dogs approached out of no where. With no owner around, I was stuck but remained calm. Luckily, the dogs were also calm, sniffed my dog and walked away. Now with my 40lb fear reactive dog, we’ve had about 8 encounters with off-leash dogs in a neighborhood setting. Once when I first rescued him, I had to physically keep him and a husky apart. I was so upset that the owner wanted me to just let the husky go and I repeated no you come over and get control of your dog. We have worked hard on CC&D, I was able to keep him under threshold when a dog crossed the street from it’s owner with a second leashed dog. I asked is this your dog and they nonchalantly replied yeah. I told them they needed to leash this dog as well god forbid it get hit by a car or get into a dog fight

  159. Me smart

    Our adopted bully has a patch on his vest that’s highly visible saying that he is not dog friendly. Unfortunately he did no have the best life before us. Our other rescue absolutely hates people so, unfortunately, she doesn’t go around people much. She still goes out but we have to make sure to tell people that she isn’t people friendly. If they get too close, she goes nuts. Our third loves everyone and everything so, that’s a whole other world of fun 😂. It’s mostly about being mindful of your dogs and your environment. Who cares what strangers think when it comes to the safety and well being of your dog and the possible safety of them as well. Call me rude, mean, angry, selfish, whatever. My dogs come first in my world.

  160. Susan C

    I ALWAYS pick up my dog when an off-leash dog comes toward us. He was almost killed by a rottweiler who charged out of an open door while we were out on a walk in our neighborhood, and since then I am on high alert for wandering dogs and take no chances. Fortunately he’s a chihuahua mix and easily portable, but it infuriates me when other dog owners let their dogs rush over to us with no warning. They are the worst.

  161. Siffy's Explorations

    I mostly deal with the opposite problem. People thinking that it’s ok not to control their dog at all. I’ve had dogs run up to me, while on leash! I love dogs, but no I do not want your dog slobber all over me thanks. Also when walking in a park and there being off leash dogs that come racing up to me and jumping on me. -sigh- and then owners getting mad at me for telling them to keep their dog with them.

  162. Mary Swanson

    Totally agree with the concerns about off-leash dogs approaching us.

  163. jennifer292011

    We go through this DAILY!!!! I walk my 3 great danes everyday and we literally stop traffic. And while some people may like this attention. We have learned to be firm with adults and children. You must advocate for your dogs! They generally do not like to be touched by people they don’t know. Your dog can also sense your anxiety of a stranger approaching and decide to protect you. Worst case scenario

  164. Elizabeth

    Ugh. Yeeesssss! Preach! Thank you for this! It’s extremely difficult for me to be confrontational and when people approach my dog it does feel like a confrontational situation. Thank you for reminding me I need to consider being my dogs advocate first.

  165. SaskiaSketches -

    You are your dog’s translator, you are their voice in many of these situations. It’s your responsibility as a dog owner to communicate on their behalf if they aren’t being listened to by strangers.

  166. Irene Milner

    I’ve had people get upset at me for not letting pet my dog. As I tell them no he’s in training and if you don’t like it tough. My dog my rules.

  167. hi!there :)

    I generally say yes, especially to kids but rather than petting I ask if they want to give him a treat and then have them ask my dog to do a fun trick and then give it to them. Generally people have been pretty respectful and I feel like it’s a good compromise!

  168. Sanna _

    Thank you so much for this video, this is very important topic to discuss and educate people on. Here in Finland we’ve got this idea of having a yellow string (or a piece of yellow cloth) on the dog’s leash to visualise that they need space (and you don’t want others to approach him/her). The dog might be in training, sick, nervous, angry etc. I think the idea is nice, but it’s relatively new and not everyone knows about it. And sometimes people confuse the idea/meaning of yellow string and think all leashes/collars/hearnesses carry the same meaning (when they don’t, the meaning only applies when you’ve added extra string on the leash). But yeah, I wish this was better known, it would make dog training so much easier.

  169. Dante Canestrini

    I view dogs like human children. I wouldn’t go up to someone’s human baby or child and just start goo goo ga ga-ing them or pinching their nose or mussing up their hair. That would be intrusive not to mention there’s no consent given to touch or even approach their child. I also never assume that all people’s dogs are 1. friendly and 2. openly available to interact with the public. I also do this when people bring their untrained or out of control animals into a public space. If I’m in a store and your dog is barking and jumping all over and manages to jump on me I will push that dog off me and give a glare to the owner. Never assume that the public enjoys interactions with dogs or that everyone even likes dogs. Never assume all dogs are friendly or like people. Mind ya business.

  170. Tamsin Earnshaw

    My collie is very nervous around other dogs, I have had people become aggressive with me when my collie is on a lead and I’ve shouted at the other person to call their dog away. I find it very difficult to deal with my collie reacting and also deal with the other person with the off-lead dog.

  171. robin Harris05

    But isnt it good for socialization. If they ask

  172. Alicia Reisinger

    I’m a new dog owner. I’ve wondered when I’m walking my dog on leash, what’s proper etiquette when you pass other people walking their dogs?

  173. Wanda Green

    I had this problem with my reactive rat terrier. I bought a harness/vest and printed “I bite” really big on it. It stopped everyone from petting 🙂

  174. Jassy

    I agree with what you saying. Just its sad since 2020 more people are isolated and lonely. And petting a dog seems a safe form of contact for them in this crazy world.

  175. mayouned

    I totally agree with you. I have a Shiba Inu with a complex mind. He can be extremely friendly or not okay with dogs sneaking towards us. Recently my wife and I got into a fight with a guy that released his huge friendly dog off leach and the guy was distracted on his phone. We were the bad guys telling him it wasn’t ok that he wasn’t aware of his dog’s business, in city! Of course, his giant jumped at us, we were just walking by and my dog didn’t show any sign of interest of him. Still they got into a fight because “I can’t leave my dog off leach”. What a douche. In Switzerland, people aren’t very educated for this kind of things. I usually thank people when they are.

  176. Alli

    have definitly dealt with people like that. the worst is when theyre like “dont worry, my dog is friendly!” well thats great for you but my dog is reactive and im trying to keep some space. like at this moment i dont care how friendly your dog is, my dog is uncomfortable and thats what im focusing on. ive had adult family members throw temper tantrums over me advocating for my what my dog is comfortable with. its incredible how entitled people feel

  177. Sarah Wood

    Lol. I just told some people from my neighborhood to stop walking their dog against my fence, which is actually my property, because when my dogs run up to the fence and are barking and running at their dog, THEY AREN’T PLAYING! It’s actually an aggressive thing, they are protecting their home. If their dog gets their nose through and gets bit, that’s on them!

  178. Josien Bonnemayer

    Say to people that your dog at the moment happens to have flees

  179. Teri Hockman

    Nothing wrong with saying that your training and it’s not the time to pet your dog. I also have no problem teaching children to always ask before petting a strangers dog. Don’t worry about how your being received, just focus back on your training. 😊

  180. H3llb0und

    I completely agree, it’s extremely difficult training out and about with a puppy trying to stop them jumping up people only for random strangers to come and encourage my dog to do that. I’ve had to feel rude in saying sorry I’m training so I don’t want her getting too excited and jump up people but so many people even dog owners have no idea or interest in this level of training so it often undoes lots of your own hard work.

  181. Maple Leaf

    Very good subject…I want to keep walking with my two large pups, leonberger and large poodle…but people randomly start petting eventhough they see me struggling…how inconsiderate…

  182. hioxd

    I usually ask permission, because you know it’s not my dog.

  183. Thash Machine

    Ill be honest i dont think people really should aproach dogs in the first place. Everybody should jist kinda mind their own business. Maybe im harsh but its for its really better for everybody involved.

  184. Just Will

    Thank you for this message. I totally agree.
    I don’t want strange people just come up to my dogs and pet them, or worse, feed them.
    Sometimes people ask why and then I can explain, but most of the times I get a negative look or a nasty remark.

  185. B

    I literally get screamed at all the time for picking up my senior arthritic chihuahua who is also reactive when off leash dogs come running toward us or even around close rambunctious dogs. And I don’t mean snipped at or something, I mean full on rage screaming at me. She’s been attacked twice by large dogs who’ve tried to kill her. I think it’s beyond reasonable that I prevent a potentially dangerous situation.

  186. Between The Trees

    I was dumbfounded while at my local DOG beach in Tahoe. Everyone has dog’s here so it’s know this is a dog beach with big big mountain dogs that run around the beach and have fun. The beach was so empty and a mom of two came in and sat right Next to us and allowed her awkward 4 year old run and chase 4 massive husky’s and touch their tails and run after them. I was so uncomfortable m and I instantly got up and ran my very big learning puppy down the beach. While my boyfriend packed up. The kid was running after these dogs the mom has no Knowledge about how they are around kids it was so weird to me. I had to tell my bf to tell her to get her kid before he gets attacked by huge dogs she knows nothing about. I’m sure those dogs were good with kids but she doesn’t know that. And I know I need structure with my Shepard mix and kids. He’s so big and learning and I don’t need random kids anywhere near my puppy

  187. Carrie DosSantos

    Omg THANK YOU!! I get so pissed with off-lead dogs ” oh no my dog is friendly” and strangers thinking it’s just ok to touch my dogs. My dogs are not there for their amusement and I have NO problem saying it.

    If someone gets mad at me for saying not to touch my dogs, I ask them if they’d appreciate a total stranger petting them or their kids. Funny how they don’t.

    And when my 1st dog was a pup she had off-lead boxer and shepherd go after her. So I trust no one when they’re like “oh no my dog’s fine.” Mine isn’t.

    And lastly, my dogs are part of the family. I am their advocate and 1st line of safety snd comfort. I welcomed them into my life and home. Strangers are not more important than my dogs.

  188. Nin

    this was a big issue every single time i went out with my golden retriever. 90% of the time i would encounter strangers of type 2, so mostly people who wouldn’t even ask before touching him because hey goldens are always nice and friendly!! he would jump to greet these people and sure, nobody was bothered by that when he was a puppy. they wouldn’t understand when i told them he wasn’t allowed because jumping would stop being fun for them once they had a 30kg dog doing it and not a 4 month old puppy. and it’s true that you don’t even get a chance to explain yourself before your dog is touched without permission…. so the shortest and quickest way for me to tell off strangers was to say he’s currently sick / has worms. not true but it was genuinely the only thing that would make people react and keep their distance so…

  189. Xanthe Delves

    I agree to a certain extent. If I am in a pubil dog allowed area and a dog with their owner is nearby and we both have clear view of the dogs and no aggressive signs are being shown then I let my dog interact with their dog for a couple seconds until I move on again. I have done it this way for over 5 years now with my 7 year old rescue dog and its never gone badly

  190. Clean Food Dirty Sneakers

    Thank you for this video! I am probably guilty of this!!! I know better now!!

  191. Patrick Walsh

    A harness with DO NOT PET tag works wonders for this. When people ask if he’s a service dog and I say no, they’re so confused.. but at least they don’t lunge in to pet him unannounced.

  192. elena tsi

    I had a pit bull for 14 years and no one ever wanted to pet her or come near my house even though she was a sweetheart, but now that she passed away and we got a new dog (not a pit bull) and all my neighbors pet him through the fence. One specifically gives him treats, and last week I told her to stop giving him treats and she took it personally and now doesn’t even acknowledge my dog or me. 😂 My puppy also gets overexcited with everything (people and dogs) on our walks and I hate it when people come up to us and talk to him all sweet and pet him because then he can’t calm down and I get dragged! I don’t even want to mention dogs without a leash that come up to us… My puppy is the best but I don’t want anyone else’s dog all over mine! People need to learn to be respectful without us having to tell them “no”.

  193. Loviekinz

    So funny enough, I have 2 Siberian Huskies. I walk them one at a time. I can’t say people ever ask to pet my dogs. In fact, I have people who cross the street away from me when I am walking my dogs. I love it. I guess huskies just don’t look “friendly” to people? Now my huskies have VERY different personality. Ember is more scared and she doesn’t like strangers touching her, she’ll jump away from you or back up. She’s friendly with dogs, but scared of them too. So once I was walking her and someone’s dog was off leash and ran up to us, she hid behind my legs. And I was the “divider” who kept her safe while the owner was all “oh he’s friendly” and took her sweet time coming to get her dog. THAT angered me so much. Or one dog owner on my street was always having their chihuahua get loose, my poor dog a 70lb husky dragged me trying to run away from this yapping thing. If Ember had of attacked it, wouldn’t have been her fault, she was on a leash. Winter though loves everyone. I had to train her to ignore people and that not everyone is someone to pet her. That said, if someone wants to pet Winter I usually will say okay. But warn them they might be licked to death. She’s also good with dogs but I don’t let her interact/meet many strange dogs. She usually just does a nice play bow or lays on her back and lets them sniff her crotch. I wanted them social enough to not be dangerous to other people or dogs, but at the same time, not social butterflies. And I NEVER have them off leash(they have barely any recall even in my own yard)

  194. Here This

    😄 “Other person , would You please pet my dog?”

  195. Flora

    OMG!!!!! This is soooo timely!!! I’ve only had my puppy for less than two weeks and soo many people in my apartment complex catch us off guard and before you know it they’re right there with their hands in his face. 😩😤 Then they give me very passive aggressive advice about his care and health. Like…stfu! 😡 There’s nothing wrong with him. He’s healthy, loved, and happy. 🐶 Some people think they have a RIGHT to touch him just because he’s cute and he’s there and I can’t stand it. Moving forward I’m going to have some golden comebacks for these people and I don’t care if I come off as mean or not. My pup pup is my friend and my responsibility. I love him and I’m the one caring for him 24/7. Don’t just walk up on us with your cruddy hands. We are still in a pandemic. 😷🤧🥴

  196. Tracy Thomas

    Having a service dog myself, you’d be surprised how many people just reach out and try to pet a working dog without permission or when told, no please don’t.

  197. Claudia Glenn

    I have this problem with my adorable Service Dog

  198. sillyslicker

    I now have two puppies, and I completely understand having to be rude to people. I’m trying so hard to correct certain behaviors (barking at everything, social anxiety, etc.), and I just can’t focus enough on giving the pups the attention they need to learn, while also having a conversation. I feel really bad about it, but my puppies’ wellbeing is more important.

    Also, I’m going to add in a small rant of my own. One of my puppies barks at things that she’s scared of, so if she sees someone she thinks might be a threat, off she goes. For some reason, a few people I’ve come across see this scared barking pup, and begin to TRY to scare her by charging and barking at her, and chasing her around, until I can unwrap her leash from around my legs and pick her up??? What the hell is wrong with people?!

  199. KG

    My family’s dog does not like being approached by strangers so we always have to be the people to say no

  200. sillyslicker

    My Bichon, who died last year, had an autoimmune disorder. The medications for that lower your immune system, which meant that I had to make sure he was never close to other dogs, because getting so much as a cold could literally kill him. The number of times that an off-leash dog would come out of nowhere and run up to us was unbelievable. And the owner(s) would eventually stroll up and say “oh, it’s okay! he’s friendly!”. I swear, my blood would start to boil.

    I would understand if it was someplace like the park, where you tend to let your dog roam a bit, as you work on training, but these were always just out by the street. Do you not care that your dog could get hit by a car??

  201. Sundaram Periyasamy

    I disagree with you Zack. I dont think YOU should be offended if someone tries to pet your dog. It is just natural and a friendly gesture. However, you have all the right in the world to politely tell someone that you are currently in training.

  202. Ursinos

    The Super in our building used to be REALLY bad for not listening to dog owners regarding petting their dogs. Had someone move in with a rescue that had been badly abused, told her “no, she’s not good with strangers, she might bite you” but super thought the dog was too cute to bite her. Sure enough, she got bit. didn’t cause any problems, but from then on, that particular dog was talked about poorly.

    Another thing to remember about your dog approaching strangers is cultural issues. where I live we have a lot of people from parts of the world where, because of different reasons (religion, or presence of wild, agressive dogs where they are from) just do NOT want a dog to approach them. Some react with outright fear (some places, I’m told, have feral dogs who will attack humans at the drop of a hat if they get too close), and others will smile at your dog, but maintain distance. Not judging, just, I watch for these things and keep my beagle much closer at that point.

    I myself had an incident a couple years back while walking my beagle one night, where an off leash german sheppard came out of nowhere from a townhouse parking log, running straight at my dog. We have coyote’s in the area, so I was all prepared to haul off with my cane to protect my dog. The owners of said Shephard got all offended that I thought their dog was going to attack mine. How the hell am I supposed to know what your dog is like. And I know TWO people (one of whom is my wife) who had a dog that was otherwise perfectly friendly and playful, sink their teeth in. Both of them now have scars on their face from the incident. A perfectly friendly dog CAN break behavior due to triggers you are completely unaware of!

  203. OpossumQueen

    Was training with an “I’m training” patch on my 1yo heeler w low wolf content.
    She was doing a REALLY GOOD sit stay at Lowe’s checkout. I turn to pay for my order and WITH MY BACK TURNED some boomer jerkhead walked up and started doing flappy hands in front of her and of course, she broke her stay to torpedo jump and attempted to mouth play w him and got her SO RILED UP in half a minute. (She LOVES attention from the guys)

    Then when I said, I’m sorry we’re training;
    he said, I’m just trying to pet you- ignoring me- and then said oh that’s not good. (Like why is she in the store) When she play mouthed him and almost busted him in the face w her nose when she jumped.

    I just…………I was so mad. I stepped in to get her attention with treats to try and recover and the guy completely ignored me the whole time.

  204. Melusine

    If you are clearly videoing with bree and training …. so rude for people to approach, even if they don’t know you

  205. Alyssa Powell

    I have a very old Queensland mix. He’s about 14 before we moved we had to stop taking him for walks around our neighborhood because our neighbors had their dog off leash. My dog does not at all like other dogs in his space now that he’s older so we would walk him where people and dogs where almost never at.

    There dog ran up to us and we did the thing we’re we had bandit sit behind us and we both created a barrier. The owners were outside and we kept saying hey can you get your dog and they just kept yelling back that it was friendly. We kinda had this weird stand off before their dog decided to charge my dog. It got around me but my husband kinda put out his leg and arm and it ran full sprint into his leg trying to get bandit then whimpered and ran back to it’s owners. For a while I felt bad because it’s owners kept yelling at us about it. Not sure if our reaction was bad but we weren’t trying to hurt there dog we just knew our dog would take it as aggressive and it would have been really bad.

    Is there something we could have done different?

  206. Jen Kirby

    I am obviously extremely lucky because I live in a very dog savvy town.
    (On the other hand I don’t go to the park in the summer when we have tourists!)

    At the same time, I bought Marzieh to have the mission to make more (human) friends for me. Somehow or other she trained herself to be great around other dogs and ignore them unless I give her permission to say hello. It wasn’t my training!

  207. Drifting Unicorn

    I dont like when people just come up to me and start petting my dog, shes a very cute toy poodle, but shes nervous of strangers so she gets very uncomfortable, someone said i should get her a nervous dog vest but i dont know if it will help…your not rude Zak, people sometimes need to be told.

  208. Wendy Here

    Thank you for making this video. I hope many people will see! The amount of times I have to elaborately explain myself when I tell people I don’t want their dog to come to my dog when they’re both on leash or that I don’t want them to pet my dog is way too often. Especially people with dogs keep asking questions and feel like my dog is scared or not socialised and that’s not the case. I just don’t want her to learn that she can interact with anyone that comes by. Especially people with flexi leashes are the worst offenders. I hate those things so much.

  209. Linda S

    Training my dogs and myself how to handle all the scenarios was much easier than trying to teach everyone else how to be respectful 🤗

  210. Jenny LG

    Two things bother me about walking a dog off leash:
    1. Other dogs may not like your dog.
    2. Other people might be scared by your dog or just don’t want to be bothered.

  211. tjt072

    When I used to walk the family dog and we started to pass another dog being walked, most of the time I would make her sit & wait for them to pass. It was easier to control her if she tried to go say hi, to try and teach her to behave around others & I didn’t know how the other dogs would react. There were so many people that liked when I did that.

  212. Drowned Rat

    My unsocialized, half feral Aussie mix got mobbed by middle school kids shortly after we found her. It turned into a fantastic teaching moment. I told them my dog was just learning to make friends and I could use their help if they’d go one at a time. They learned not to try to pet a strange dog on the head, but let the dog sniff their knuckles first and if that was ok with the dog, try a chin scratch. When I demonstrated on them what it’s like for the dog to have a stranger reach for their forehead, they cracked up and started bopping each other on the forehead. I head a couple say it reminded them of older relatives they don’t see often getting too up-close-and personal. LOL! The whole thing was wonderful for both my dog and the kids. I have a feeling it wouldn’t have gone as well with adults.

  213. Karsten Topp

    Depends heavily on the dog. I have three. A Cockapoo, who wants to kill everything that moves – including kids and other humans. He is a rescue from a failed puppy farm and he came with all the issues one would expect and then some more. We’ve tamed him and he’s the most velcro dog inside the house, but outside the house he is uncontrollable.
    Then there is my younger Border Collie bitch. She is friendly and social, I would say she is too friendly and too social. But she is also jealous. *Very* jealous. No dog that doesn’t belong to the pack is allowed to come close. No dog whatsoever. I’ve seen her successfully telling off Rottweilers, German Shepherds and whatever came too close. She’s got the heart of a lioness, she doesn’t care the size of the other dog. Fortunately, she has only met friendly dogs so far, but I always have two eyes on her, when there is another dog around.
    And there is my senior Border Collie bitch. She is the pack’s Alpha and she is clever beyond my imagination. She perfectly deals with every situation. She reads other dogs far better than I could ever read them and she is a control freak. She knows, whom to let come close and she knows when I have to intervene and to ensure that there is no danger coming from the other dog. She is abso;utely amazing.
    So, with my Cockapoo it’s always “Thanks, but no thanks” and with my Border Collies I give them more leeway, but I still am watching closely.
    Thank God, my Border Collies have excellent recall, I can recall them consistently from a football pitch away.

  214. Ryan Moody and Lola the pug

    Hi Zak brilliant video as always I get where you are coming from it really gets to me too with the issue in this video keep up the awesome content

  215. Lea Harte

    What a wonderful video you made and so well needed in the dog community. Before I owned a dog I thought just walk up to the dog and pack up all dogs love people. It has nothing to do with the dog being good or bad or liking people or not liking people no one likes to just be pet without permission. Asking a dog permission to be pet can be different for each dog. I like how you said that youNeed to have a script to tell people not to pet your dog. My previous dog and a neighbors dog never got along and I thought that dog was a horrible dog. Then I got a new dog and my new dog and the dog are Best friends. So you never know and your video was very informational thank you

  216. argophontes

    “How can I say no without being a jerk?”
    Just say it, really. Neither you nor your dog owes anyone the right to interact with them, and the popular perception that your dog is somehow “everyone’s” is dangerous 𝘵𝘰 𝘵𝘩𝘦 𝘥𝘰𝘨, because if your dog feels threatened and responds with a bite, 𝘵𝘩𝘦𝘺 are the ones that suffer the consequences. In my case, with people, as soon as they look like they’re going to move toward my dog to interact with them, I give them an assertive “Please don’t.”, and depending on their reaction I’ll give them an explanation afterwards. As for unleashed dogs, I will usually down my dog then start walking towards the other dog to block them from coming anywhere near my dog (I usually have my partner with me, though, so they’ll stay with the dog while I go block).
    Protecting my dog is more important than some stranger’s feelings getting hurt because I didn’t let them interact with my dog.

  217. snarkie_

    Hey Zak, I live in a country where stray dogs are sadly the norm. How should I react if me and my puppy encounter one while on a walk? I understand if you don’t have any experience with this, just checking if you have any insight, thanks!

  218. Maggie Henriksen

    I tell people ‘she’s not friendly’, even though she really is. I’d rather people think she’s going to bite them, then think there’s no way she’ll bite them. It also is a wake up call for people who approach without asking, especially kids who maybe have only met super friendly dogs in their life.
    Same thing when a dog approaches her, except she actually will fight them. I tend to pick her up and put her on my shoulder if I have time, even though she’s 55 pounds. My dog doesn’t care if yours is friendly, she’ll try to beat them up anyway. 🤦🏼‍♀️

  219. Tiger Aries

    I understand this. This annoying middle school girl that lives at the same apartment complex as me, always runs up to my dog and pets her, 🙄even though I have made it clear to her that I don’t like her to pet my dog without permission. I hate this rude girl.

  220. always Grace

    ❤️Thank you for making a video about this I have really been struggling with this lately I’ve had so many bad experiences with people coming up and grabbing my dog she’s very anxious dog and I’m nervous that something could go wrong 😖

  221. Cath Unsworth

    I’m a dog walker in the UK. This was a fascinating video with a lot of food for thought.

    When it’s humans approaching the dog I’m with, the vast majority will ask. I will flag up the tricky ones with “I’d rather you didn’t, as she’s very nervous. But thanks for asking.” Or “she might bark or jump up”. If they push it, I’ll explain “if she overreacts, the law is not on her side. And I know you wouldn’t want to put her in danger”. But I can be quite stern if people aren’t listening. I enjoy saying hi to dogs, but I always ask. If they say “no, sorry” (and this is Britain, they will apologise!), I always say “that’s ok, that’s why I ask”. Gold points to parents who’ve taught their kids to ask before approaching, and how best to pet a dog without startling it. And I do enjoy being available as a teachable moment for owners struggling with dogs who jump on strangers. My first dog was excellent at sitting for people he knew, but 99% of the time he got a cuddle from strangers, so I try to be the helpful stranger who only gives a fuss when all four paws are on the floor. And fellow dog owners have thanked me for it, when they see improvements in their pup’s manners.

    When it’s other dogs, and mine is on lead, it depends on both my dog’s history and body language and the other dog (whether I know them, what their body language says and what their human is doing – if I can’t see their human, they don’t get to approach unless I’m very familiar with them). As you know, a dog on lead feels vulnerable, both because their options are limited (they can’t run away) and because they are right next to someone they feel protective of. I’m lucky in that I generally go to the same park every day and get to know most of the dogs, their owners, and any issues to be aware of. If my dog is on lead, I stay hyper aware of what both dogs are doing while they interact. I will use both body and voice to block approaches if I’m uncertain, and will ask people to call their dogs away if I’m worried. I tend not to take dogs into the park if I’m concerned about their behaviour. To the credit of most local owners, if they see a dog on lead in the park, most will ask if I’d like them to put their dog on lead too, and I really appreciate that thoughtfulness (although it’s rare that I say yes, unless their dog is particularly insistent). When off lead, even with familiar dogs playing, I stay alert and will offer treats to everyone at regular intervals (particularly if it’s more than two dogs playing) so the mood stays calm and relaxed.

  222. Angelica_Online

    Thanks for bringing awareness to this.

  223. Mary Jane Hogan

    Thank you! Perfect timing! I was just asking someone yesterday how to handle this! All of it lol….so good 👍

  224. Linda S

    Great conversation. I think my reaction to loose dogs and friendly people approaching changes with every situation but I stopped worrying about how someone might feel if I denied them their assumed answer for a reason I don’t explain. I don’t have a YouTube reputation to uphold tho 🤣

  225. April W

    we’ve become a society too where not only can we not say “no” to other people but we can’t take “no” for an answer. you can’t do that. people need to learn that no is not personal.

  226. Berganasty

    How old was inertia when you got her spayed? Haven’t fixed my collie heeler yet and have been researching a lot, so just curious

  227. demonSlayer

    Cannot get over how cute inertia was as a puppy! I usually just say no she’s sick atm😅 people usually don’t get offended and keep their kids well away.

  228. Dancing with Swords

    I confess that I’m one of these people who just pet people’s dogs, even though I have a dog myself. Otoh I don’t mind other people petting mine either. Never had a problem either way tbh. Other owners generally communicate (diplomatically in most cases) if they think it’s not a good idea. Other owners are obviously mildly irritated even if there’s no problem. If I sense that my dog’s a little tense I’ll also signal to the would be petter that it’s not a good idea at this time. Basically there’s no hard and fast rule, one has to assess each situation and both dog and owner. Having said all that, yes there are people who don’t assess situations and either just pet everything in sight on the one extreme, or on the other extreme never want to engage with other dogs.

  229. Daria Zatylna

    That’s really sad that we’re dealing with that kind of arrogance from people all over the world. I’m super uncomfortable when people are calling my border collie just for his eye contact and don’t think about ruining my training session in exact same moment 💀

  230. Cris Vela

    Off leash owners almost never have their dogs correctly off leash trained and it boils my blood because theres a chance for disaster

  231. Ms. Oliver’s Life

    I’m a dog person. Always have been. And I didn’t know about petting until my dog bit someone! My GSD is nervous. I had no clue my dog would bite. Now, he wears a bandana that says “please don’t pet me”. He’s protective of mom!!! Humans and canines pose a threat to him! I socialize him well at pet stores and such and kids always ask to pet him! I always say “I’m sorry he’s not very friendly. He’s very nervous.” And everyone is very kind to me.

  232. S3RENITY

    Here’s a unethical trick you can use: When someone asks, or tries to approach your dog, tell them it bites. Wear a bandaid over your hand to further convince them.

    “She seems excited, but really she will bite!”

  233. kavita deva

    The worst is when untrained dogs come up to my small Service Dog and then…..the free dog attacks my dog. It happened 5 times to my 1st SD. He almost got killed a few times.
    WORST part is that the owners never say they are sorry. They only get defensive and then blame me or my dog for some thing it never did. I do not understand people with untrained dogs letting them come up to your dog knowing their dog can be aggressive. And never ever has one person taken responsibility and said I am so sorry I should have never done that. I have so much frustration around that. People are so rude and so dog stupid.

  234. Jan Hankins

    As someone who has always had Irish Wolfhounds (until recently), I can certainly relate. Everybody and their brother wanted to pet the “big dog”, feel their hair, and ask how much they eat. And I can understand where that person is coming from. I love dogs, too, so I get it. On the other hand, not every one of my Wolfhounds liked tons of people running up to them and petting them. So I would usually tell people “I’m sorry, she’s really tired now and we’re just getting ready to leave” and then remove the dog from those overbearing people. On the other hand, we had several Wolfhounds who loved nothing more than meeting people and getting petted and I was usually a little more lax with letting people pet those dogs. So be respectful of others. If you’d like to pet their dog, ask them if you may. If they say no, respect that (and realize it probably isn’t personal). If they say “no, she doesn’t like strangers and may nip at you” believe them! Don’t think “dogs really like me and she won’t nip a ME”. If you see someone training their dog, don’t interrupt and ask to pet the dog. That’s just rude. If someone’s dog jumps up on you and they’re trying to get the dog to sit politely instead, don’t say “it’s okay, I don’t mind”. Don’t pet the dog until the dog is sitting politely. I know you want to pet the cute dog–like I say, I’m an animal lover and I get that. I want to pet the cute dog, too. But please be respectful of the dog and the dog’s person. I have a situation that is a bit awkward now. We have two dogs (smaller ones) and one just simply loves to be petted by anyone and everyone. The other does not appreciate being petted by people she doesn’t know–at all. So when people ask if they can pet my dogs, so if I want to give them permission, I tell them they may pet one, but not the other.

  235. Jane Dimock

    Oh Zak,This is so pertinent to where I am with training Estia. I have recently considered buying vest t shirts which have some sort of message that makes it clear that I don’t want people to talk to my dog or me when I am trying to make her unresponsive to walkers, runners and cyclists. She is pretty good most of the time and I use body language and verbal signals a lot to make it clear to people that we are in a training situation. (I use them with her but sometimes it’s just for the person walking by!). Sometimes even a ‘καλημερα or good morning’ is enough to distract her and obviously I will need to get to a stage where she ignores this but we are not quite there yet. Thank you for raising this.

  236. Nano Bubbles

    Great video!!! I love this. I wish that I had made more of an effort to not excite her every time I see her and when she sees someone…..I basically trained her to be super excited to be pet by anyone 😭
    But she can bow and high-five so….that’s the most important training right??? 😂

  237. G G

    4:29 I mean in that situation it looks like your dog approached the person and you didn’t try to move her away. Realistically it’s better to just say “please ignore her” to prevent that. People are going to assume it’s alright if your dog shows interest.

  238. Jim Wright

    I agree with you completely. Some people just don’t think past getting what they want. One of the funniest things I’ve seen on this issue, was when a guy with a dog walked over to someone’s kid and start petting her hair in response to them petting his dog without asking. The lady was so shocked! But I think he got his point across!😂

  239. Brittany Fosberg

    I had a conversation about this with my sister yesterday. We go camping with friends every year over Memorial Day Weekend, and there are usually 3-4 dogs who come each year. They all get along, but one is not the friendliest to new dogs (takes a while to warm up, has resourcing guarding issues), and I have been hesitant to bring my own new dog for the first time this because knowing both their personalities, I think there could be issues. They are both border collie mixes who have very intense play styles, and ironically I think it is that same energy and “herding” play style that I could see being issue. Sure, I would LOVE for them to get to play and be friends, but it might not be realistic and actually be in everyone’s best interest to avoid that situation.

  240. Alfredo Garcia

    Have the dog wear a harness with the sign “Do Not Pet” on the harness.

  241. Michelle gable

    I just I hate it when people do this because my dog is very nervous around new people so someone randomly walking up I want to yell but I just get in the persons way and just walk away

  242. ozpaws

    Thank you thank you. . . . .I’m not the only person in the world that feels this way?!?!? So many things have happened over the years and people call me over protective. NO!! My border collie took a hit from a golden retriever (totally unexpected!!) and she will never be the same. Call me over protective, I don’t care. I will protect my dog at all costs ( and no, I don’t do dog parks because I don’t know these dogs) Also….. people who want to feed your dog because “they look hungry” or “they need a snack”. . . .NO!!!

  243. Blue Pitbull TV

    Thank you so much for addressing this uncomfortable situation, you are so on point on this and it is so hard to tell people even nicely because not all of them are happy about or respecful about it. specially children it is so hard to tell them no, they would tell your dog so cute and they are so happy to see a dog in the public. often times when owners are so confident they don’t put their on lease and they claim their dogs are friendly, but they don’t think what if your dog is not friendly and they come up yours. I am not a trainer but i love watching videos like this i learned a lot.
    1. This is a good awareness video for people who have dogs and without dogs.
    2. A better undeerstanding when seeing a trainer or a dog owner walking in public places.
    3. Owners will be really responsible to put their dog on lease at all time in public places.
    4. I think we should make the vest saying “PLEASE DON’T PLET ME I AM ON TRAINING” might help us while walking our dogs.
    5. This probably the most stressful for owners to walk with their then other dogs without lease come to your dog. Like you said it can goes many ways.

  244. As You Wish Dog Training

    This is such a big problem that is not talked about enough!!! As a service dog handler (with confidence issues) almost every time I go out people will distract my dog. I have even seen people try to sneak a pet ‘without me noticing’. Thank you for covering this.

    My service dog in training is still a puppy and petting her could make it very hard for me to get her back in work mode.

    It’s very frustrating because, like you said, you don’t want to sound like a jerk.

  245. Gwyn Gable

    You should write a children’s book that teaches kids about petting unknown dogs and how to behave around new dogs.

  246. Emily Kurek

    YES! my 14yo senior dog has become more leash reactive as she gets older and harder of hearing/sight. But she doesn’t look her age.. people let their dogs run up to her off leash and get so offended when she begins to bark and snap. And our county and city BOTH have leash laws so I always kindly but firmly say “You need to leash your dog.” I’ve never gotten a good response but I don’t care! People need to know where I stand!

  247. Helen

    why do ppl let their unleashed dogs run upto other leashed dogs without asking if its ok.

  248. David Gerow Music Channel

    the thing that has always confused me most about people who just walk up and pet (sometimes even hug or rough house) your dog without saying a word is that those people have no idea whether the dog is mean or nice, relaxed or afraid, has a thing with hats or beards or sunglasses or kids… why would anyone just pet someone´s dog without asking? then when they get bitten, there´s no accountability on that person´s part. you just have a “mean dog.” pffft…

  249. Sonny J

    Comment section full of Karen’s and Darren’s

  250. Luc De Keyser

    Point to the large L on its blue coat and explain it is in training much like service dogs display a “uniform”.

  251. Richard Brouwer

    That is one of the nice things of owning a German Sheppard. People don’t let their dog walk to them 😉. Also not a lot of people are approaching them without asking. And people should understand that not all dogs like each other. People understand that with people but think their dog needs to like everybody. I normally try to explain that in a human to h7man situation. That works most of the time and if it doesn’t that their loss.

  252. Carlos

    Appreciate you talking about this.

  253. Navjot Singh


  254. Tyler Hostetter

    In my city, there is a leash law. You must have your dog on a 6 foot leash when not confined. If I see another dog off leash, I just instantly call the city and very loudly start reporting the off leash dog. Often times the owners will come up to me and ask what I’m doing. I’ll tell them. They’ll ask me to stop and get mad. I’ll ask why their dog isn’t on a leash, I just assumed it was a stray. If the owner gets aggressive, I tell the city that we may need a police presence too. Often times they run, but I always make it clear I have a video of them with their dog off leash and send that in to the city.

    It’s not hard people. Follow the law for my safety, my dog’s safety, your safety, and your dog’s. You aren’t entitled to having your dog off leash.

  255. Brittany Pulaski

    It’s so funny how different dogs are, my dog learned not to jump unless prompted bc he loves meeting strangers. We’re working on him asking me to say hi to ppl so I can ask if my dog can say hello.

  256. Ian McDonald

    Everyday I have to feel I’m being rude because people pay unwanted attention to my young service dog. It’s frustrating, unfortunately I don’t always have a good day and I do get triggered, say something rude and end up apologising to them, this will literally ruin my day as I then spend the day raging with myself. People will always say he’s beautiful, cute, well behaved etc and that’s ok but I’d really prefer they didn’t say anything.

  257. Ray Carter

    Both my dogs will bite if someone reaches at them.

  258. David Rodriguez

    I have very beautiful lab, she was the cutest puppy I have ever seen. She got SO MUCH attention from strangers when she was little, I am talking about people stopping their cars to pet my dog. Now she is older and very strong, an she keeps demanding attention from strangers and sometimes it is unwanted. I didn’t want to stop people from petting my dog because I didn’t want to come across as rude, but now, I regret it. Do not be afraid to say NO

  259. Margaret Fleming

    In the UK we have the yellow dog UK scheme, which is an international campaign created to raise awareness that some dogs shouldn’t be approached. I have a bright yellow coat that says “I need space” in bold letters on it that my dog wears on walks, plus he’s on lead. You can get a yellow scarf that goes around their neck or a yellow tube that goes on your lead. Most dog owners, here in my area of the UK, know that it is not a good idea to approach, but not always! Don’t know if it has reached the USA yet?

  260. Sharayah Hooper

    Thank you so much for this video. I am training my pup as she can be reactive. She is a rescue and we are not always sure what will set her off. I always feel bad that I am not someone who could say yes to someone else petting my my dog though she usually lets them know she is nervous with a loud bark before I even get the chance. I very much agree that we should normalize asking and not getting upset when someone says no.

  261. Davo C

    easy..just say …the dog bights sorry!

  262. Angela Haines

    Every time I take my junior dog to the vets, the nurses can’t help themselves and my dog just loves people and tummy tickles. 🙂

  263. Deb

    I was walking and saw a woman with golden pup and she said hi and “training” and i got it but someone else might have still stopped. Now that i have my lab pup, I am going to try to do the same.

  264. Katie Johnson

    When we were kids before we spent the night somewhere at a friends house, my mom wanted to know who the friend was and she would sometimes call the friends mom. Especially, if she did not know them. That was how I looked at dog to dog interaction when my nervous/shy rescue was approached by other dogs. so … I needed to have a questionnaire filled out first for my shy dog to play lol. 😂 Truth.

  265. Lucius Maximus

    I get this all the time ! My dog is really nervous of new people. She’s been slowly gaining confidence but initial meetings is s big challenge. And even though she does really well people or children running up to pet her really stresses her out. I have a collar that says do not pet but not many people listen to it 😅

  266. Kim Brandom

    Two of my dogs are not people social so I tell people no, they are not friendly. One of my dogs is super happy and gets too excited, so I tell people “please wait a moment” then I put her on a down stay and let them pet her while she maintains her down stay. Because I have dogs that can get triggered by strangers I’m always vigilant about the proximity of people.

  267. Samm's Space

    I have had to get rude with people who have had their dog off leash that have run up to me and my dog. It always goes the same way. They say don’t worry my dog is friendly. I have to say my dog can be quite reactive with other dogs. Then they take their time thinking it’s OK to have their dog getting in my dogs space. Then I have to get rude to make them realize they need to get their dog because my dog is already getting upset. Unfortunately I’ve had these situation end up bad where I have been followed by people because they want to intimidate me. I even had one person get a different dog from their house and follow me. That was truly terrifying for me because I had no idea if their intent was to hurt myself or my dog or both of us with the other dog.

  268. IMkosmeg

    my dog actually loves both people and other dogs, much like inertia and it still sometimes feels soooo uncomfortable when either or both approach without permission. In fact at first I was hesitant to say no but after a while I realised it is detrimental to the dog’s training as he started picking up the habit of wanting to greet everybody and since then I started applying something like your proposed strategy.

  269. Sislertx

    Bet fuzzy wont answer this…my dog is really tiny for her breed…can i or should i breed her…i.really eant to because she is such a.fantasic dog…but SMALL..people think she is 7 months but she is 2 years…she is a rescue pure breed but no papers..

  270. Troy Winslow

    I’ve been having problems with that since I got my malinois I ended up getting her a vest that says do not pet and in training

  271. Maggie

    I never minded people petting my dogs, they are a breed that love people!.. I have never told them no… and I did competitive obedience/Breed showing with them..

  272. Barbara Emerich

    When someone ask me to pet my dog I say ask her. She doesn’t like to be petted by strangers and will move away from them. The reaction from strangers is funny.

  273. Sislertx

    Ueastersay a passing dog got my dog luckily on their ear..l
    Bled a lot too… at a trainers…..there was no sign from that dog at all…U JUST.NEVER KNOW.

  274. Avery Ptaszek

    I really appreciate you addressing this. I feel as though people need to be more considerate overall and advocate for their dogs. I think it’s important to be assertive with strangers or other dogs that want to interact with your dog.

  275. Kinga Szabó


  276. Derick Kreller

    haha my mom always does speech to text rather than typing

  277. Wred

    I think the only solution is just to tell people “no” in a calm way and expose them to the fact that they shouldn’t just touch dogs whenever. I’m the same with people who seem scared of my dog (an amstaff) and scoot to the edges of the sidewalk when I pass, in the sense that I won’t pull him back to reassure those people, I’ll just walk normally by and show them that my dog is not interested in them and will just move on with his own business. In order to normalize something, we have to expose people to that thing on a regular basis and eventually it will be the norm.

  278. A W

    I totally agree with you in my opinion we should ask the owner if it’s ok to do whatever period.

  279. Lore

    What really stresses me out is when parents just let their kid run up and pet random dogs without asking. Thats so dangerous.

  280. Caffeine Fuelled

    Woah I get this when we showed our cats the public wanted to pet the cats and they would go around the entire show petting all the different cats from different cat breeders… you see where Im going with this. How can you say please dont put your fingers in my cats cage I dont know what else you have touched and are spreading around the show.. It always offends people, I ended up going with making cute signs and putting them on the display cage you could do this with a harnass maybe a little badge? Dogy in training or something but yeah you still got the occasional people would still stick their hands in and of course my cats are social they love people so they rubed their faces on god knows what. Bit of a nightmare..

  281. Astandane

    Honestly, I don’t care if I come across as rude for telling people no. You wouldn’t go and start interacting with a strangers child, so don’t do it with dogs.

  282. deez4evs

    I am considering a harness that says im training – do not pet

    My dog is super friendly but he is very veryyyy overwhelming. And if a person sees my dog hauling ass toward them, i dont blame them for being scared. He is intimidating as hell and You never know. So i work reallllly work hard with him. It takes a long time and a lot of work.

  283. Layla Mira

    I don’t get offended if I asked to pet their dog and they say No..probably because I’m a dog owner and I understand if they don’t want to.
    No hard feelings.
    I notice those who get offended are entitled people🤣.

  284. KongFuCarrot

    I agree that people who ask nicely are better than those who just do it, and most of the time I let people pet my dog, but I ask them to kneel instead of standing above him, because he gets nervous when that happens. Haven’t seen the whole video, but great points already.

  285. margaret veres

    With my puppy, I am telling folks “I am sorry but no, she might jump on you.”

  286. Georgia Cinq-Mars

    I am glad I don’t have to worry about being canceled. Good luck.

  287. Alpha ω

    I love dogs. I have a patch on my dog’s vest that says “please pet me”, but I totally get it when you say no, please don’t pet my dog.

    But to your second comment, when fans come up to you, man that’s the price you pay for having 3.5 million subscribers. I respect where you are coming from, but like it or not you are a public figure in the pet community. People will come up and want to talk to you. Just don’t be rude if someone comes up to you and wants to talk. Last thing you want to do is get into a jackpot especially if someone records you blowing your top.

  288. bubba g

    I use people as training tools. I’ll have my dogs do a sit stay while theirs being reactive, and I’ll practice correcting my dogs for jumping if they try to jump on the person petting them.

  289. Georgia Cinq-Mars

    No, he is in training. No, he is not allowed to do meet and greets. No, he is working. No, ( hand up in a stop position).

  290. Trish

    Then there’s the people that ask, you say no sorry, very nicely, and two seconds later their kids are all over my dog…

  291. Geo's Stuff Prime

    I run up to people from an entire block away and ask if it’s ok to pet their dog or if it’s being trained. Since mine had to get put down I like seeing other dogs now.

  292. Lori Mrasek

    When people come up to me in public, can I pet your dog, my answer is always NO, and that’s it, amazing how people get offended by the word no.

  293. Megleighpd

    Having people give me and my dog space is such a challenge

  294. gotbordercollies

    You know a vet, who use to be your student, who would be happy to answer your questions for free.

  295. Itz_Superby

    Love your videos man really appreciate it ❤️😀😀

  296. Itz_Superby


  297. Derick Kreller


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