These Dogs Were Used to Hunt Apex Predators

These Dogs Were Used to Hunt Apex Predators

Many dogs can hunt large animals, but to hunt predators that killing other animals is a daily routine for them, the hunting dogs must be extraordinary,
There are few breeds that meet these criteria; to be agile, intelligent, and above all, to have courage above the normal level.

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11 Thoughts to “These Dogs Were Used to Hunt Apex Predators”

  1. The curious world of animals

    these dogs are beautiful

  2. FreshVids


  3. APack


  4. APack

    Cane corso is only a guardian

  5. APack

    Belgian malinois and Gsd hunt people

  6. Lucas Enzo

    Believe on dogo argentio, boerboel and rodesian ridgeback fav breeds…

  7. Ch Macias

    Black and Tan coon hound and American Akita should be on this list.

  8. Laurie

    I’d like to point out that these dogs do not or should not hunt bears, lions etc…by themselves. They should always be in a pack.

  9. Steff Strong


  10. Predator Gaming


  11. Omar Opqhe

    first 💯🦮💞💞

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