These Big Birds Can Easily Steal Kids
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These Big Birds Can Easily Steal Kids

It is thought that 150 million years ago a descendant of dinosaurs called archaeopteryx started to fly and evolved from a reptile to a bird and as a result of this transition today there are about 11,000 species of birds where 500 of them are predators. Birds have survived for so long because of the compact size that helps them escape harsh conditions and find safe places to live and food to eat. While there are herbivore birds that feed on plants, most of the birds are carnivores, so they feed on meat, and to provide it they have to hunt. Their hunting methods have evolved throughout history and differ from bird to bird, so while some birds hunt prey on the ground, some are skilled enough to catch their prey in the air. One of the most powerful predators in the sky can catch prey weighing up to 20 pounds, equal to the weight of a 2-year-old kid. So in this episode: The biggest and most powerful birds can kidnap even kids.

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11 Thoughts to “These Big Birds Can Easily Steal Kids”

  1. seeratlas d' Tyria

    Some of these “facts” are simply BS 🙁 You need to improve the quality of your research/researchers and quit misleading your subscribers…

  2. kai abraham

    I will name it google

  3. Juan Delacruz

    Did this boy just included a freaking owl on the list but excluded the top 2 largest eagles in the world which are the Philippine eagle and Steller’s sea eagle? Unsub for the dmb list.

  4. Marco Silva

    Hum…what about the Giant Philippine Eagle, or the not so long extinct Haast’s eagle, well known for preying and eating humans. Yep, there was one alright, glad it’s extinct.

  5. Becca Binsfeld

    I’d name him/her LASIK. You know, because of the eyes? 😂



  7. Burim Kzyeziu

    Awesome ❤️❤️

  8. Roundly

    isnt it illegal to be this early to a video

  9. Biologist TP!!!!!

    Omg imagine if Hast’s eagles still exists we would be on the menu!!!!!🦅

  10. Zhimaali Official

    First wach like me

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