This is my LAST CHANCE... We’re not even close. Reality Dog Training
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This is my LAST CHANCE… We’re not even close. Reality Dog Training

This is my last chance to train this dog to listen before we go into the real world.

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262 Thoughts to “This is my LAST CHANCE… We’re not even close. Reality Dog Training”

  1. Lethal

    It is interesting the way you use your primary marker, stay is not implied with “yes”?

  2. Danielle DeMars

    I love this series!!

  3. Nick Poulido

    Hi love you videos

  4. Kylasbibi

    In my opinion the reason the crate is not working is because it’s too big. She should not be able to pace in her crate. It also needs a cover to simulate a den like atmosphere. Start hand feeding her while she is in the crate so that she will associate her crate with good thing. BTW the more you hand feed her the more attention she will pay to you. A German Shepherd is a different breed when it comes to training. I have been training my 11 month old GSD since she is was 9 weeks old.

  5. Ivan Alfonso

    This training is pathetic

  6. Steve Kinney

    What a beautiful German Shepherd. Great Dog, and great job!

  7. Marina

    si al tipo le sacas la comida se queda en bolas, además ese arnés no ayuda en nada. Algo que seguro se puede enseñar y aprender en 5 sesiones con otro collar y otra técnica, a él le lleva un mes mínimo, bastante ineficiente desde mi punto de vista. Decí que el perro no es agresivo ni nada de eso pq sino ahí estaría complicada la cosa…

  8. Holly Chuter

    Loving this series! Moira is so great!

  9. Denise Alexander

    Why do you have such a limited time with her? Is that a recipe for success? She’s lovely. I would hate to see sure a treasure go to someone who wasn’t ready or as good as you.

  10. jesus treyes

    Well in the case of introducing your dogs to her i opposed because like you said your dog have much more polite play style and dont want todeal witg too much energetic, on the other hand it would help moira to play more safely and be careful you shoukd introduce them but dont let them get too rambunkshus

  11. Diana VP

    I’m curious why you say STAY to leave the toy burrito alone, rather than say LEAVE IT. ??

  12. Timothy Kelly

    Zak, you ate a lifesaver THANK YOU.

  13. Denise Alexander

    I have this very issue. My girl would rather play with a toy than work for a high value treat. Every distraction is a major herding potential.

  14. Maja Sobczyk

    I have a 8 month old maltipoo and I am following everything you do from trading to leash walking ! I love love love this series, thank you :))

  15. Kate Wallace

    Would LOVE to see a series with a small dog! I think it would be super helpful to see how you train leash walking, fetch/frisbee, barking, and debilitating anxiety with these smaller dogs. Love your videos, can’t wait to keep learning!

  16. Katarzyna Czubaszek

    This is a great series! Congrats on the work 🙌🙌🙌 greetings from me and my ‘problematic’ rescue Burek

  17. Carolin Coren

    Has she been to a Vet? I’d be curious if she has genetic issue.

  18. bobby jenkins

    Why do you wear shoes in your house? They look clean but it just seems strange.

  19. Kyle Parker

    Just 2 questions. How often do you have to clean your rug? Also how long did she stay in the utility room? I did the small space with my Golden years ago. She thought the wood cabinets would be a nice chew toy😁

  20. Gerry Widnell

    Thanks again. I’m really enjoying and learning.
    Can I ask. Is that your wife in the shopify advert?
    Stay safe.

  21. Cheryl Parker

    So helpful! Moira is pretty irresistible…much like that burrito toy! Smart girl!

  22. SoulRollerFIN

    We started using the clicker for our Kelpie and man, he is so tuned into it. Even passing other dogs seems so much easier with the cliker and treats in hand. Passing is still the hardest thing though. One bad experience passing an aggressive dog when he was about 9-10 months and that was enough for him to still get triggered.

  23. Vandit Patel

    The way you are teaching your dog is just amazing. THere is no clearcut answer of what you are trying to do with her. You just have to spend time with your dog. Thats the bottom line

  24. Margaret Fleming

    She is such a beautiful looking dog. You do look as though you have a new baby in the house though, sleep deprived! I think you will have lost half a stone by the time she’s ready for adoption!

  25. Margaret Kuhn-Conroy

    Wondering how many hours a day you work with her

  26. Ray

    Hi Zak. One of our dogs is also very similar to Moira but he goes “crazy” when he sees another dog . He would not only try to run towards the dog but also barks or screams … I hope we can use the techniques you shared to better train him .

  27. Ciara Griffin

    I watched your videos for one year at least before getting a puppy. I have both your books too. Right now, he’s almost 1 year old, the real win is just creating a bond. But I’m revisiting here because of the beautiful work around things like eye contact. I just want to commend you for your consistent respect with each animal, it’s so gentle and beautiful. Thank you so much for always showing that, it’s really a special and care-filled thing. I imagine that i’ll continue to watch your videos for many years. The care and respect for each animal is a very unique and lovely thing. Thank you Zak

  28. Toby Havaneese

    Do you think playing music while you are gone is a good idea?

  29. PebbleInYo Shoe

    Poor dog 🙁 stressed because the handler is wilfully ignorant and places his “beliefs” and “opinions” above the dogs well being

  30. ThickGloomySlimes

    Guys if you want to watch a REAL dog trainer go watch Ivan Balabanov, Larry Krohn and Shield k9.

  31. Danielle

    These dogs must be very sad when they realize YOU are not going to be their parent. They must miss you very much because I’ve watched other dog trainers and you seem to understand dogs on a very deep level…Inertia is very lucky. And i’m grateful for you for teaching me to understand and have patience with them. 🙂

  32. loveeragon1993

    I had a dog that I didn’t trust anymore alone in the living room, but in my bedroom he just wouldn’t sleep and that was not ideal. We got a crate, but didn’t have months to get him used to sleep in a closed crate. So what I did was take a blancket from his old bed and put it on the cushion in the bench and made the bench his only bed option. For the whole day the doors where open and we just used it as a normal bed. Then that night he had almost no problems with me like closing the doors. Because of the crate he has now learned that we sleep at night and sleeps in my bedroom.

  33. Hanzo Hattorri

    Man my 7 month goldendoodle is the same!!😭😭😭

  34. Lehla Quartz

    When he held up that bowl of Nomnom I became jealous. The people who sponsor his videos have better looking food for the dogs than I have for myself.

  35. Dóra Oltyán

    Zak! For the crate thing… she is a rescued dog. Crate(cage) = loneliness because she was in a crate(cage) at the rescue place too! Its a trauma for the dog i beleive. Thats why it is hard to teach to use it properly 🙁

  36. Denise Peralta-Smith

    I’m sorry, but this is funny to me. This was my girl 4.5 years ago. She is now 5 and nothing like that anymore. Took a lot of training, consistency, and patience.  I also had to act like a crazy person to get her attention on me and not other distractions. Good for both of us, people stayed away. LOL!!

  37. Thunderdragon

    i use to use we feed raw but since i lost my job due to covid we resorted to basic kibble so doubt we can afford nom if we can’t afford we feed raw

  38. Yadira Valdez

    These series are helping me so much with my 10 week old Belgian Mali

  39. Rebecca

    Just wondering if anyone has any advice- does clicker training really help with the reinforcement? Just curious because Zak hasn’t done any clicker training in this recent series. And my dog is a shepherd mix and VERY similar to Moira!

  40. Kim Manning

    She barked because she was bored and wanted attention. You showed up with chicken and fun. Shouldn’t you have brought her a new toy and went back to what you were doing? I feel like you are teaching her to bark at you when she’s bored and fun will come.

  41. Shanley Mello

    PS – Loving your book Guide to a Well-Behaved Dog

  42. Shanley Mello

    I get so excited when I see another episode of Moira training. Such great detail in these real-life training sessions. Many Thanks to the George family. Hope to see more rescue dog trainings in the future.

  43. S Bender

    I have 2 Goldendoodles that I’m training. One is about to be 4 and the other is about to be 1. The 4 year old is very obedient. Do I always need to train them one on one? They love being together. Should I walk them separately as well? Have you ever done a video of training two dogs at once?

  44. Laura Buckley

    Great episode. It’s so nice to see how you adapt to Moira not responding to a situation. With my new rescue its hard to watch training videos and it looks so easy but in reality it’s not the case as my high energy dog is just not going to pick things up so quickly as the world is super exciting . These videos are so reassuring. Can’t wait for the next one. I love her name. We have a town in northern ireland called Moira

  45. Myriam Felix

    My friends probably just watch anime and makeup tutorials and I’m over here learning about dog training

  46. no

    the dog is only listening and responding to treats, huge mistake

  47. Eric Lattimore

    Positive reinforcement is all good… but a verbal marker such as, “NO” would help speed the process up much faster. Eventually, you’re definitely going to have to add in some sort of correction.

  48. Hana O

    I would like to see a follow up when she gets adopted, i would really like to see how is she doing.

  49. no

    zak george is a bad trainer, ngl

  50. Artsy. Arlene

    I would adopt her if I had a house

  51. Ava Sempler

    hi! ive been watching your videos even before you got inerta and you inspired me to do dog training from a very young age i actually just did a dog training session with my friends new puppy and i taught how to walk on leash inside and i took off the leash so the puppy could have a break and he still kept walking next to me even without the harness and leash on it was so cute and that just shows that dogs would go the extra mile to use what they learn and I am so happy that your training is so positive and helpful thank you!

  52. Elli Launer

    I absolutely love this series. You can really learn a lot especially from a dog like Moira where everything needs to be done perfectly to make it work. Thanks a lot Zak!

  53. T M

    You need Cesar Millan. He works with the psychology of dogs. Then, you can take over with your training.

  54. Anna Collins

    I was a preschool toddler teacher for 5 years. I have discovered that training a dog is very VERY similar to teaching a toddler. Positive reinforcement (positive decipline is what we say in the classroom) and patience are always the key to successful training/teaching.

  55. Kris Jill

    Awesome stuff, it’s helping me a ton. Keep it up! x


    This is so inspiring!! Excellent narrative and superb examples ! Thank you 😊

  57. Craft with Love

    My dog looked at that normal-sized bone and then looked back at me like: “Mama, can I have one?”

  58. zizinnnn

    also come ooon sleeping next to a dog is the best

  59. Krista Rae

    Moira is such a beauty. German Shepards have always been my favorite breed of dog

  60. Rosella DePass

    Moira needs a SwiftPaws Home lure course to channel that energy!

  61. Talia Knowles

    I love watching Moira learn. One of the dogs I walk struggles with leaving food alone when we encounter it on walks. He loves food, which is great for training, but I need to work on upgrading his knowledge of a basic “leave it” to being able to walk over fresh chicken or other highly tempting foods.This episode is showing me that, yes, it might take a while, but step by step, it can be done. Thank you for this series! I am loving it!

  62. melissa janik

    So did you switch Moira out with a look alike between episode 3 and 4? She’s so much better. Episodes 1-3 I’ve had the mindset of “YES! This is just like my dog” and today’s video has me feeling like my dog is just hopeless.

  63. Swagsage

    Hey Zak! I really enjoy these types of series were you train from start to end, very entertaining! I was so excited for episode 4 after I watched episode 3. Keep up the good work and good luck on your journey.

  64. JuliaDubber

    I have an Irish Terrier who is so much like Moira, cannot control himself around other dogs whatsoever. Your series is giving me hope!!

  65. Sarah Radke

    Thank you for doing this very realistic training video with a high energy pup. It’s been really helpful to hear you talk about how you trouble shoot and change things up when something isn’t working. I’m trying to apply this to our lovely young energy-laden dog, who is super smart, but does not learn in the same way our previous dog did. Slowly increasing my skills and ‘bag of tricks’, so thanks again!

  66. This Sun Child

    Make your own dog food. You don’t need to pay for expensive prepacked food. It’s a falsehood that you cannot make your own food for your dog. One of my dogs lived for 21 years on homemade cooking.

  67. Mani Maran

    ohh i see that aerial training shot for the intro! killing it, getting better with each new video! love you guys

  68. zizinnnn

    ok one question, why only 2 weeks? and how much time in a day do you work with her? reinforcing some behaviors and counterconditioning can take months. Thank you for everything that you do!

  69. Lynn Mcfatter

    Zak, can you show how to use a ball on a rope as a reward during leash walking training?? 😃 My Malinois is very toy & food motivated so I’d like to use both currencies in my training.

  70. Maggi Valentine

    Why is the dog still jumping like it’s a game? Take the bone, dog jumps, dog gets bone, dog learns to jump more. This is ridiculous. Moira should know more by now, not all this changing of tactics confusing her. Love that Zac said don’t get mad, don’t yell at her, he’s got that 100% right.

  71. Joshua

    Watching this series helps me reevaluate how to teach Lily even more I have good days and not so amazing days as she is 3 years old but have seen great improvements in longer term

  72. StrayBats

    Moira really did well with her alone time in her crate. I might try your technique out with my dog, soon.

  73. Dariel Gonzalez

    What leashes do you recommend? And which leather leash are you using on her?

  74. Korni

    Moira is EXACTLY like my dog and I am so grateful for these series, I learn a lot and I can also teach my dog better

  75. Baked Potato

    I honestly love your videos and all that you do, all of your dogs are sooo cute! Your videos have helped me a lot with training my own puppies. For the leash training, I know that many people think this is horrible and cruel, but I would really recommend a prong collar. Dogs in the wild will bite each other’s neck to show if they do something wrong, and they don’t get hurt, but they fix it instantly. Let’s be honest, everyone has seen the picture of the holes in the dog’s neck from having a pinch collar on. And I agree, that is horrible and cruel, but that is a result of keeping the prong collar on for WAYYYY longer than supposed to. You should only put it on for training, never leave it on like you would a flat collar of harness. The prong collars are not cruel if used properly, and I would really recommend getting one for Loyra, that leash pulling that she was doing in the past isn’t ok. Dogs really like when trainers are black and white, and please don’t run away from corrections, they make sense to a dog and will really help with training. If one day you are walking and a bird flys down in front of her, she could unexpectedly pull the leash out of your hands and just run off. With a prong collar, walking is much safer. Again, a prong collar is not cruel, it is a training tool. If you need more info, a good video is . Robert Cabral is a good channel for info like this. Please research this. Please consider getting Loyra a prong collar. I was in the same mindset about all positive dog training, and that prong collars and corrections are horrible, but I did some research, and I know that it will help. My dogs had HORRIBLE leash pulling habits, now, after I introduced them to a prong collar, they have fixed it immediately. Trust me, I bet after 1 training session with a prong collar she will not pull at all. It was what happened with my dogs. ALSO, my dogs probably love me more now that I showed them corrections, as it makes sense to them. Don’t think that showing corrections will make them aggressive, it doesn’t, they behave soooo much better. Do some research, it will make dog training easy and show great progress. It will save you stress from having only 2 weeks to train her. As some dogs don’t understand all positive training, I really think that incorporating correction will help you with Loyra. I am not saying to do this with every dog if you don’t want to, I just really want Loyra to be able to get a good home and be well trained. Again, I love you videos and have been a HUGE fan for a long time. Thx soo much.

  76. Christopher Rawlins

    I feel like the harness is a bad idea, why not a front connecting harness or a collar? The back connected harness seems to encourage pulling from what I’ve seen and experienced.

  77. Sharna Hudson

    What sort of bone is that my crazy Labrador and Saint Bernard would love that

  78. Mary Bowman

    I feel like these are getting even better 😊👍only what?…2 product endorsements to skip lol overall pretty good content though! This series seems less “forced”, if you will, than the others I’ve seen. I would love to see more behavior modification type cases on this channel dealing with more difficult cases like older, adult rescue dogs with fear/anxiety/aggression issues as so many people adopt challenging rescue dogs namely bully breeds and end up bringing them back to the shelter. I am personally obsessed with mastiff breeds though. Corso’s are my personal favorite of all mastiff breeds and can be super challenging! But so so much fun to train!

  79. DON ANGEL188

    I’m a new viewer but been watching this with the idea she cud make a good police dog if not suitable for a straight adoption. I think the high intensity training wud totally be her thing

  80. mwilk19

    That wasn’t as bad as it first appeared. She’s getting it. When you get Moira outside around people and other dogs is when it will get interesting. My wife and I look forward to the next episodes.

  81. M W

    Loving the series. But very courageous choice of shirt color/pattern on close-up shot 🙂

  82. Laura Legends

    I wish there was a ‘human trainer’ you could hire that would follow you around all day and reward you for good behaviour. *Takes garbage out* YES GOOD GIRL, CHOCOLATE FOR YOU

  83. Brandie Knaggs

    I really love seeing the “troubleshooting” in action! This helps me understand the concepts behind the training and how to respond to what the dog is giving me, instead of just feeling stumped if the first thing doesn’t go well.

  84. Isabella Rose Sky Klopukh

    Loving this series soooooo much!!! I had the same issues training my rescue dog with lie down, took her a few weeks to even let me lure her into the position at all! She’s better with it now, but still won’t hold it or stay in a down if I ask her to.

  85. Savannah M.

    Where do you keep Inertia (and Indy), and how do you manage time with her while you’ve been training Moira?


    Take it to Cesar Milan, he was able to control Cartman 😂

  87. Mara Orengo

    Yessssss! Thank you.

  88. Karina

    Great job extinguishing her Toy Drive, will make future training so much easier!!

  89. Karina

    Great progress with a breed that’s so low-trainability as a German Shepherd, much easier with a breed that’s smarter & more eager to learn…

  90. Karina

    Wow, FIVE DAYS worth of work, and she actually gives him some attention when HE HAS TREATS inside in an environment with no distractions, WOW, fantastic!!

  91. Linda Moore

    Your honesty is admirable

  92. Karina

    George mentioned resource guarding? Really? I’m surprised, esp as he hand feeds and has done a lot of trust building. Shouldn’t be likely with this dog or breed

  93. Ayodeji Abodunde

    How can you keep your dog out of rooms you don’t want

  94. Karina

    Typical young German Shepherd, pretty girl! If all else fails, I’d be happy to take her!! My happy, obedient male GSD would love to have a sister😝

  95. Bram Van Hoye

    How many trainings do you do per day? And how long?

  96. Andrea Flores

    Great video! Thank you 🌟

  97. Samantha Hu

    Gimme my burritoooo!! ….. 😂

  98. LadyPisces

    This was a great episode and gave me so much insight that now I can share with a customer of mine who’s dog I’m helping her train. Thank you so much! Plus I was so happy when you switched the burrito for a less distracting toy cause I was thinking that same thing right before you did it which means I’m on the right track mentally to be come a good dog trainer! These videos are providing so much education and insight for someone learning. Thank you zak 🙂

  99. Freja W

    Hi Zak, love your videos. I am getting a puppy for the first time in a month. And your video with Kona was really great. Also I like the new episodes with Moira. Greetings from Denmark

  100. Sarah Hanlon

    I love this series!

  101. Bojambo

    This series is awesome. You’ve really helped with my timid and anxious rescue Alaskan Husky. The biggest concept anyone should take away from your videos is letting the dog CHOOSE to make a good decision. I love seeing my dogs little brain working away thinking about what she should do. Although your liberal treat usage has my dog treating me like a snack vending machine on walks and at the dog park 😜. But she PAYS attention to me outside now which is a big win.

  102. Pedro

    My dog is EXACTLY like her.
    I took a vacation and I’m training him everyday, I’ve bought books, watched videos…
    1 more week to get back to work and he’s doing so much better now, your videos really helped!
    It takes time and discipline (especially for us), but it is worth!

  103. JohnLeBleu

    More post effects please!

  104. Aideen Kinch-O'Kane

    You can do it Zac!

  105. blythe buttery

    Moira is SO like my dog! We rescued him at 6 months (husky x border collie) and the only difference was he was also mouthy 😂 we discovered Zak George and became huge fans and followed his advice and now we have a 4 year old ANGEL for a dog!!! I have full faith in Zac George training Moira.

  106. Goldangel

    Can’t wait to work on these concepts with my GSD mix. I didn’t think of using a irresistible toy to work on her impulse control. But seeing how the upcoming video will be her over reacting in public gives me anxiety since this is how my own dog behaves. At least I have more time to be working with her before I try taking her out again. She is impossible to walk in our subdivision and all of our neighbors give us such dirty looks when I’m trying to work in counter conditioning her. These videos are a huge help for us to guide us in the right direction. Thank you so much for making these.

  107. HYTELES

    I think it’s much easier to leash train a really small dog versus a big dog.

  108. Karen Shen

    The training looks hard but your really good at training

  109. Allii I

    People who dont believe in alpha training style training dogs be like this vid

  110. Ben Neill

    Keep up the unedited cuts of the training session. As a new trainer in training (Studying at the Ethology Institute), I enjoy seeing the more raw training footage. You reinforced my training habits before I even started learning all the theory. So I thank you for taking the approach you do.

  111. Jagged Unicorn!

    I have a dog very similar to this one. Both in behavior and breed! Only problem is, my dog is not food motivated, especially in outside environments. She will spit out chicken and even bacon! We have tried a variety of treats from commercial to homemade to just plain meat. Doesn’t work. So we tried toys, and she will ignore her favorites. So the only thing we have as currency is praise, however it’s not very effective. I need help guys! Is it possible to train a dog who is like this?? I really don’t want to use force, but I feel like it’s either that or just excepting a untrained dog.

  112. panzertoo

    Start forming some drills install a recall a default down ,there is no rhyme or reason to this guy’s method

  113. Bogdan Chernov

    All fun and games indoors and any hope that she will be a well socialized dog in 2 weeks is just wishful thinking. It will take many month and many exposures and correction for her to be decent. Even than she is still an immature pup.

  114. bigfelix170

    How long are the training problem is when you separate them they can’t focus.

  115. N7Mith

    If you’re fine with your dog getting on furniture, please do yourself a favor and teach them they only can get up there if you invite them. It makes it so much easier when you’re visiting friends or family where they don’t like it, if they’re used to needing permission. I did this way too late and had to train for weeks to make it reliable.

  116. Christine Burr

    My dog is like Moira, but she is getting better. It takes a lot of patience. There both 10 months old.

  117. Lakshmi Sriram

    hi zak pls reply and pls pin my comment I need help in dog training

  118. Mister Whistler

    I was afraid Moira was going to go nuts when you closed the door to the “Dog Closet”, but she did so good!😍

  119. kavita deva

    Thanks Zak. Whenever I train my dogs I always make it so they are allowed on furniture in my place that is, but as soon as I say the word off they have to get off. So they normally just sit there and I will say okay and then they’ll come up and then I say off and they get off. That way I like my dogs with me on furniture or the bed but I want them to know they can’t just come up there, they have to be invited up there. Then told off when they must get off. I really enjoy watching the mistakes I’m learning so much and I so appreciate you doing this series. Have a great day.

  120. Sam Hafezi

    This is fantastic! Love these videos as I’m getting a GSD in a few weeks. Quick question Zak re: how you play with the dog. I notice you don’t pet her or cuddle/give belly rubs too often – is this simply done off camera? Or is it done outside of training sessions? Or are you avoiding this altogether? Looking forward to more episodes!

  121. Parnia Shokri

    That burrito is irresistible.

  122. DDE

    Zak the Dog training God. Such great content – especially since its a dog that’s SUPER high energy.

  123. sully

    Keep up the great work!

  124. OfficialMango

    Voice Crack at 03:19 lol😂

  125. jambulatv Jambula tv

    Thank you Zak for all the tips! you have helped my puppy so much!

  126. Borys Slowikowski - Frame Drums

    C’mon, Cezar Millan would cope with this one in 5 minutes – a bit of choking, pinch of kicks, all seasoned with snapping, hissing and ‘he clearly wants to dominate you’ talk – that’s all you need 😉

  127. Marianne Esquivel

    I can’t wait for the outdoors training!!!

  128. Lindsey Fanning

    I love that your primary concern is the dog’s stress and anxiety level 😊

  129. Diana A

    The girl likes her burritos!!

  130. Stayc Girls It’s Going Down


  131. Don Ali

    Damn i got that exact blue shirt always reminds me of the grape flavored blue bell bullets popsicle wrapper

  132. roxie frox

    Your videos are so helpful for training my havanese. These videos with Moira show that any dog can be trained, no matter how long it takes!

  133. Andrea N

    0:05 oh my gosh this is how my 8 month old acts and it’s so embarrassing!

  134. huskykps

    So glad to see this series, me and my mom are watching it together and it’s great!!!

  135. Adriana Timková

    Perfect 👍👍👍

  136. Annie Rule

    I bet Moira would be a good sport dog or search and rescue dog. You can see how smart and driven she is. GSDs love to have a job too. I hope we see her adoptive family give her a job she loves.

  137. arturova

    NICE Love this new series

  138. Lucky-Ace

    Im so glad you are making these videos with this kind of dog because I watch your videos to help my own dog and like she acts like Moira. She is about 8-9 months as well and literally acts the same. She also like to talk back as well.

  139. Song Says

    I wonder if he’ll start leash “walking” in his yard and have Bree walk Inertia in the distance. Practice attention with a more familiar dog in a less exciting environment (the yard) before moving outside. (Love seeing a high energy GSD in this series! Still want Zak to take on a “difficult to train” breed like a bulldog and/or one not interested in food or toys. They exist!

  140. Suii stunning

    petition to beg Zack to adopt Moira🤗

  141. Tisya Kana

    I love your videos please do a dog seris of a Husky. I subscribed to you. My family is the biggest fans.

  142. Les Fibres Fantastiques

    « So the chicken understand the concept of sit and stay. » mmm And all this time, I tought Moira was a dog…

  143. duma zuma

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