These Dogs Will Never Betray you
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These Dogs Will Never Betray you

Loyalty is a virtue. A loyal person doesn’t change his beliefs and always keeps his promises. Our canine friends are the synonym of loyalty. According to some thoughts, dogs are loyal to humans, just because we provide them with food and shelter, however, the irresponsibility of some people in the past proves the opposite. Researchers think that loyalty is connected with the pack-oriented lifestyle that has provided dogs with survival and protection, therefore this is a pure natural behavior. Another theory considers selective breeding as a possible reason. You can say that every dog without exception is loyal, and you would be right, however, some particular breeds have an extra dose of loyalty.

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30 Thoughts to “These Dogs Will Never Betray you”

  1. Madhav Ranjit

    U missed LABRADORS!!!!!!

  2. Eric Ralph

    I was hoping to see labradors on this list.

  3. Dionne Mosier

    My Cane Corso was the most loyal dog I’ve ever owned. He LIVED to make me happy. He was so protective, saved or son from being attacked by a vicious dog, yet gentle with our toddler.


    The cane corso duhhh


    I’ll never betray you!!

  6. Shahan Gamer

    Plus pin me

  7. Jairden OG

    Both I love dogs

  8. jaxson backstrom

    lets go germen shepherd

  9. Kevin Young

    My dogo argentino is such a Velcro boy he’s love is for his com but I’m definitely his person.

  10. Adam Everett

    I have a eight year old male fixed German Shepherd eight years old and a six year old Connie Corso female fixed they are both so loyal and loving to me and my wife and our cats and little dogs. We owned a bull mastiff but when she was three years old she turned on her 16 year old me in pain and bit her right through the skull and shield her we had to rehome her for that reason because she started going after the cats and dogs

  11. Philip Roumeliotis

    Cane corso cause they are good guard dogs but more family dogs than dopermans in my opinion

  12. Kerri woollard

    Investing in crypto now should be in every wise individuals list. In some months time you’ll be ecstatic with the decision you made today…

  13. Roshan Jaitly

    For the question at the start I pick this one

  14. 10B 48 JANGAM SOHAM


  15. wolfman jack

    Akita 👍

  16. landa studio films and clips.

    Rough collie dogs should be good survival dogs for me.

  17. SalifyaB Ng'ambi

    What about the MUTT dogs

  18. P̷O̷A̷K

    A good dog here it would be the newfoundland dog or The Greater Swiss.

  19. D Ban

    Happy to see Cane Corso made the list. Boxers imo are extremely loyal as well. We own both and two that are mixed breeds. Lol i dislike lists. Maybe for first place have fifteen breeds that share first and by the time you got to twenty all breeds and mixes are on the list 😂😜 👍

  20. SalifyaB Ng'ambi

    Do another one the most loyal dog BREEDS

  21. raccoon Wolf

    Malinois and Rottweiler should be removed. Raise the position of the German Shepherd and add a boxer and a border collie

  22. Joel jacob Paul

    Where is the dog called moroco breed is dogo argentino

  23. Buholuz

    We need return to the old working dog breed.

  24. Recep Tayyip

    Fila Brasiliero & Tosa Inu

  25. Steve Raju

    Every day viewer 😍

  26. ujjal 8822

    Betrayal dog list ……please🙏🙏🙏

  27. Lance Hughey

    The first one

  28. Kaleb Filimon

    I love dogs

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