These Awesome Dogs Were Recently Mixed
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These Awesome Dogs Were Recently Mixed

The reason why this dog was bred is certainly its looks, however, a lot of breeds are and continue to be bred for many other reasons, for instance, to be a better hunter, a better guard, a better police officer, and a better detective. The culminating period of dog breeding was in the last 200 years, and the purpose of this practice has always been the emphasis on the best features of a breed. Different dogs have been created for different purposes, for example, Dogo Argentino was specifically bred for big game hunting, Bloodhound is used as sniffing dogs because of their extraordinary sense of smell, whereas the Australian Cattle Dog was bred because of the lack of dogs that could suit the difficult terrain and climate of Australia. Human tendencies to achieve perfection have influenced even the creation of new breeds.

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19 Thoughts to “These Awesome Dogs Were Recently Mixed”


    My cousin the dogo 😏😏


    I don’t mind a little mix 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  3. Dominic Hanway

    In my world, I see a alot of people crossing the great purines and the Anatolian shepherd

  4. Rose Garza

    Great Pyrenees and old english sheep dog. Makes a beautiful creme colored with black tips for fur. Gentle giant breed with great intelligence and fantastic with children.

  5. Adam Affronti

    I have an Alaskan klee kai, is there a way that you can do a full video on them?

  6. Morapedi Mamabolo

    Hi i love this channel 25th comment

  7. reggie reese

    Can you do a rough collie vs German shepherd please I will subscribe even no I did hehe

  8. Doris Elot

    Nice video very engaging from beginning to end Nevertheless business and Investments are the easiest way to make money irrespective of which party makes it to the oval office.

  9. Kevin Young

    Love my dogo he’s an awesome family guardian/companion a plus is I can leave him in the car running with a window cracked in case he locks it don’t have to worry about my truck being stolen at all

  10. Aimee Frosland

    I won’t like to have a Alaskaning kli kli!

  11. SalifyaB Ng'ambi

    I vote for the MONGREL DOGS

  12. Fruast

    Waptop is that you?

  13. Norbert Ogutu

    I’d mix a malamute, Great Pyrenees, Boerboel and GSD to get the ultimate family guard dog.

  14. Norbert Ogutu

    A bigger than standard GSD may be an East European Shepherd, A king Shepherd, a Shiloh Shepherd or even an Olderhill GSD….

  15. Bryan Kalouri

    Dog Argentino is the most beautiful mixed breed of all

  16. Nicholas Passoni

    I would mix bloodhound and German shepherd or kangal with tibetan mastiff or else boerboel and cane corso

  17. Karl Randolph

    Bulldog and labor

  18. ViralBe

    Hello Friends, which breeds will you use to create your ultimate dog?

  19. RedCloak

    First comment and like

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