These Dogs Are More Dangerous Than a Pitbull


These Dogs Are More Dangerous Than a Pitbull


For many years Pitbull is at the top of the list of the most dangerous dogs that exist. But these dogs are also on the list of the most affectionate dogs and are even highly appreciated as nanny dogs. However, Pitbull possess the potential to do damage and be classified as dangerous. This is due to their muscular and strong body structure and strong jaws that reach a force of up to 235 psi. Pitbulls also have a strong character and when they decide to do something, it is difficult for anyone to stop them. However, there are breeds that have greater characteristics and potential to be more dangerous than a Pitbull.

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15 Thoughts to “These Dogs Are More Dangerous Than a Pitbull”

  1. Darky The Crazy Ninja

    70$ bonus extra

  2. Melvin Chavers

    Caucasian Mountain Dog
    Fila Brasiliero
    Presa Canario

  3. Ronald Palmer

    Kangal mixed Curto Presa is the a beast for real

  4. cry harder

    Rottweiler my dude, don’t ever forget the Rotti

  5. Frane GRANČIĆ

    Wtf Boerboel most agile of mastiffs?
    Hell no.
    Rott, cane corso, presa & dogo argentino are 184729482948292 more agile than boerboel.

  6. Rakim Gunning

    I hate to hear these noobs put the cane Corso 3rd…the cane Corso is 2nd because the bandogge is not a breed…PLEASE STOP MISGUIDING PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. PantherCrane

    Also the Bandog!

  8. serpentphoenix

    This video is a load of shit. Pitbulls are 6% of all breeds but constitute over 65% of all fatal attacks on humans. These dogs were literally bred to be agressive, unpredictable and fight bulls and other dogs. That’s why you will keep hearing about “pitbull attacks owner/baby/random person walking”.


    You forget Bully kutta ie. the beast of the east

  10. Dukolli


  11. SkylineGtr110

    Pitbulls are beast 💪🏽🦍

  12. Dade County

    a pit will kill a chow chow 🤦‍♂️

  13. William Ratcliffe


  14. Millicent Gordon

    Ok dude you got to stop making videos that have to do with pitbulls,its fine but alot of people are going to bring conflict more than usual

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