These Predators Have The Most Powerful Mouths
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These Predators Have The Most Powerful Mouths

The average strength of a human bite is 162 psi, with which it can break the shell of a pistachio. But other creatures on the planet have 10 to 20 times bigger bite force than humans, and this is made possible by three powerful weapons: teeth that cut, tear, and chew the prey; jaw muscles that provide strength for biting and the tongue that in some cases is used as a very effective weapon. For instance, the chameleon has one of the fastest tongues, while the tongue of an anteater is as long as a human arm. Thanks to the jaws, some snakes can swallow prey much larger than their own head. While humans rely on other means to provide food, for some animals, strong jaws are the main feature of survival. So, in this episode: Predators with the Strongest Mouths in the Animal Kingdom.

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