This is How You Punish a Dog. Real World Dog Training For Real Dogs! This is legit!!! (NPSG Ep 17)

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This is How You Punish a Dog. Real World Dog Training For Real Dogs! This is legit!!! (NPSG Ep 17)

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87 Thoughts to “This is How You Punish a Dog. Real World Dog Training For Real Dogs! This is legit!!! (NPSG Ep 17)”

  1. GaEl VaRgAs

    love you videos what kind of harness do you use george

  2. SJ

    What kind of dog is this?

  3. Justmefolks

    Does anyone know what length a training lead should be for best control?

  4. Dev P

    Hello everyone I need help. My 9 week old labrador puppy keeps on biting and chewing up pee pads and won’t potty on them. Also can’t take him outside since its super snowy. Please help!

  5. Thomas Cardassi

    I have a 15 week goldendoodle F1B. Been following allowing trying my best. What type is Kona?

  6. N7Mith

    I agree about the least force necessary argument. But there’s a difference between different dogs. Pups have to be “built from the ground up,” so all behavior can be formed easily. If you get a rescue with a trauma, it can be more beneficial to use some force to push through that trauma, especially when they’re too anxious for treats. Prong collars are very effective at that, _when used correctly._ Every tool – even treats – can be used right and wrong. If your dog only listens when you have treats, then you’ve used treats wrong. This is often the case when people have been following positive only trainers and their dogs becomes problematic. No, not every one, but some. You wouldn’t use a hammer to put a screw in, so there’s a right tool for every moment.
    Now, I wouldn’t use a prong on a pup. But when a dog has absolutely no grip on any situation and is impossible to motivate, it can be the choice between a prong or a syringe. This is often the case with dogs that have had no or too little guidance. When it’s a proper prong (blunt, NOT sharp) it’s a harsh correction, but it doesn’t hurt or damage the dog. It literally snaps them out of their state of mind, and shows them that they only have to pay attention to the handler and things will work out for them. You can see the transformation and it’s absolutely beautiful. In such cases, yes it’s some force but it’s the least amount of negative experience. Because if you don’t, that dog will stay in the same state of mind until it dies, which is sooner rather than later. If done right, you only have to correct the dog a handful of times (for every situation they get anxious in), and they don’t need the prong afterwards.

    E-collars are a bit different though. Lots of trainers rely on e-collars as punishment, and they have ones that go from _ouch_ to _INFINITE POWER!!!_ Those collars per definition hurt dogs and can damage their skin. Absolutely against those. But the new line of e-collars go from 0 to 100 or more, and you literally don’t even feel anything under 20, but dogs feel them already at 5. There’s no pain or skin damage there, just some type of experience that you then teach them to associate with a command. I’m not against those, but I also don’t feel that they’re necessary to control a dog off leash. Both my dogs listen perfectly off-leash, and all I’ve had to do was take their freedom away when they didn’t. (in controlled situations of course.) Turns out they really do like their freedom, so they prefer to listen when I make it clear they have to.

  7. Gaming with LEGO Sebby

    This channel helps me and my dog so I subbed with notifications on

  8. Navjot Singh


  9. Megan Greene

    My puppy, Dominic, is a newborn right now. I will be going to visit him in a couple of weeks at the breeder’s house. He is a Cavalier Spaniel. In Cavalier Spaniel training, they do not respond to punishment well.

  10. Creative Diamond Dogs

    Really liked the explanation of positive reinforcement vs punishment.

  11. Jc

    There comes a point where the dog needs to do without expecting a treat. The example of pulling a dog into a down is a very outdated example, as most balanced trainers now a days use positive to teach and will use corrections later as the dogs understands. Treats will only work for so long, until the dog finds something it enjoys more. You also take almost two years to let your dog off leash, proper low level e collar can allow it in a few weeks and the dog will enjoy it just as much, Watch larry krohn. If your dog is on leash the whole time obviously it is going to listen. Yes use treats, they are necessary, but use the tools to your advantage. There are even studies out there that say withholding treats are more stressful than e collar or prong stimulation. Balanced training is the way to go.

  12. Ben Neill

    Rumbler sirens 🙂 Wish we had them up here in NB, Canada. (I’m a medic)

  13. brittany ouldcott

    Part of me wonders if this style of training could be used on human toddlers in a way…. I see kids everyday who’s parents are flat out screaming at them and it makes me wonder if some positive reenforment would do humans good too….

  14. Austin-_

    These videos were made years ago. Any updates on how Kona’s training wentb

  15. Wagging Tails Dog Training

    That hurricane was CRAZY!!!

  16. Stuart c

    3 weeks stretched over 3 months the owner must miss his dog lol!!

  17. erriberri

    My dog is not learning her name at all…and will not walk on the leash…just pees and goes back inside 😂

  18. Marina

    Inspiring!!! Thank you Zak.

  19. Science Help

    So you did a family face reveal and your home location reveal lol

  20. Kissondra Giordano

    Hey Zak! How do you train a hunting dog to not chase and hunt down bunnies and pet cats and small fluffy things? Is there a way to teach them the difference between when they are out hunting and when they are not?

  21. Sarah Levering

    Found the wind truly distracting in our blizzard

  22. Ena Grant

    I love how it’s a hurricane and he is wearing shorts

  23. Nova Kruger

    I just got a new puppy I’ve been watching your videos along with other dog trainers to gather all the info I can! He’s a little American Eskimo dog I can’t wait to see where our hard work will take us!

  24. SEL328

    Thank you for your videos! I have a 14 week old German Shepherd and your videos have been so helpful.

  25. Coretta Ha

    Yes, sir; but how do we punish them if we live too far inland to call down hurricanes upon them?

  26. Elle Marie

    My puppy is starting to make me bleed with his nipping 😭

  27. Estevan Felix

    Zak, what are some drawbacks of using your training method of only positive reinforcement. I really like the way that you train but I’m concerned about trying it myself for the first time with zero experience in training dogs. For some really intelligent and less food motivated dogs, what would you do to maintain positive reinforcement training?

  28. King Puentespina

    Can’t wait to finally get my puppy next month and apply a years worth of watching your videos hahah

  29. Michelle Heegaard

    I’m very curious of whether you found yourself becoming more patient, as you had more experience training a wide range of dogs? Does mantaining patience around puppies simply become easier with time and as you gain more experience as a dog owner/trainer?

    I’m a first time dog owner and NEVER had any experience with dog’s growing up. And God is it difficult to keep my cool at times. I always feel bad afterwards because I end up reacting/training him in less ideal ways.

  30. TiffiandTessi01

    Kona is just such a good dog! I hope we get to see her every now and then when the “puppy survival guide” has ended!!

  31. Olya Makarova

    Thanks, Zak! 
    Before the appearance of the puppy, I watched your videos without stopping. Therefore, training with the puppy went well) 

    But I have a problem! 
    I live in a very noisy city, next to trams, and I live in a country where it is winter now and snow is always knee-deep and getting to know the street is terrible. I showed the puppy the street very gradually and encouraged any success. But the puppy has a terrible fear. He is afraid of cars, trams, and other dogs. Even if we have not yet gone out into the street, but he understands that he will go now – he has a panic. He doesn’t take snacks, doesn’t listen. At home, when I turned on the sounds of the street, everything is in good. 
    Please advise something.
    (Trainer advised me to take the puppy for a ride on the tram so that he could see from the inside what kind of car it was. But we can’t even go outside the house.)

  32. Henggao Cai

    Do you have a generator?

  33. Za Ninja

    I have a golden doodle, he loves to bite me, and play at the same time

  34. Kacey Clark

    Your tips really help!

  35. song jim

    zak! 감사합니다

  36. Alicia Keeney

    I just got my mini aussie. He doesnt seem food motivated. At least he hasn’t been too eager to devour treats yet. So my question is, how would you motivate and train a pup who is not food motivated?


    So wholesome, you methods are so easy and dog friendly

  38. Camila

    I’m definitely gonna get the 30-day perfect pup course…..

    when I get my dog in like 2 months lol

  39. dumplings1997

    Hi Zak! Any plans on possibly doing a training series with an adult shelter dog?

  40. Asmr Queen

    I’m getting a German shepherd puppy in 2 weeks. Your videos are amazing to help me prepare for her arrival. Thank you!

  41. Jess Richardson

    How is Inertia doing ? Kona is so responsive and her leash walking is pawsome

  42. Mia Pegg

    Actually when done correctly corrections are very beneficial to your dog as they make it clear what is acceptable and what is not.

  43. Beckey the shitzue

    Thx for the help

  44. Musical singh

    Love from India
    If new dont forget To subscribe !

  45. Musical singh

    expect ❤❤❤❤❤❤🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  46. Musical singh

    I have a pomeranian dog she’s So smart and Even she doesn’t bite if we snatch the food from her Bh the way we doesn’t snatch food from her

  47. KarTheDeamon

    Hello Mr. George. I am a big fan of your channel.
    Can i have a request. Or if any of the commenters would care to reply, that would be great as well.
    Basically my situation is. I was saved by K-9 from a guy that tryed to stab me, when i made a withdrawal from ATM. He tried to stab in in my kidney eventhou i was cooperating. The K-9 Argo, he was badly injured and it will take months for him to get better, but he would not be able to be an active duty K-9 anymore, and his human partner allready has several of his former partners at home. So i am about to fullfill a request (that will be granted) to adopt this hero of mine. It is a 3yr old German Shepherd/ Czechoslovakian wolfdog. I am visiting him on daily basis and somehow i think he already understands that i am his new buddy. But since he is a K-9 and the Wolfdog part… Do you have any pointers or advice on how to make it easier for us to function properly. Our family, is a family of foresters, so we always had a dog that was trained to function in woods around. But truth being told, this one will be the very first i would have since my granfather died, so he will not be there to advize me if anything would happen. Plus since in it was a person of color who hurt him, i think it is good to ask, so i would know up front how to react if he would get nervous around the people who would resemble his attacker.
    I can imagine how he would feel. I was in bad traffic accident and i was scared of cars for a long time after that.
    I just want to be prepared.

  48. Krishna Nara

    Omg this helped so much! Thank you!

  49. Courtney Lewis

    For in the sense of standing on the lead to have the dog lay down trainers don’t just stand on the leash they also lure with treats this is called leash pressure

  50. Lily Jones

    Claim your “I’m early and this was really helpful” ticket here. 🎫🎫🎫🎫🎫🎫🎫🎫🎫🎫🎫🎫🎫🎫🎫🎫🎫🎫🎫🎫🎫🎫🎫🎫🎫🎫🎫🎫🎫🎫🎫🎫🎫🎫🎫🎫🎫🎫🎫🎫🎫🎫🎫🎫🎫🎫🎫🎫🎫🎫🎫🎫🎫🎫🎫🎫


    My puppy bites SO BAD and SO MUCH. It’s constant it’s very overwhelming. Hopefully it gets better with your tips!

  52. Wagging Tails Dog Training

    Almost 800 views- woo Hoo I’m early!!!!!

  53. Andrey Kokish


  54. Red Rage Studio

    censoring innocent words can make any sentence sound sexual, proof on recent video

  55. Gaming with LEGO Sebby

    This video helps me a lot cause my dog barks at other dogs and people on a walk then I ask him to sit and then the person walks by and then I give her a treat cause he didn’t bark anymore

  56. Beckey the shitzue

    Hey I hv a dog and this is really help full because she is a lil naughty

  57. Jake Lewman

    My dad got me your book for Christmas. Usually I’m like “I can just watch YouTube videos” but the book actually helped me with a few things for a 11 month old boxador pitbull mix. He is the sweetest dog I’ve ever met and don’t understand how he was mistreated and how someone could do that to him. But the only thing he did was nip on my beard and try to pet my face with his giant paws so he was just so friendly but didn’t understand his size. Thank you Zach

  58. The Gaming Nature

    Two more weeks in tell i get my bordercollie puppy
    I am going to try your 30 day perfect pup class i will tell you how it goes

  59. Achini Wickramarathne

    I am a huge fan and you are quite a dog expert. Your videos always work for my dog. All dogs who train under you are lucky.

  60. Tanushree Rajpura

    Love your videos a lot. kona is soo cute Training I am training my dog. 🥰😘😘😘🥰🥰😊😇your videos are helping and amazing😍👍🤩

  61. Certified Ben

    How old is Kona

  62. Abigail Maksin

    I love Kona and these videos! They help so much!

  63. Tanushree rajpura

    I love your videos and I am trying to train my dog by watching your videos 🥰☺😊😘😘they are helpful

  64. CinnamonToastStx

    Very helpful thank you

  65. Shaan

    This is the best video ever

  66. Joe Stoll

    Early squad! I’m getting a chocolate lab puppy in a few weeks and have been watching your videos trying to learn some tricks!! Thank you keep up the great content!!

  67. Internal Vibezz

    I have a Siberian husky and I’m 13 y/o paying for everything I get him myself and your videos help a lot!!!

  68. Sigur Barø

    Love You Video

  69. Chloe Seto

    Me still waiting to get my own puppy

  70. Hazel’s Hamster Haven

    Early! 12th view!

  71. john ducie

    I have been waiting for almost a week so I’m excited to finish watching this vid also I love your doggos


    I really needed this video for helping my pup . Thanks 😊

  73. Sigur Barø


  74. 1Punch KillZone

    Hey I have a dog and this series is really helping thqnks

  75. Sonia Sandoval

    Zak, I thought I was ready to train my puppy but when I try to he just wanders of. I can’t get him to focus. Can you help?

  76. Psycho Mantis

    Good vid

  77. leah ramos

    My dog dose not listen and just bits

  78. theo

    hi i love ur vids

  79. Erin Rose

    Kona is so gorgeous! My pup is 7 months old – he does pretty much everything apart from recall. He NEVER listens to his name and comes back to us! Any tips? X

  80. Gaming with LEGO Sebby

    How many dogs do you have

  81. Kiara Martinez


  82. Iwona Helinski

    Hello! I am in love with your videos my dog is learneing much faster!

  83. 100KSub Without Any Videos Challenge

    Claim you’re “early people” ticket here… de

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