These Dogs Are Fearless When it Comes to Big Game Hunting
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These Dogs Are Fearless When it Comes to Big Game Hunting

Hunting has been the most important activity of human beings for millions of years. Food, clothing, and weapons were most of the benefits of this activity. Over the centuries hunting was developed and improved but 33 thousand years ago it reached the peak of development when wolves joined the human’s side. This was achieved when humans learned all the skills that dogs have and used them for tracking, finding, and catching prey. But with human civilization, hunting has been used less and less and nowadays it has remained as a passion that has many legal restrictions … and rightfully so.
A special category of this activity is big game hunting where dogs are also used to hunt and catch large animals such as wild boar, wild cats, deer, wolves, bears, etc. But there are few breeds that have the right courage and are bred specifically for big game hunting. So, in this episode: Most fearless dog breeds when it comes to big game hunting.

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16 Thoughts to “These Dogs Are Fearless When it Comes to Big Game Hunting”

  1. Malachi Garcia

    Dogo and corso are the best in my opinion

  2. Steve Meloccaro

    owned quite a few dogs in almost 70 yrs, personal best American bulldog, easily trained, good watch, guard and protector, + mine was great with kids, even with his 120# of weight, 1 excellent dog


    You forgot a few other good ones! American Pit bull terrier,Wheaton terrier,Jag Terrier, walker hounds and black mouth cur. The video was still good though really enjoyed it

  4. Kevin Young

    Love my dogo he’s a great family guardian he’s just getting yo the age I can release him on a hog

  5. Melvin Chavers

    Cane Corso
    American Bulldog
    Rhodesian Ridgeback

  6. Aimee Frosland

    My brother used to have a ploott hound mix named kona ! He had 10 chickens 🐔 but kona killed 5 of them ! He had to get rid of kona

  7. 301Goldstar

    I would put airedale terrier on the list. Some of the dogs on the list I like.

  8. webdca123

    Great to see Plotts getting some love!

  9. Jochem Aerts

    The dogo argentino kills the animal if the hunter does not show up

  10. Keith Ford

    Not for novice dog owners.

  11. Josh Fahrney

    Dogs are amazing & Truly Magical. 💖🐺❤

  12. Charles Mandindo

    Best choices man

  13. Awmawma Varte

    First please pin my commnet

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