These Are Top 10 Small Audacious Dog Breeds

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These Are Top 10 Small Audacious Dog Breeds

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Most people consider small dogs as the dainty, fragile pets that people want to carry around in their purses. While many owners might wish to have this kind of dog, many others simply want a smaller companion that can keep up with them just like any “regular” dog does. If you’re thinking that small breeds can’t do all of the things your Labrador Retrievers and German Shepherds can, you might be surprised. There are plenty of tiny pups that hate the lapdog life. They want to be out in the world adventuring with their human companions! In this video, we have listed The Top 10 Small Audacious Dog Breeds That Don’t Want To Be Lap Dogs.

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24 Thoughts to “These Are Top 10 Small Audacious Dog Breeds”

  1. Ava Chris

    my favorite small dog breed?
    oh I have a lot

  2. Dwayne Wolf

    Cairn terriers rule, for ruling the planet. Not much gets past them. Great with kids, love being a family dog. My experience has been not to stubborn to train. Playful and fun loving. Boarder Terriers are in that same category.

  3. Lori Love

    Mini Australian shepherd they are so full of life ♥️

  4. armando maravilla Ramirez

    Forgot the beagle, rat terrier, fox terrier, cocker spaniel, whippet, miniature pinscher, and staforddshire bull terrier.

  5. Donna Woodman

    Not a dog person but I had a husband (stubborn) and 4 kids ( wild and energetic). No time for a dog!

  6. Robert Bignell

    Why no Rat Terrier?

  7. ZAMANSKI Binks

    No patterdale??

  8. Anna Loveless

    I am a retired dog groomer. I have owned poodles, shih tzus and cocker before. I had a bichon mixed, I adopted and had for 10 yrs. Currently I have a terrier mix, 10 year old. He might be part italian greyhound, but I am not sure of that. I just know, he has the shape of a little greyhound. In any case I love him a lot.

  9. SImona Ionescu

    a bored dog is a destructive dog! regardless of breed

  10. heaven earth

    Ahh so cute. God makes cute things.

  11. Tiffany Samone

    I love both types if corgis

  12. Curiosidades Diárias

    Nossos melhores companheiros 🐶

  13. OverLapped

    I’m not first but i’m not last. – OverLapped 2021

  14. JRR31984

    Oh how I love this video purpose.

  15. Mick O'Connell

    If chihuahua’s were the same size as rottweilers that would be some guard dog! lmao

  16. Anna

    I love toy poodle there so tiny

  17. sudhars vlogs

    3rd view

  18. Ebbe Bergman

    Can you do top 10 nordic dog breeds

  19. Oaiya Alan

    Second view

  20. Ebbe Bergman

    Good video

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