These Dogs Are More Dangerous Than a Wolfdog


These Dogs Are More Dangerous Than a Wolfdog


There is one statement on which we can all agree, human curiosity simply knows no limits. This is evidenced from the most necessary discoveries and up to the weirdest inventions. Although there are about 5 million species that have not yet been discovered, some people have focused their intelligence and resources on combining those that already exists. A result of this is the wolfdog hybrid. There are three types of wolf-dogs: the Kunming wolfdog, the Saarloos wolfdog and the Czechoslovakian Wolfdog where the last one turns out to be the most popular. This specie has an extraordinary force within itself and can crush with more than 400 psi, however their personality is thought to be unpredictable as it is difficult to control and balance the genetic content of the wolf and the dog within them. This makes them to be considered dangerous and to top the list of the most banned dogs in the world. However, there are dog breeds that with some characteristics turn out to be more dangerous than a wolfdog.

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28 Thoughts to “These Dogs Are More Dangerous Than a Wolfdog”

  1. Heywood Jablome

    I own 3 dogs. Two are pit mixes and they are the best dogs ever. I feel I have raised them correctly as they are well socialized and all 3 dogs know I am the pack leader. However, the 2 pit bull mixes are very protective of our home. So wait to be let in as opposed to just walking in. Lol

  2. Darrell Somers

    Its not the dog in the fight ,its the fight in the dog

  3. Christine Marie

    The thing is that it is not all the dogs fault, it’s starts with the breeder, then the owner. If you breed two good ones and no inbreeding, and having a own that knows what they are doing don’t just buy them because you like them or want one. You have to do your research and get trained yourself and have someone that’s know what they are doing to help you and know the breeder as well.

  4. Dukolli


  5. Johny Chessa

    superficial at most, the title said most dangerous than wolf dog, not stronger than wolf-dog, and here I see a breed that is listed only because stronger, not unpredictable or unstable which is the characteristic of dangerous, same as classifying all the martial artist as dangerous or criminals because they possess the power of inflicting damage, breeds like cane Corso and Dogue de Bordeaux been around for centuries if not millennia and they been selected and developed for a job whit a clear job description, and they are top class professionals, you can be more predictable than that, but humans can be stupid and ignorant, that is what it makes dangerous, misinformation like the above video is a way to promote stupidity and ignorance.

  6. Rodolfo Hilliard

    The American bulldog is on this list!? Is this for real?

  7. arnold Jumaoas

    oh you forgot tibetan mastiff

  8. Tekarian Johnson

    An put a dog with 500 hundred psi but can’t add the American banned dog the dog with 700 hundred psi

  9. Tekarian Johnson

    An stop 🛑 puting the same dog over an over like u put caucasian Shepherd in all your videos I think u like them dog a think they good for ever thing

  10. Tekarian Johnson

    Hi my favorite dog YouTuber look at this comment bc why did u not add the banned dog the son of the pit bull but u add a bulldog come on man

  11. Feno Lofta

    These dogs, ARE NOT GOOD FOR NOVICE OWNERS they are way too Independent and too dominant for a novice to manage it properly, rottweiler may not be there because of his strength? i am not sure but it may be it, as rotties got good character to be claimed as dangerous. Dont get me wrong but pitbulls shouldn’t be there, because of their weaknesses compared to wolf dog abilities

  12. Bozhidar Kalachev

    Hello, I really enjoy watching your videos because they are short and informative. However, it seems like you use mostly the same 4-5 breeds of dogs in your videos. I do not say that is bad… but, to improve this, I suggest you to add the Karakachan dog, also known as Bulgarian Shepherd dog, since they are very aggressive live stock guardian dogs. Keep up with the good work!

  13. MacKenzie

    Pitbulls aren’t dangerous tf?

  14. Ch Macias

    Caucasian Ovcharka 110lbs?? A medium sized female is 135lbs. You mean to pronounce the Island of Gran CanriA.

  15. Frank B

    No dog is bad it’s the owner

  16. mr pugs

    pitbull like pain

  17. Jay Brown

    Where da fuck is the Rottweiler????

  18. Giovanni Lewis

    What about that alabai

  19. Loucasse Enzosse

    What do you mean by dangerous, is this the behavior or in an atta!ck.

  20. Soyga

    There more than 3 take Volkosobyfor example develop by the russian military (same kennel the created the Black Russian terrier) the breed was created by mixing a male german shepherd with a female carpathian wolf they are is used to guard russias border.

    You could also consider the serbian defense dog a wolf dog as it have a estimate of 5%wolf in its dna the rest is made up of rottweiler, Neapolitan mastiff, american Staffordshire terrier and Bosnian torjak

    But great video love watching these

  21. SAMARIA Marc

    Boerboel not on the list ?

  22. Simba Harp

    Rottweiler is a joke bruv ?

  23. Omar Opqhe

    Thank you 🦮💞💞

  24. APack


  25. APack

    Dogs that can defeat wolves new video

  26. Salifya NGAMBI

    Dog breeds that are good for novice dog owners 🔝 15

  27. Salifya NGAMBI

    How about dog breeds that can defeat a tiger 🐯

  28. P R I N C E

    Hi ❤️

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