This is EXACTLY How I Train a Dog! Daily Puppy Training Routine! NEW PUPPY SURVIVAL GUIDE (Ep 13)
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This is EXACTLY How I Train a Dog! Daily Puppy Training Routine! NEW PUPPY SURVIVAL GUIDE (Ep 13)

What does a full day of training a puppy look like?

I’ll show you the schedule I’m using with Kona the puppy!

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91 Thoughts to “This is EXACTLY How I Train a Dog! Daily Puppy Training Routine! NEW PUPPY SURVIVAL GUIDE (Ep 13)”

  1. Eduardo Dela pena

    I would love to see u training inertia again I miss seeing her

  2. Rode

    Any tips for puppys thats get car sick?

  3. 3WordsArentEnough

    How do you teach your dog that “OK” means “you can stop what you’re doing now”? I’ve seen you do this a lot, but wasn’t sure how that was taught in the first place! 🙂

  4. Banana ice cream

    hey zak i got a bark box ad before this haha. also thank you so much for this video i’ve been needing it

  5. Real Navy

    Zak, what brand treat bag do you recommend?

  6. Megli Ymeri

    I can’t train my spitz puppy. She don’t want to stay in a place. Is always running. I can’t do nothing 😞😞

  7. Kylie Deweese

    I know you have a great connection with Pupford, and I love the size of the treats, but my dog is very picky. I was wondering if you have a pumpkin flavor because that is what my dog likes, and what I know is very good for them, but I haven’t seen them on the Pupford shop. I would love to see those on there!

  8. Paul Carnesale

    Have any suggestions for jumping when you can’t treat your dog? My dog has seizures and his food has to be precisely given otherwise it can throw off his medications and cause seizures. He is toy motivated but that seems counter active when trying to get him to sit still

  9. CK Manalo

    yey! a new upload!

  10. Asher Iyer

    what breed is indy?

  11. Dania Flores

    I swear Kona is the easiest puppy ever 😂

  12. Emily Moores

    This was so useful! I’m getting a pup soon and was so confused on what I should do the entire day. This was so helpful along with 30 day perfect pup which I’ve signed up for. Thanks for all the help Zak 😁

  13. Brian calderon

    Where did you get the cage from mate

  14. Cecilia Rodriguez

    Multiple Tiny Treats > One Large(ish) Treat

  15. Amy

    “And I like that you’re old and beautiful” 🥰

  16. Torben Møller

    “Wish you luck!” There you go Zak. I hope it helped 😀

  17. Jaylen Tolbert

    Inda was like do I look like inertia, no so dont jump on me

  18. Violet Moon

    First thing I do in 2021? Got a five month old Doggo.

  19. R McFarland

    What age is Indie? Shes gorgeous 😍

  20. Dablair22

    I saw that you gave kona a treat when she went potty outside but I have also heard that you shouldn’t, as it encourages the dog to go elsewhere in the house, do you or anyone else have advice on this? We hope to get our new puppy very soon thanks 😄

  21. Lauralee Wheeler

    This series is great! Can you address how to deal with puppy biting kid feet? Our puppy pulls off socks and sometimes breaks skin on my kids feet.

  22. Sourabh Thakur

    Whoever is reading this may your parents live for more than 100 years . IF YOU WANT THIS THEN SUBSCRIBE TO MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL For more dogs videos

  23. Ethan K

    I have a 10 week old chocolate lab and when we play tug of war if u take the toy away he try’s to play tug of war with my clothes and gets very aggressive with it if you try and make it boring

  24. Psandy Lay

    Did you notice any difference between inertia and kona on how they interact with other dogs since inertia grew with a less playful, experienced dog whereas kona is growing with another young dog?

  25. Bex Delicate

    We’ve got a 12 week old, at what point should we be more firm with her walking by us on the lead, bearing in mind she hasn’t been out walking for a week yet? Instead of her pulling to smell everything?

  26. Jurgita Bernatavičiūtė

    I’d love to see a series where you work with fearful adult dogs who just freeze whenever you try to introduce them to anything new – those are mostly rescues.
    I foster a family of rescue puppies, and the mommy is so fearful that any trying to work on something miserably fails. She’s afraid yo be pucked up, she’s afraid to be outside, she’s afrsid to go out of her room, you name it… she tends to be agressive too, exept towards me. Very challenging.
    I’d love to see you work on difficult dog like that. I love the format of your videos, it’d be nice to see a day to day work on a dog like the one I’m fostering now. If at all possible, in the future. I’m truly lost at this point..🥺🥺😧😧

  27. Tammy Siegler

    What type of dog harness and collar do you use and recommend – I absolutely enjoy the videos – job well done – respect training

  28. Jurgita Bernatavičiūtė

    Awesome work, Zak! Thank you for pisting!🙂👍❤

  29. 나에게로초대

    Kona is so confuse when she couldn’t go out of her crate

  30. Micah Weiss

    It’s always surreal watching Kona. We started watching the series before we got our goldendoodle puppy, and now our Silvester is the same age as Kona (in the series) and they look EXACTLY the same!

  31. Killin Winnin

    Zach how do you train your puppy to stop barking because I have one and he barks sometimes and I want to train him to not

  32. Marina

    LOVED this video.

  33. Corgi Love

    Hasn’t it been more than 3 weeks?

  34. Corgi Love

    Thanks for another great video! I’m a big fan!


    I got a puppy a month ago. I’ve been watching you and your dogs since you got Inertia. Find your videos really helpful, love how Kona is progressing 💕 easily achieved with a trainer like you 🤩

  36. Devansh Malhi

    not gonna lie zack got some heat on his feat

  37. Omar Alidib

    Hey big fan my two dogs always bite each other is that playing

  38. Anne Findley

    We are picking up our first family pet, a standard poodle puppy, on Thursday. We’re so excited. He’s at “puppy boot camp” for a week before we get him. I’ve been watching your videos quite often. So much awesome info. Signed up for your 30 day class too!

  39. Louisa Arethanaya

    omg kona looks so big now compared to her in ep1 🥺😍😍

  40. Kyla Heayn

    Almost at 3 million!!! Wohoooooo

  41. BigJonny13

    does anyone know what happened to bb-8

  42. xanelle lacerda

    Zak George you are amazing

  43. Maritza Velez

    This is great for someone that doesn’t work or do this for a living. Put a video for normal working people they would like to train their beloved pet also.

  44. Francesca LaMontagne

    I really want to play fetch with my dog, but she’s just not interested in any toys that I try. I’ve tried, balls, ropes, rubber things, squishy soft toys etc. Any suggestions?

  45. Scarlet Rayne

    I love this! Thanks for showing healthy play with dog on dog corrections. It’s surprising how few owner know what’s play, what’s fighting, what’s too far and how to read the build up.

  46. Luke Williams

    The 30 day perfect pup course is amazing, I completed it yesterday

  47. Chrisrock Hlatshwayo

    Hey zak, uhh do u ever think of the day when inirshia is pregnant 🤔just asking(lemme know if I’m spelling her name wrong)

  48. Lisa Read

    My puppy will be fully vaccinated on Monday! I’ve been so worried I haven’t been socializing him but with the pandemic and the number of strays in Los Angeles, I felt l couldn’t take him on walks safely. Thankfully we will be in Colorado in a house with a yard and dog neighbors soon, hopefully, it goes well!

  49. Rangers Mugsie1

    How much does kona weigh now??

  50. Zoe Louise keetley-bowditch

    I haven’t even got my puppy yet, waiting for the litter to be born but have watched everyone of these videos and they are so informative and I already feel les overwhelmed as all puppy training classes and socialisation have been cancelled in my area due to COVID!

  51. Diya Raniga

    Hi, Can you train a coton de tulear puppy?

  52. Mariam Karadsheh


  53. random gen

    Thanks so much for this!!
    My parents said yes to a puppy!

  54. Erica Miller

    can you a video on crate training and how to get them to stay calm at night when your not in the room?

  55. Trillin Matt

    15:31 look at the other dog sit at the exact same time zak commanded to kona😂

  56. Shawna Roth

    When I watch these videos I’m like “Ok I can do that” but then I try it and nothing works.

  57. D

    Where are your other dogs????

  58. Victoria Bradley

    Im a young beginner dog trainer, how would u go about reteaching a dog to go outside and not in the house out of spite ???? Please i want to correct it but how would i go about that???

  59. asiana pai

    verry well video thanks for sharing im full support ur video
    all the best good lock my friend

  60. Patrick Vivacqua

    What breed of dog is Kona?

  61. Kyle Parker

    I enjoy your videos. I hope to be getting a new puppy in the spring. It is a long drive home after I get her. What is the best way to transport a new puppy on the first ride home?

  62. Roberts Lara

    Awesome 😍💋 💝💖♥️❤️

  63. ShockBug

    I would love to see a video on how to train your dog to travel to other places on planes and also the procedures you have to take.

  64. A Jackson-Ross

    Can I ask what breed is kona is she a cockapoo mix with poodle or cocker spaniel with poodle if u could let me know plz

  65. Anshika Lifestyle

    How to teach a dog to guard a person❤️

  66. CookieBeast88

    I’ve seen these videos so many times that the ads are just for bark boxes now.

  67. Kaylin Liberty

    10:43 has the best 😍💋 💝💖❤️

  68. Jazz vanO

    I LOVE these types of videos… day in the life with a puppy ❤❤🐶 pleaseee do more

  69. Theresa Hollowood

    OMG Im so excited

  70. Theresa Hollowood

    My puppy: sunuglle with me, play with me this is what my puppy always wants

  71. The Proverbial Hater

    Kona is life…

  72. Navjot Singh

    Amazing 😍😍😍😍😍😍

  73. Aisha Rudderham

    On an honest note I love all your videos especially your 2 newest series they have been so helpful throughout the years on my now 7 dogs including my new puppy

  74. hulva 2006

    OMG your videos are the best!! Thank you so much for making these videos Zak!!!

  75. Theresa Hollowood

    Me: where is his other dog

  76. Tanushree Rajpura

    I love your videos my neighbor got a new puppy 6 days ago. I will share your videos. When I take a new puppy I will train her with help of your videos. Thank you for making videos I find them very helpful 🥰😇☺😊 kona is sooo smart, cute and play ful. 😊😇

  77. Boishakhi Bartha Costa

    Best channel on YouTube for training dogs!!

  78. Brenda Pereira

    😇Such a cute dog🐕

  79. Leafy Animates!

    Thank you for your videos!! I like how you keep the mistakes in!!

  80. Sushmita Tambe

    I’m early

  81. Katherine Adamchick

    I have been WAITING for this video! Was just thinking earlier this morning that I need another video! TEACH ME OH GREAT ONE!

  82. Theresa Hollowood

    I started watching you during the pemdemic becuse I was getting a puppy

  83. A’S SQUAD ! !

    I am a big fan

  84. Emilija Krivane

    Finally a new video! 😆I really enjoy watching these videos❤️

  85. Amira Hassanali

    I’m getting a puppy for the first time do you have any recommendations i want my puppy to have the best life (also i loveeeee your videos they will be super helpful!)

  86. Aisha Rudderham

    Omg im first to comment and 3rd to like 🥰🥰🥰🤯🤯


    First . Zack I love your videos they help a lot

  88. Theresa Hollowood


  89. XBL Snowwy

    “Who else went straight to the comments?”🛩

    (Omg zak commented on my new video I’m crying ☘️)

  90. Marisetty Shyamaj

    I am 1st

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