These Are Top 10 Service Dog Breeds Ever
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These Are Top 10 Service Dog Breeds Ever

Unlike some popular animals, dogs have always had a deeper purpose than mere companionship.
In fact, dogs have helped us, humans, out for hundreds, even thousands, of years.
These animals aren’t just our fluffy friends, they are useful members of society.
When humans started using dogs to help us out, some types of dogs were specifically bred for a particular job or task.
Thankfully for us, these special canine skills have translated to help people in need.
Now we have a variety of valuable service dogs such as seeing-eye dogs, police dogs, and search and rescue dogs.
In this video we have listed Top 10 Service Dog Breeds and what makes them such wonderful candidates for these special doggy jobs.

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48 Thoughts to “These Are Top 10 Service Dog Breeds Ever”

  1. Stephen John

    Please make a video on big dog breeds that drool the least

  2. Vamsi Babblu

    What about doberman

  3. Catalina Springer

    Golden Retriever and border collie and Labrador Retriever

  4. pj 22

    Border Collie is the smartest, but too much energy to be sweet all the time. I have had all three…or at least a mixture of the breeds. You can not go wrong with any of these other than possibly the Border Collie. If you are not a true dog lover, a Border Collie could be more than a handful for you!

  5. pj 22

    Top 3 were spot on!


    Yeah my Roxie breed Rottweiler made the list and she is a great service therapy dog😍😘🤗

  7. Kizzy Smith


  8. Jolanz Lacuarta

    No bilgian malinios stupid

  9. Radhia Jlidi

    Make a video about boxer

  10. Michael Lawrence

    Could you do a video on why MY dog is better than everyone else’s.
    No I’m not being egotistical and specifically meaning my dog. But the connection dogs seem to make with their person.
    I’m fascinated that after over 50 years I suddenly found the most incredible connection with another creature. Especially because I never liked dogs.

  11. SJ and Friends

    Rottweiler: year I’m strong what the FUCK you gonna do!

  12. Abhisek Panda

    Where is Belgian malinois ??

  13. Michael Lawrence

    My dog is Border Collie and retriever. No wonder he’s so perfect. (At least you me)

  14. Tik Tok Bikini Channel


  15. Lala Huhlu

    I definitely loved the Rottweiler

  16. Rahul Bhattacharjee


  17. Manny Perez

    Where is the Belgian melon they are one of the smartest dogs in and used for almost every service needs.

  18. Bishnu Pandey


  19. esake fikadu

    pls could you make a video of are German Shepherd good for first time owners

  20. TheLuxurious

    ”ViralBe” you motivated us to start our Youtube Journey!🙏

  21. Hims Priyankarage

    best mixed breeds!!!

  22. Cloys Patrick

    Wtf no Belgian malions

  23. Jose Rivas

    Doberman, Malinois

  24. gaming geek

    Border collie

  25. Scooby Doo

    German shepherds are my favorite and an amazing service dog, guard dog, and police/army dog.They are a well rounded dog.

  26. Kaleb Green


  27. Sara Cherry

    Anyone want to be my Boyfriend 😍💋 💝💖♥️❤️

  28. Biswajeet Singh

    What about The Doberman n Belgian Malinios???

  29. Kj Cuadra

    Please ficture the top 10 guard dog breeds ever sir 😊😊😊

  30. Teresa Concepcion

    German Shepard!

  31. Jamie Garrett

    Where is the pitbull? The pitbull was the first war dog and makes a great service dog for all categories theyre so driven to please they will accel at anything you ask of them

  32. Kj Cuadra

    A like rottie and gsd why is it that there are no belgian ?

  33. Arshdeep singh bhamra

    Rottweilers ❤️❤️

  34. Dinesh Kumar


  35. Champion _126789

    you cant exactly put dogs into categories like this, a doberman, or belgian malinios does its job a lot better than say a poodle lol

  36. Asif Gul

    Big fan from gilgit north Pakistan

  37. Animal Lover

    The best service dog are Shepherd Dogs. Great for protecting livestock, also their Owners.

  38. Romelia and dixie

    Grey hounds atucally dont make good sds BUT thank you for doing my request 💕! I have a gsd service dog on my channel

  39. Shabareesh Shet

    top 10 low mentainens dog breed video

  40. Shabareesh Shet

    miss doberman😥

  41. ELITE Icyfy

    My screen is black

  42. Brain cracker

    Fun fact:

    I just want people to see my videos.
    Is so frustrating when I work hard and nobody See’s it.

  43. Peter Harper

    You’re awesome my friends I’m glad to follow you on YouTube.

  44. Carlos Quezada

    German shepherd

  45. ELITE Icyfy

    I’m here

  46. Burim Kzyeziu

    ❤️❤️❤️👍👍love it

  47. swaroop s

    Bangalore india

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