These Dogs Can Catch And Knock You Down Easily
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These Dogs Can Catch And Knock You Down Easily

Compared to the risk that comes from road accidents, falls, drowning, poisoning or even fire, the risk from a dog is very little. The probability of being killed by road accidents is 1 in 107, by falling is 1 in 106, by drowning is 1 in 1,128, by accidental poisoning is 1 in 5,554, and by a dog, 1 in 18 million. This number is low thanks to responsible owners but also because most dog breeds have a small physique and a gentle character. Not all dog breeds have the potential to knock down or even injure a human, those who possess such skills are few in number.

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26 Thoughts to “These Dogs Can Catch And Knock You Down Easily”

  1. XxLifexX

    Put a presa canario, dogo argentino, alabai to guard a property i would bet 1billion dollars nobody could escape

  2. Kevin Young

    What an awesome list of dogs!! Love the mastiffs bias to dogos cus of my boy American bulldog should of also been on there got to give us one with all them European dogs

  3. Sam Muller

    So can my Dane and Irish Wolfhound. With proper training they don’t even bark at night. Go between your legs and twist for back of your neck.

  4. Faiçal Atrouz

    You forgot the malinois the duch sheperd and the german sheperd


    This video is so wrong

  6. Douglas Rice

    A greyhound running at you full pelt will take you out big time, I know from experience 😉

  7. Dewayne Logan

    A Great Dane puppy knock”s every thing it see’s down

  8. Costas Georgiou

    Awww man my Lil babies (Pitt bulls) did make the list?!

  9. Icho K

    i want to know the most best intelligent protection dog for families with children

  10. Ulysses

    Dogo is a friendly dog but they have a killer instinct Ive never seen in a dog. Great guard or watch dog, great family protector. They are in tune to their family and are very courageous.


    Ohh wait 😯😯😯 kangal 😬😬😬 hard to beat that bite and size

  12. Icho K

    i love you true videos best of them all it doesnt matter you have 1million subscricribers we support you

  13. Mirro Marnicco

    Alternate video title: Mastiffs are awesome.

  14. Melvin Chavers

    Caucasian Shepherd
    South African Boerboel
    Doberman Pinscher
    Perro De Presa Canario

  15. Prakash P

    Indian dog review your channel

  16. SalifyaB Ng'ambi

    More PROTECTION dog breeds top 15

  17. 10B 48 JANGAM SOHAM



    The old mighty presa canario, literally a cane corso with an attitude . The perfect dog for a strong leader

  19. محمد الكناني

    best channel ever ❤ you are number one 👏


    Please tell me cane corso is in here 😢


    I do agree with fortnite tho , let’s make these videos longer 😏

  22. Seham Mohamed

    Cane corso is the best love viralbe

  23. Fornites finest

    How come you never mention any bully breeds in your videos? Like for example I an Xl bully I most certainly think he can knock anyone down 😅

  24. drinpubg mobile

    Malinois is the best protection dogs why hes not there . And he can knock you down faster than u thinkl

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